Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Settling Into My Routine.

9:41 a.m. April wasn't fond of my chicken and veggie alfredo pasta at first, but thankfully she found a way to enjoy it by adding her own ingredients. I make stuff too spicy. I know. -_-

Yesterday...was awesome. Made a new friend on OkCupid. I think. I hope. Idk. >.> I was just a bit blown over just finding someone, for the first time, that agreed with so many of my beliefs and just how much I shared in common with this dude. So, that was pretty exciting. Pretty much talked to him until my social meter ran completely low.

I went to bed with a big headache, but thankfully woke up without one.

Dreamt about Jonathan Rhys Meyers..twice. First time in a long time that's happened. xD I keep dreaming of showing up at his house as a babysitter for his kid! It's so weird. :P

Another night went by without having bad thoughts, and waking up with them, so that's a victory to me. In Jesus name. It really helps now to instead start the morning with prayer, meditation, and worship.

I've only been up about 40 minutes, so not a ton of stuff has gone in my day, yet. I got my bed made, did my dailies, playing the twentyonepilots on helium videos, which are hilarious. Also, making more chicken while I blog, since sometimes I tend to take a while to write these things.

Yes, I have to make more chicken. Which takes 40 minutes to boil. I have to make more, because I used the rest of the chicken yesterday to make the pasta. We're kinda low on food, and pasta lasts a few days or more with that works. I don't know if I'm eating more pasta today or not cause I'm still very interested in limiting refined carbs in my diet, haha. Getting my protein in the morning, pre-workout, which is awesome. It's definitely best I don't worry too much about what I eat.

4:03 p.m. Spent a lot of the day hanging out with April while she burned stuff in the pit. Got my third day of yoga down and re-adjusted my daily goal list..again..because I keep changing. :) Praise and thank the Lord. In Jesus name, amen! God is able! Also, hot day. Short post. Sorry.

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