Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Brand New Day~!

8:42 a.m. Slept very well. Up at a decent hour. Did my meditation this morning and starting the day with progress and positivity.

Had a dream I went to Ohio last night. Pulled into the gas station with the truck, and I kinda stood out in my sandals and Florida-ness. Chatted up one local Basically looked like your average trucker (white male, late fourties, tall and heavy set, bristled chin, very little fair hair and wearing in a yellow jacket, I believe) and I got him to help me out with the truck, I forget what was wrong. That was about the only dream I recall.

Let's see what the day holds, cause at this current point, there's no telling. Would like to make a new Secondlfie release, though. <3 God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves. Until then....see ya!

10:15 a.m. Flew through my daily to-do list. Just finished breakfast and yoga. Setup my new cleaning goals for the week, as well. Now preparing to get in the zone as I get ready to do some Secondlife creating. If I want to keep making more revenue, for my current goals, I gotta put out new stuff. >.> I trust God, still. :) Besides, this creating thing is fun.

P.S. I changed my desktop background and am very pleased. Wish I'd done it sooner. Honestly, I rarely can see the 'A Star is Born' movie poster without my brain really wanting to see this:

II - //

EDIT: I spent most of the day and evening on Secondlife, until my hands hurt..actually...designing these really cool athletic jackets. I hope to share them in the NEXT post after I have them ready and up for sale. They aren't even packed up yet, just textures unapplied to models at the moment.

I still need to make a top that goes with them. Later. >.>

They were inspired by this. Another one of my mall photos:

Just so you have an idea of what the jacket and top should look like,
only picture the sports bra part as a sport tank top. I'm also not
selling a version that says 'PINK' though, for copyright reasons.
Obviously, it's very 'not legal' for me to profit off their brand. So..yeah. :) 

Meanwhile, blasted through season 5 and into season 6 of Supernatural for the umteenth time. I like having it play in the background while I do art. It's practically tradition at this point.

My goals were still achieved yesterday, so thank God for that.

More BK nuggets, on my card this time. ^_^ I 'really' like chicken...and we have none in the house at the moment. I gotta be careful of how much I'm spending on fast food, for sure. AT LEAST, so far, I've managed to not touch the Ohio fund, so thank God for that. :D

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