Tuesday, April 16, 2019


1:43 p.m. At Polk County healthcare with April while she’s here to get a low income health plan. Meanwhile, I’ve been discussing with her Ohio plans and what’s the most efficient way for me to last on my own once I’m dropped off there, with nothing but what’s on my back.

First off, shelter wise. Find a campsite. Set up. Live there cheap.

She’ll take me as far as Missouri, and I can take a much cheaper plane ride to Ohio from THERE. Preferably booked weeks in advance. 

She’ll also teach me the survival skills that she’s so passionate about. Like setting up my own tent and air mattress, and ideally being able to carry it in my bag.

Another thing would be to get me a P.O. Box so an address is set up for me to get a job. 

Get job. Make money. Save up. Get a real place. Boom. Adulthood. :P Ideally. 

It’d take a lot of roughing it though, which I’m okay with cause to me, this is literally going to be an adventure.

Going to Church is somewhere in there. Just have to work it out the way it sound out, I guess.

I definitely need to get in better shape though cause I need to be able to physically handle the trials of this journey. 

I spent my morning setting up daily tasks and a paper for streaks. So I’m hopefully hopping back on the productivity train. :) So that’s something.

This is all so important, though. Cause adulting is coming at me like an oncoming train. 😂

3:00 p.m. Okay. So we got that out of the way. Then went to Peace River and have begun the process of trying to get me on therapy. So praying that works out. ✌️🤘🏻😂

For the most part, I consider myself a happy go lucky, plucky positive person. Happy shiny. But there are times where I think I really need the help, namely that I have a habit of ‘slipping’ into my major problem.

Erratic sleep issues. Etc. 

Yay for the productivity train.

Now, hopefully, getting some good food and then going home!! :)

4:07 p.m. We got Taco Bell. 

I've finally figured out, with April's help, how I can break the news of the sudden move to Ohio to my family. And I don't think it’d be like I’m lying or anything..

...Backpacking. Camping. A 'living off the grid' adventure. :) 

Which is essentially what I’ll be doing, just living in the woods temporarily until I can obtain an income for proper a trailer park. Sounds like a plan. I like it! And I got two years or so to prep, so...

4:30 p.m. Just went out with April to Rick’s house so she couple pick up a few garden tools and drop off a large shovel.

I’m happily exhausted. At this point, my to-do list today can be put off for tomorrow.

The streak is really supposed to start in May, but I can take it in advance if I want. For now, I’ve got my happy little wall setup for tracking and re-affirmation purposes, which I want to take a picture of, too.

4:57 p.m. Okay. So maybe I  following this list today, after all. Praise and thank the Lord for productivity. Am I right? :) 

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