Friday, May 10, 2019

Another Song.

9:46 a.m. I've been having a bit too much sugar lately, so the start to the morning is a 'little' on the slow side. Lot of chocolate last night..eep. I did drink water before bed, and during the times I woke up at 3 a.m. ish, then 7 a.m. ish then around 9 a.m.....ish.

I had a nightmare about being chased in back alley middle eastern streets by an assassin with a little nail gun.

Though as soon as he caught up with me, someone (A man cloaked in black) in a high window behind us pulled a machine gun on him and I got away.

But I had to only then dodge 'more' assassins, as I scaled pipes on buildings, because in this land it seemed everyone was suspicious of me [a foreigner], and everyone had a gun.

I made it to this one place in a jungle area. They looked kindaaaaaaa Indian. In the clothes and nationality at least. They spoke English, for sure.

There was a young queen on the throne, flanked by standing servants, and I guessed I had to bow low to her to get her respect, and an assurance of safety from the assassins on my tail.

It worked...for the brief moment.

The dream moves more down a timeline where everyone was dressed in wedding clothes, namely traditional western ones. Myself, as someone else entirely (a fair-skinned African-American woman), and the queen, in her own wedding gown.

At some point in the end, I offended them somehow cause they all turned on me. They shouted and jeered at me below in these clothes from the top of a jungle cliff, and that's what I remember.

In another dream, I got April to play DMK and I gave her some money to get started. Against my reluctance, she spent some of it on a loot chest..and I warned her they don't always give a character.

She got three characters in a row, much to my joy and surprise. Alice in Wonderland, (dressed as a brown and burly peasant) Lumiere, and I can't recall the third. I just remember that Lumiere and this other one were characters I didn't have and now she did. She smiled in jubilation, though.

I also have another thing to share, although it wasn't quite a dream, it was yet another song lyric that came in my lucid waking mind state. If you're following along, these are the lyrics I've collected from dreams and the like so far:

"Song bout' your feels makes me feel so real
I feel like giving up
I like a Ben guy
I like a Ben guy
I like a Ben guy-uy-uy-uy."

"Sugar, sugar/tastes so sweet

try to knock me off my feet

your sugar leaves me breathless

your sugar leaves me breathless"


"Don't feel what it's like
using em' for taking something."

I kinda want to collect enough of these little subconscious ditties to piece together a real song one day, kinda like a puzzle, God willing. :P

Unlike the first two lyrics, I don't recall the 'melody' exactly of how that goes. I just know I wrote the lyrics down shortly after to keep it in my memory, and glad I did. Since I actually forgot them while making my bed earlier, lol.

12:03 p.m. The major daily tasks of the day are done. Cleaning out the little was a little hassling, cause the bag tore, and then there was a mess to sweep. But all in all, am glad it's done, behind me and I get to move forward with the day.

'Thinking' of giving myself an SL break but we'll wait and see how bored I get. :P Had my yoga and brief walk, stretch, and a kick today. So feeling nice and clear minded, and overall positive. God is good, great. Saves, loves. See ya! Mwuah!

1:51 p.m. Took some time to get some writing in for the first time in a long time. Lol. Hopefully, it's gonna be kinda like a 'page a day' thing, but we'll see. It's already starting to look like a ghost story, with a twist.

3:43 p.m. Hung out with April and scrolled Youtube until April went out to run errands. Once again, ate a bunch of chocolate (after delicious mac and hot dogs) annnddd the scroll wheel on my mouse quit working all of a sudden. :(

10:14 p.m. I took a nap for a few hours. April came back with groceries. We hung out a long while.

After some heavy hand vacuuming, I got my scroll wheel at least scrolling 'down' sometimes, but that's about it. It only scrolls up a 'teeny' bit with some effort.

Time for a new mouse, but that may have to wait until next week. Money is spent on groceries and shoved the rest in the Ohio fund. It'll have to wait. And I'm 'not' intending on dipping in the Ohio fund, especially since April informed me that at her rate, we could be expecting to move in a lot short time than two years. *.* So gotta scrap up what I Jesus name.

11:22 p.m. I spent the past hour or so updating my daily goals list, (I've gotten so into it that I've started finishing them in a matter of a few hours sometimes, so I wanted to challenge myself more.)

As well as starting a new streak page for doing ONE YEAR OF YOGA! I'm curious to know if I'll last or not, but seems like life is full of goals right now and I'm actively motivated towards doing them, in Jesus name. God's got the plan however, even for all my silly effort in this.

But yeah, figured I'd post it here, so when I talk about 'getting my daily tasks done' up to this and that certain point, this is what I mean.

P.S. Night-time allergies are definitely kicking in, lately. I got the burning nose right now and my eyes have been itching pretty bad for days. May be time to cave in and take some allergy meds. Oof.

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