Monday, April 29, 2019

Positive Directions.

11:50 a.m. Definitely growing in the Lord, lately. I didn't have a bad episode last night, or this morning. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I was what they call 'excessively happy.' I was listening to one of my usual 'love manifestation videos' only this time...

Well, to put it this way, my imagination/brain has been wired over time to act in a way that I don't think I can publicly explain, but I know what it is, and generally only explain to those in my closest not to sound crazy.

In this specific way, my brain kicked in and I was tuning into this song in a way I hadn't before. It was becoming personal to me all of a sudden, and I found myself, excitedly, using that in my prayer/worship which was a very pleasing experience.

Afterwards, however, I found it very hard to turn this habit of my I was constantly thinking, and almost like you've got a constant state of three different thoughts speaking at the same time. And I laughed....and various skits and stories I tend to have. To happy tears.

Before I knew it though, it was three a.m. and I simply couldn't calm my brain down or quiet it. And that started to worry me a little. Thankfully, praise and thank the Lord, eventually, like a snap it turned off and tuned out, and I was finally able to sleep.

I dreamt of a lot of stuff, most of which I cannot recall. Except two different dreams involving vomiting/spitting up. One from an infant in my arms (spitting up, projectile style), then I woke up. Another from a woman, and then immediately after, Minxy. And as soon as I discovered the vomit on my white fur rug, I vomited up ramen noodles....and then I woke up. So that was weird. Not sure what that's about.

I started my day with the morning worship and meditation thing, getting myself ready for the day. Reassuring myself of my desires and goals, both for today and for the long term. Practicing positivity and encouragement in those areas.

One of April's friends messaged me, asking if I knew how to use Paypal without a bank or a card. I don't. I use both, and I think Paypal may require them for security/verification measures. I suggested either Google Pay or get a Paypal Prepaid Mastercard.

I messaged Mom cause I was getting 'kinda' low on pads...getting towards 'that' time.

Rob tried to call the house on Discord meanwhile, and April couldn't answer cause I discovered she wasn't even here.

So, I carried on with my first morning routine tasks, which include this. I have a light headache, but after the headspace I went into last night (though not negative, it was highly excessive. I really drained myself. Burned out.) It's not surprising.

I'm trying to go forward with my day with positivity. Re-trying to download that silent film, Torrent (1926), but not sure how well that's gonna work. If at all. And if it doesn't that's okay. :) Just one more try. I tried other sites that had it in parts, but they were paid sites, so it was a no-go.

Now that the task is done and covered, I've got the rest of the beautiful day to look forward to. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves. All glory, thanks, praise, honor, power, and might be to His holy and majestic name, forever. In Jesus name, Amen!

EDIT: My lower backed ached a little this morning, possibly from the effects of yesterday's very new yoga, so I'm being worked through that. God's got me.

2:42 p.m. Doing my tasks a bit out of order. All of yesterday's cooked chicken was gone, so I needed to make more. That took 40 minutes to boil.

In the meantime, I breezed through other things on my to-do list. Then I ate [boiled boneless skinless chicken, one over easy egg, and frozen blueberries with a side of water) and relaxed. I made a video of chipmunk twentyonepilots, watched youtube and ate.

Got a good shower in too, and I FINALLY got around to my second day of half hour of yoga.

I'm a total newbie, so I forgive myself. lol. It was sweaty, a little painful, clunky, clumsy, and a little amusing, but I got all the way through it and once again, was surprised a little once it was actually over. And I finished it with my own personal moves, for my own personal comfort. Dried and soothed myself with the damp towel from my shower. And changed out my sweaty clothes.

NOW I get to breathe, and relax on my bed. I've got chores to finish up today...more so than usual..but after that great session, I need the break. I got a lingering headache coming on, but I'm breathing through it. I'm suddenly feeling a bit sleepy. My eyes are a little droopy.

April's not having a great couple of days. Praying for her happiness and less worry, in Jesus name, Amen!

7:34 p.m. Making chicken and pasta. Goals achieved today and praising and thanking the Lord! Woot!

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