Friday, April 12, 2019

Small Note Of The Past Few Days.

2:48 p.m. Nothing too huge of note the past few days. I've had a lot of periods of not being able to sleep, but I also feel my relationship with God growing..and spending a LOT less time at my desktop than I used to. Though my youtube scrolling can become a bit of a problem.

Drew a bit.

Still meditating and loving it. A lot of revelations and lessons are coming through. Growing in faith.

Been listening to 'Addict with a Pen' by twentyonepilots a lot.

Officially announced the hiatus for Oi Bae! yesterday. So that was a nice relief for me. I'm having a lot less nightmares. Some dreams I'm not remembering, but the ones I do seem pleasant enough.

I asked Mom if I can come over for the weekend, but it kinda sounds like a mixed signal? She said yes, but Dj and Jen have her car. Relooking at the conversation, I'm guessing not.

I've been wanting to write again, like, another book. Maybe another 'one page a day' project. I still need to edit The Life They Deserved but not quite interested enough in doing so yet, it seems. 

Been listening to this a lot:

 I love it. Haha.

P.S. The newest Supernatural episode where Mary died...again. Gave me feels. I'm not like sad about it, cause it's not like the actress is dead, but just kinda low-key feelsy for it. Can't believe there's only one more season LEFT!!

4:40 p.m. April kindly took me up to the dollar store. I got frozen chicken nuggets, sticks, and patties, (Can you say MOOD?) nutty butty's, night time allergy meds, and sleep meds (which is what I'm most excited to try.) Other than that, the day is pretty chill and uneventful.  Just hanging out with her in her room.

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