Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fresh Start.

5:43 a.m. A fresh start to the morning. I'm actually the morning. AFTER resting, this time. Lol. I've got a good start to my day.

Last night I played DMK and chatted up friends and afterwards was just the usual bedtime stuff.

Did my morning meditation, which I found to be very beneficial. In fact, my body reached a level of rested stillness and comfort that even surprised me. And once again, reassuring myself in the Lord is always in the process. Cause my head still falls in a bad place after waking lately, and I gotta recoup.

Boiling chicken for breakfast later, tidied up my room, and looking forward to the FIVE14 Church livestream at 11. They always have a message that seems to bless me and I find them highly entertaining.

I played DMK quite happily, cause I'm happy to have to back, and to a nice point where I'm caught up from slightly reset progress.

Paid my store rent an extra week on Secondlife (in game currency equivalent to $1.57 US a week), even if I am on hiatus I'm keeping my ingame store open. I also try to keep it at least a month ahead on rent when I pay weekly, so I am back to having a month paid up on there. Sorry. Secondlife lingo.

I'm letting Sims 4 just play itself on my desktop computer right now. Meanwhile, I'm on my Chromebook typing an entry because it's a part of my daily goal list.

I had a new theory about my blurring vision thing (sudden slight strike of deja vu) and it may be because, and this is seeming obvious to me now, I TIGHTENED my eye mask to fit me not let light in. And yes, I tried to wear the mask during yoga. And after I took it off is when the blurry vision started.

The morning, even now, my 'blurring in and out' vision returned, because I SLEPT in the mask like that. So that's that much more my eyes have to recover. I'm gonna test that theory though.

I did have ovaltine chocolate milk this morning, just kind of a treat. Not too frequent a thing, cause I'm limiting the dairy in my diet, so my insulin is already up..and it's been a decent amount of hours since I last ate. I can't recall if I ate dinner or not. I doubt it? I know I ate breakfast and lunch, for sure.

Also, I'm back into my desired 'average' shape. It's not in a perfect state of fitness, but it is a shape of which I'm comfortable and more confident in. A lot less bloated, for sure. So I'm thankful to God for that, too. :))

Happy days, even for all the bumps in the road. Moving forward. Always moving forward. God is bringing me towards an epic change in my life, closer to Him through Christ who redeemed/saved me, and I'm very excited about it.

7:51 a.m. So! I had a chicken and egg breakfast and straightened my hair.

I also started my yoga today. Gonna see if it can't be a nice 30 day challenge. I wasn't hugely perfect. I'm not a hundred percent flexible and even sitting indian style is kinda painful (it's kinda been that way since I can remember) BUT it's only my day one, which I can't compare to the many number of days the instructor had taken to get to the level she's at.

I worked up a nice sweat over the 30 minute course and I was little bemused when I was getting so into it, and then suddenly found it was over. I sweated. I stretched out. I feel good. LOTS of breathing. :) So that was a pleasant touch to my morning I'd like to see continue. Namaste, in Jesus name.

Still waiting until the Church stream starts at 11 a.m. My headspace feels nice. Praise and thank the Lord, in Jesus name. :P Amen.

8:25 a.m. Knocked out my blurb update task. :))) All that's left is Mind trip and meditation session, which I kinda did this morning, now that I think of it and to sleep. :P I was up so early that my goals got knocked out today, praise the Lord. Hope this productivity thing keeps up .:D WOOT! God is able to do and work abundantly above all we ask or think in Jesus name, amen! ^_^/

The rest of the day is pretty much a relaxing free-for-all. :) P.S. 10 hour video thing didn't pan out, so I settled for the original edit. Still kinda weird in a fun way for me.

11:16 a.m. Nice long meditative session. Church is starting. Good to roll. 

1:10 p.m. Had a great service and a fun fellowship with people in the chat section. Praise the Lord for that, and thanks to His holy name. The message about love and what it really is to be a Christian really blessed me today.

Afterwards, full of energy, I took another walk...what I had originally planned to be a long one up to the park (the same where the above video was shot) BUT JJ, the neighbor's dog (who we kinda fostered in our house) followed me halfway up the highway there (where people drive like there's no speed limit.)

SO! I turned back and walked her all the way back to the house, filled with giddiness as she was, all the time just hoping something terrible wouldn't her getting hit by a car right in front of me.

Thanks to God, we both made it home, safe. So that's a thing. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, and saves. All glory, thanks, power, might be to God on highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen! God is able to do abundantly above all we ask or think.

1:20 p.m. April came in to let me know I'm not properly washing the trash and moving them to the right bins. etc. It's great she's passionate about this and all,  (I honestly expected she'd say something, as I said in my last entry) but I THINK in the future, I'm just gonna go ahead and dump everything in my own personal trash, then neither of will have issues. Easy compromise.

:) I'm not a fan of washing trash, or being confused as to which bins certain ones go in. That's more her thing. Again..which is okay. If I just stick it in my own trash, we both win. Redundant statement, I know. But trying to be peaceful, fair, and EASY and uncomplicated here. >.> At least, the thing she wants is all complicated to me so my hope is to avoid it entirely without making her more frustrated. Sounds good to me.

It's not wrong if I'm not stopping her from doing it if that's her thing/passion and I'm deciding not to get involved because it's NOT my thing or passion, is it? Hope not. Sounds fair enough. To me, at least.

Let's just say there are enough uncomplicated things in my life being made complicated at this point and time, if I can take the opportunity to limit that for myself, I'd prefer to take it.

1:35 p.m. I sent her a message about the recycling thing, requesting I not be forced to take part if I don't want to by having my own separate bag for my own trash. Hope we'll both be reasonable about this.

1:50 p.m. So, we compromised. We already had a separate trash, and I didn't really realise that. She said just leave aside the recyclables and she'll deal with it..I didn't want to be unfair to her..but she said she's prefer that to me throwing away recyclable things, so I guess we're going with that. *shrug* At least the issue is dealt with. :)

2:08 p.m. We discussed it further, debated a bit, friendly, and that was that. We're good. I think.

9:44 p.m. Seven hours plus have passed AND a lot has occured in one evening. Get comfy. I have to. I actually had to 'brain dump' to get the topics I wanted to cover because it's been quite an interesting and exciting and supremely blessed evening. Praise and thank the Lord in Jesus Name, Amen!
  • First of all were the few hours spent on Meditation/Mind Trip stuff and that was a fun time. Mainly the love manifestation videos, again.

Not much more to say about that than that, except I spent a lot of the time also reading the mass of positive comments full of both testimonies, stories, and prayers. <3 My heart goes out to them all, in Jesus Name, Amen!

  • Compiled The (moderately inspiring tale of the) Longboard Rodeo Tango, (Look it up on youtube) a three part video comedy series shot by FIVE14 Church (Back then, new albany Church) from years and years back, into a single video. And then I did a version of it with a chipmunk voice. <3
The chipmunk one wound up having the sound off sync with the lips, so I sat through it only once and deleted it. I found it hilarious, and then my brain just found it natural. I'd seen these videos quite a few times. 

ALSO, the funny part. 

So, I was watching a particular scene featuring Joel Kovacs, Tyler Joseph, and David McCreary. It's towards the middle/end of the part three.

Tyler was wearing a particular shirt that said 'NAC' and 'Not as Cool As He Thinks He Is' Joel Kovacs Lead Pastor.

And then my brain started to wander while I continued watching this scene I'd seen multiple times. I started to ask myself questions about Joel Kovacs (Guy in the blue tank) early times in the church. Some weird questions.

a. Did he have a lot of money and buy the Church/own it, and that's how became lead pastor?
b. Lead pastor. Does that/is that why more sermons than I saw other staff do?
c. The fact that he's still a pastor there to this day.

Just....passively. Very passively thinking it as I watched. Then, I thought nothing else of it. Until my brain decided to remind me, and then I laughed. And laughed. And laughed at myself until I cried at these silly questions. I DON"T KNOW WHAT HE WAS LIKE WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER? 'BUY' THE CHURCH? "WHAT?!!!' WHHYYYYYYY?

And the fact that it was like my subconscious was literally calling me out on doing this cause I was just not gonna casually think anymore about it. Biggest laugh I can remember having in a long time.

My subconscious be like:
Maybe next to that time I dreamt John C. Reily fired some weapon from the sky roof thingie (I'm sorry, I can't remember what it's called) And he did this proud haughty shoulder roll with a smug smile on his face as he ducked back into the car.

The one dream I recall having wear I literally laughed myself awake.

Oh goodness. I got the biggest smile on my face. What a funny night!

  • April cleaned out the closet to the attic. Dust mites. She'd been meaning to do it for a long while.
She discovered an old dusted-to-death tin poster I had of Marilyn Monroe. I kindly asked her to toss it.

  • I ate chicken and eggs for dinner. Protein.
Nuff. said. :)
  • I stumbled upon a treasure trove archive of old silent films available for free download. I wound up downloading over 50 clips/full silent films altogether, which you can imagine took some time. 
I wound up doing a lot...lot of waiting on this stuff to download, on top of the processing the rodeo tango series vids took to make/put together, though it was a lot more brief.
There was a beloved past-time of mine back in my early twenties, when I still lived at my Mom's house, where I would traditionally wait for that special TCM night where they played silent films. And with my old faithful pair of glasses, I'd sit and watch them with delight while munching white cheddar popcorn.

I've had these GIFS a seriously long time. I don't recall perfectly where they came from but I finally have the perfect excuse to use them here. 

I did this enough that I even wound up having particular favorites, such as Torrent (More on that later) The Student Prince of old Heidelberg, A Lady Of Chance, La Boheme, Modern Times, and quite a few more...

And of course, And this may be quite a list cause a lot of them came back to me as I went on hefty search for my old favorites, Silent Film Stars.

Alice Terry, Norma Shearer, Paulette Goddard, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Lon Chaney, Rex Ingram, Rudolph Valentino, Fatty Arbuckle, Lillian Gish, Our Gang, Georges Melies, and Greta Garbo...that's just off the top of my head.

Right now, the only one left is Torrent, one of my absolute favorites, with only ONE free available download I found scouring the internet, and from a site that makes you wait super long times if you're not a paid member.

In my case, the file was 650 MB plus and it's going to take kb/a sec to download it. Estimated 12 hours.

I'm only waiting that long because I've been waiting for 'years' to rewatch this film again and relive it, and it's not available for download anywhere else. There doesn't seem to be a full version I can find, or if I ever did there was some impediment. And I'm not sparing the cash for a DVD (which does exist) cause my priorities are a bit tight right now.

Another one I'm missing out on is 'Lady of Chance' and it's also a favorite because years later I had flashbacks of scenes I loved from that movie, only to not recall the name of it. Thank God, I don't recall EXACTLY how I remembered, but I did.'s not available for free anywhere. So that's gotta wait.

La Boheme is also a favorite, and not available to download free anywhere that I've seen. -_- I recall that I hear the famous play RENT was based off of the film.

The Student Prince was freely available, as was the classic Modern Times. AND a 1925 tour of a hollywood movie studio, which I once very much enjoyed. God is good, yo. Such beautiful pieces of history, and for me, a remembrance of a special personal time in my life.

I'm a low-key silent film nerd. And I was once a much bigger one.

What re-ignited my once lost interest (I retried watching the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse multiple times but that didn't do it) was that one night I was lying in bed, and to amuse myself, I made my own SILENT FILM up in my head. And it was so amusing to me, that it kinda re-ignited the passion I once had for them. It felt like the film had really existed, but it didn't. And it was almost sad, in a way. A little.

I'll try to explain this the best that I can. It might get lengthy, so feel free to skip if needed. I separated it from the 'blog' part of this entry.


So this guy, suit and glasses, takes his girl out on a date at his apartment. She's in a typical afternoon coat and skirt with a knit cloche hat. Typical twenties era-looking couple.

They are about to sit down for a nice dinner, but a high wind starts blowing through the small window in the one-room scene.

I forget what happened to the window next, but his solution for the problem was to simply rip off a large piece of his wall, with the wallpaper attached, with bare hands, and nail it over the window. Leaving an exposed piece of wall in its place.

OH!! I remember what happens next! I almost didn't. Praise God. Okay, wow. I'm both excited and surprised cause this is some really obscure part of my memory. Like deep down thing.

So then, he tries to cover up the exposed piece of wall with a large painting of a flower in a pot. However, it's askew and he can't get it to look just right. Finally, after he thinks the problem is solved, he goes to try to sit down with his girl again at the table.

A knock at the door. It's a policeman, with a thick full stache' who wondered what all the noise was about. The painting falls down flat on the floor, exposing the once-hidden bare piece of wall.

He sees the wall piece nailed over the window.

And the officer just squints in confusion at this strange display.

There are some title cards of dialogue between these scenes, if you will, though I can't recall what they say.

So the policeman gives the man a warning and the man and his girl promptly, and politely, leave, deciding instead to go for a drive.

They make it to the car, like a 1925 style model-T, only to find themselves blocked in on all sides by slow moving traffic of other cars on the big dirt road outside this house-like apartment building.

They try to smile and be patient with it, but the wind picks up and her knit cloche hat flies away in the wind, sailing across the other side of the road filled with cars. It gets caught on a fence, I think a metal one with those old-style spikes.

Chivalrous, he leaps from the car and stumbles over other cars to go fetch it for her. All the while she sits in her seat, patient and nervously smiling. He manages to get the hat, but the fence put an unfortunate hole in it, big enough to slip a finger through.

He brings it back to her, though not exactly looking forward to giving her the disappointing news that her hat is now ruined.

After he gets back in the car, he hands her the hat.

She examines the hole.

With a light smile, she pulls a simple handy needle and thread from her coat pocket, and simply fixes her hat. Right there in the car.

Then the next thing I remember is traffic was eventually clear again. They bumped on their way, happily down the dirt road, carefree in their afternoon together, after these misadventures.

The end.

I can't believe I actually recalled that much DETAIL from a single story I had in bed late one night.

I think I laughed quite a bit at the time, mainly at the part where he simply rips off a piece of wall to solve the window problem, and the confused squint the policeman gave him. Then it just went from comedy to kind of romantic.

THAT was what made my heart miss the good old silent film days. A silent film that never even existed, though I wish it did. :) Praise and thank the Lord, though, am I right? Good times. STILL a miracle to me I remembered that much, that vividly, of that 'one-off' made up story that came to me once in the middle of the night. Now I, happily, get to relive it for much longer. <3

I KNEW I'd have a lot to say but, wow. This officially is lumped in with the amazing month I've already been having. That's all I can say is, lately, life has been one good 'wow' after another. Thank God. I wish everyone had that.

And time REALLY flew just now, because nearly an hour alone has gone into writing what I did this evening. And I'm like, way tired, but way blessed and way happy. Good night. P.S. Not quite over yet, I have some GIFS to scatter over this to keep up my interest in reading this much chunk of text. Haha!

11:44 p.m. Another hour has almost passed and I'm still way tired and FINALLY almost finished editing this thing. And reading it. I hope. *.*

Update: Torrent can't download. :/

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