Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Well, The Day Is Pretty Average.

3:03 p.m. It's tempting to stay in bed all day thinking, 'What's really the point of getting up and doing anything today?' I know God has a marvelous plan. Let's just open with that. Sigh. I spent another day sleeping in until noon. I didn't sleep well last night. I wasn't very comfortable for some reason.

I got my blurb book satisfactorily updated, and it stayed updated this time, and backed up. I ate ramen and a couple hot dogs. With milk. Not healthy, I know.

April had a rough start to the day. She kept trying to call the therapist office to make an appointment and they kept hanging up on her, again and again. Really not cool for a mental health facility to do that to someone with mental health issues. People should have the sense to know that. I hope they have a good reason. I don't know the situation. Whether it was a malicious intent or not, so I apologize.

ANYWAY! She got fed up and decided to drive down to Bartow and confront them in person. Which is a good idea when you have transportation and get someone you really need on the phone, on the phone. Here's just hoping everything goes non-confrontationally.

I played some DMK today as usual and I think I need to finish up my laundry. x.x I also plan on getting a bit of Secondlife stuff done, though I don't know about creating, per se. After almost two weeks of heavy skybox work, I may be a little burnt out.

The dog puked on the couch almost an hour ago. I cleaned it up and tried to console her. It wasn't her fault or anything. Not like she puked on purpose. Or maliciously. Still the poor bab was shaking. So I covered her up with a big blanket for some nice security, which she took to nicely, and now she is still under 'said' blanket...with me..curled up under my raised knee as I write this entry on my Chromebook.

Still very excited about the potential upcoming concert. So much so that I tried to get myself to calm down and stop thinking about it so much last night, lol.

Bladder is still on the fritz. -_-

I tried out my new notebook and loving it already, though I swapped the fine tip pen (which bled both through and on the page) for a nice pink gel pen which already happened to be in my room, that also happened to match this very pink notebook, which I need a picture of. Really looking forward to, and hoping to, filling it up with my many constant and repetitive freewriting thoughts.

And if legible, perhaps convert it to print one day? O.o

Sounds like April's back. I heard a car door slam. If so, that seemed kinda quick. Maybe not.

3:29 p.m. April has returned. Apparently, inclimate weather was to blame for her getting hung up on a bunch and not a fault of the facility. My apologies again. Also, April seems to be in a much better mood than when she left.

We've learned our elderly neighbor Mytriss...I don't recall how to spell her name, passed away at the end of last year. We'd passed her house on a number of occasions speculating if everything was alright, or if she still lived, but finally April decided to go over and ask because there are new people living there now. God rest her soul, in Jesus name, Amen! <3

I got a Secondlife task I was meaning to get done today, done, kind of average/boring thing about making a notecard for an event I'm currently involved in.

5:30 p.m. April made tacos and tea. Yum. I've been on a social network spree today and reconnecting with beloved neopets friends after a while. <3 Watching 'A Day At A Time' I think that's the name, with April. That Netflix original that doesn't seem to shy away from a lot of social justice topics.

6:13 p.m. Not much new. :P Just updating. And once again to be doing so live on a Chromebook, instead of on my iPod where it could wait for weeks before making it to the blog. Only downside is I don't have my massive GIF collection to supplement this entry. I'll live. :P

8:25 p.m. Night time allergies kicked in. Took some allergy meds. Now I want to attempt sleep. G'night, folks. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves, folks. <3

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