Sunday, April 7, 2019

Joy Comes Through The Morning.

4:04 p.m. Last night was fine. Meditation, songs. Happiness. The usual. I didn't sleep much, as I did 'slip' for a bit, but at least what came after was a strong prayer session, a good cry, and all seemed well with me again. God is cool, like that.

I streamed the Church service this morning. Listened to some worship songs. Brought in the desk/nightstand that I've been leaving out in the garage to get bugs out. Though the bottom drawer did have quite a few ants to clear out. This is that same one I talked about getting off the curb weeks ago. Some of the stuff that was with it, is still there.

Today is a rest day. The cramps are coming and going, but a lot less worse than yesterday.

Got a little bit of my German studies in. I'm on a ten day streak, now.

Yesterday I mostly slept and slept through the pain and the nausea. I kept having to fix my bed... -_- Again. But I get over it.

Today is blessed, in Jesus name, Amen!<3 Happy times and happy days ahead, yo. Peace. P.S. I still hope God may one day lead me to Ohio cause  I really wanna go to Five14 Church. :P

I guess today's post is pretty brief. Auf Wiedersehen!

7:34 p.m. Past few hours have been kind of a blur. I tried to chill out. Got some soda at the dollar store, despite the fact that my water bottle leaked in my purse, thus I was left with my purse dripping in a slow line. I got a few two liters for me and the gang, all of which dropped in front of 'people', and one dropped multiple times. I came home and enjoyed Hershey's Gold pretzel's and peanuts and soda.

Not sweating the health, clearly. Just for the moment. Just hopefully I don't pay for it with bad cramps, later on.

Sometimes being a little too happy for people makes me feel awkward feelings. It seems. Maybe it's like love, endearment, something.'s just kinda weird...even if not bad. So weird. Lol. Heheh. That's about as subtle as I can put it.

I do so love to be happy for the blessings of others, a lot of the times for people I don't even even more so for that is a funny, funny thing. And it makes me feel like this uprising of joy in my heart and some weird indescribable feeling in my gut that is kinda uncomfortable, but I know the source of why isn't a bad thing.

I'm being so bashful of myself right now. I'm full of love, though.

This is just probably the way I was meant to be, sitting here grinning to myself cause I just know it's true. :P

I wish for my own as well. Marriage and starting my own little family...someday. It's, of course, wonderful to watch others have that and be happy for them...always. I do really wish it for myself, as well, though. The RIGHT person. Place. Time. Whatever God's plan is...just gotta hold onto that patience, and I hope it comes soon.

My drawings. Talent and supplies from God. :P

P.S. Looking at this almost makes me totally miss drawing like that....almost...

Idk. I 'like' drawing, I'm just maybe not as into it as I once was. :P That kind of interest is just moving on, I think, slowly and in it's own way. And if it did, I wouldn't say it's a waste, cause I got all this art out of it to date, but it'd be totally okay. Heh.

This may sound kinda morbid..or just weird..I don't know..depending on how you look at it. But I don't think there should be any surprise that if I get buried someone's gonna pick out a few of their favorites and display them at my grave. Hahahaaaa. Kinda of humbly amusing to imagine. 

9:08 p.m. Oops. I drew again. :P Shows how much I know. Nearly lost my favorite eraser (that I've somehow manage to keep a hold of for years and yet to find a better one, the one that feels like putty) but Thank GOD I found it after I finished. <3

It took like around an hour and a half or so (I'm timing it by the Supernatural episodes I'm playing the background) so that felt even nicer. A decent speed draw. Praise and thank the Lord, right?! Amen.

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