Friday, April 19, 2019

Truck Troubles.

9:07 a.m. It’s early. I had a rough night/morning. April was up early and invited me to go get groceries. I’m still a morning person, so I got up and left with  her. We’re going to try and eat healthier. If only I could give up the soda. 😂😬

Right now,  the truck broke down at the farmers market. We’re trying to get that going. 

Mom talked about picking me up to go spend the weekend with her. Thankfully she likes to do that in the afternoon/evening hours. I hope. 😬

I also have a new SPN episode I need to catch up on. And avoid SPOILERS on YouTube!! The season is almost over with a couple episodes left and next season is the series finale! 😅😭 

9:25 a.m. It started..for a moment. And then quit again as soon as she went in reverse. And April’s concerned about taking up these good Samaritans’ time and business (the cashier lady is helping us) and she’s full of worry.

I’m keeping calm. I kinda don’t see a reason for me not to be just yet. Doesn’t mean uncaring, just calm.  

9:58 a.m. Still stuck. Went to the plaza across the street for a WiFi signal and a couple of guys tried their best to sell me a car. 😂I was a little too embarrassed to admit I don’t drive.

And anyway, I found ‘one’ open WiFi signal, but it had no internet. -__- Was trying to let Mom know I’m not home but I guess I can’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️😕Who really plans on breaking down, anyway?

10:02 a.m. The Calvary aka Rob and Dawn, are here. 🤘🏻✌️🙌Let’s hope it works....

10:04 a.m. and we’re off!!

10:17 a.m. At Dawn’s. I severely need to charge my iPod.

4:41 p.m. We left Dawn’s house. Afterwards went to McDonalds to get cones, and then it broke down in the line, but thankfully didn’t take too long to get restarted. 

I took a nap, then hung out with April. There’s currently a tornado warning, so we got all the cats inside. 

Also, she made some no-bake oatmeal balls that are currently cooling.

1:14 a.m. Had ‘the talk’ with April. About sex. I’m a virgin so..I had questions. About certain things. That was..erm.

I think I'm disliking the idea of sex even less than I did before. 🤔She was very..blunt. Yep. Anyway. No more on that subject. 

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