Friday, April 26, 2019

Worthwhile Days.

1:06 p.m. I'm happy to say that the past few days have been very productive! I've got tasks. I've been praying more. Believing more. I'm even eating healthier again...inspired by a small yet noticeable weight loss since I've eaten a lot less chocolate and refined carbs. And that wasn't even forced. lol.

And drinking more water. Praise and thank the Lord. I suppose a little daily exercise has a hand in it, too. I'm just giddy over the whole thing.

It's pretty casual. Meat and eggs in the mornings, lately. I made pork chops and smoked up the kitchen, making it hard for both April and I to breath. Still, yum!

Meanwhile, I caught the Supernatural season 14 finale, which lived up to expectations. Had a couple times where I said aloud, 'Dang, son!' Lol. But that's, me. Still a beloved character died and I'm just like. Ughhhhhhhh. nnnyuuuuuuuu. Probably got another year until next season, too. -_- Still, nice episode. 

I also swapped the chocolate craving for frozen blueberries, which is something I 'really' want to consider doing more often. Cause yum. And healthy. :P

My personal chores are dealt with, for the most part. This blogging thing is part of my daily routine, now. Or the daily routine I hope to keep up, that is. It may need revising as my interests have been shifting and I may have stuck too much on my plate at once. But that's okay! It's good. Cause now I know what I'm up for or not. Lol. So far.

Still doing the love manifestation prayers/exercises. So praying about that. Glory thanks and power to God in Jesus name, of course. AND what I've really loved about these videos are the youtube comments are among the best I've seen. Full of people rejoicing over their prayers being answered or asking for them in general. Squeee. Seems well worth my time.

Anyway, The day is least for me. There's only so much news to share. I didn't get out of bed until 11, but not all of that time was spent sleeping. All glory, praise, thanks, honor, power, might, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever, in Jesus name, amen!

Can I just say what a TRANSFORMATIVE month I've had! I imagine If I went back over my entire month alone in this blog, and looked at where I was then and where I am now, my changes. I'd be a little bit surprised. Praise and thank the Lord indeed, for He is good to me. 

Pray for me and stay alive, frens. |-/ In Jesus mighty name, amen!

1:48 p.m. So reading back over the past month and I realized something. At the start of the month, I started meditating more. Then THAT'S when all these big and wonderful changes blew in my life! Coincidence? I think not. :))) Praise and thank the Lord, yo. God is truly real...and He's amazing.

Also, I'm sorry. IDK who to credit this GIF too, but it's a total MOOD as far as my meditations have been, lately. :)) <3

EDIT: Credit: 'Thought of You' by Ryan Woodward

2:58 p.m. Got a little fitness in and got blurb updated to the most recent entry before this one. Praise Jesus! the Lord! Halleujah! That's finally dealt with. :P

3:24 p.m. Had to come back to the real world. Just scrolled my niece's old TikTok account. O.O

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