Friday, March 22, 2019

Happily Long Day.

8:57 a.m. I didn't sleep last night. The air felt so stiff and uncomfortable. I know it's pretty wordly but, so not that great, but I feel like I 'had' to have a fan..or some kind of cool air moving on me, in order to sleep. The air has to feel like it's moving. It can't feel stiff. Stiff. Uncomfortable. Ya get it.

God have mercy.

Mom offered a solution to get a fan at first. Then she decided (and bear with me, her ceiling fan currently only runs with the lights on) we could just remove the light bulbs and voila. Air. 

I'm still pretty tired. Okay, a lot tired. I maybe only managed a few hours of REM sleep, and Mom was surprised still to see me up early, but I'd also feel kinda guilty for sleeping in to the afternoon. While that may be the norm at home, I'd be a little embarrassed to do that here.

I might still sleep, anyway. I need it. -_- AND my allergies are in full swing. Itchy water eyes, on the light side, and a burny itchy nose I keep rubbing. Not a great start to the weekend, but I don't regret the family time. :) Just so ya know. Mom loved that she surprised me by inviting me over for the weekend. It's nice.

While I'm still awake to remember, while there are parts of dreams I'd rather forget, some were worth recording. It mostly just involved wandering around shops. And there are two parts of the dream related to this.

So in one shop they had a 'really' old piano on display, and I dropped in some coins, like a donation. For some reason, I thought that was what people did. It was so old, as I noted through the crack of the partially warped/open lid, that there was a prone shriveled-looking skeleton literally infused into the old decayed strings with dingy brown looking cobwebs.

The owner walked over...and he was furious. Balding brown haired kinda heavy-set guy in a blue-ish gray chequed-polo shirt. Kinda short, but not shorter than me. For some reason, though the memory is faint, I'd say he could've passed for some 'James Gandolfini in the Sopranos lookalike of a lookalike.'

He came over, complaining about my disrespect of the corpse, and said it was just like 'someone coming over and doing...' and he tapped one of the old keys on the piano, barely moving one of the many dead strings.

I mean, I apologized profusely in a very quiet and mousy way, only to have him respond, with his shock, "I don't like your tone with me." Then him being fed up and walking off. Which didn't even make sense to me in the dream because I couldn't have been more small-voiced and apologetic.

There was a coin slot in the lid of the piano and for some reason, I went to drop a quarter and a couple dimes in again.

His partner, a mid-set white guy with some short gingery-hair maybe, looked at me with a great deal of pity. I handed him the coins like 'Would you...?' [Take this] and so he did.

Anyway, I think that's what happened. I'm having trouble making up my mind whether or not I had initially, in the start, actually tapped the key or did drop in a coin. Oh well.

I know I visited a piano in another store before this one. There was a rusted blue oblong looking key sitting atop of it that I tapped for sure.

Anyway, in the next store, and it doesn't sound like much, I knocked over some eyeshadows and brushes off the shelf and spent that part of the dream just trying to clean it up.

And now and then a passerby and two would help, despite the fact that they'd come away with the powder now staining their clothes. One of them was even wearing a black track top and seemed slightly amused over the fact that it was powder-stained now.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. I need sleep. lol.

12:16 p.m. I didn't end up sleeping. I played with the puppy and finished Avengers: Infinity War. Her reaction to the ending 'They better not have let it end like that?' More or less. Lol. I felt the same the first time I watched it.

We're making plans for today. The auction is definitely a possibility, which is awesome. Mom's looking into the drive in. We're going to get Bella's first shots at the vet! This is Bella, by the way:

We also may be looking at vaccum cleaners and storage boxes.

Today, Mom is also politely sitting through a TNT marathon of Supernatural. I could put it on Netflix, commercial free, but...they have their own account here now and I'd hate to spam it with my show. I save it for Mom's room, not the living room. Lol.

Also, been chatting up dudes on OkCupid. Working on getting more social. I'm still hoping to find the right guy, someday. Lol.

Looking to be a fun weekend. <3

12:34 p.m. Mom gave me a choice between bingo or the auction. I chose the auction. I think I'd have more fun. :P

12:50 p.m. So my remote desktop works a little slower cause of the distance, but it's still an improvement over struggling with it on a small screen vs. my Chromebook. :)))

12:53 p.m. By the way, Mom's almost got pot pies ready. Yum! <3

2:48 p.m. Ate. Played with the pupper. Surfed social media..quite heavily. Played Solitaire and Monopoly on mobile. Watching Pitbulls and Paroles. A chill day before we go head out for errands. ^_^ <3 P.S. My face is really breaking out these days. O.O

11:48 p.m. The update. We got to the vet around 4 p.m. and stayed until around 7 p.m. Then went to the auction from 7 p.m. until past 9. Got meatball pizza. Came home. Mused about my Mom and Uncle's 'wild child' childhood. Instagram. Netflix. Youtube. Allergies. Hit with OkCupid messages left and right. Yeah.

Finer points:

  • Bella was shaky any scared, only comforted after Mom gave her her bed to lie on. She got her shots and a check up. She pooed, peed, and spilled her styrofoam water  cup on purpose on the vet floors. She laid on my shoulder on the way there, at her insistence. She met her sister, who happened to have an appointment that day at the same vet. Also, she saw dogs bigger than her for the first time. I got pics and video of it on my Insta, which has, for some reason, ditched the embed option.

  • Got a snake cane (kinda rusting) with a hidden blade inside at the auction for about eight bucks. I'm not taking/posting a photo of it until the right time cause there's a certain someone who needs to be spared spoilers and I don't know how often she surfs my instagram.

  • Watching 'Across the Universe.' Member' when I was convinced that was the best film I ever saw?
  • Supernatural is ending in season 15. Next season. Sigh. Had to happen sometime, right?

  • Stranger Things Season 3 trailer is released and I'm kinda hyped.
  • We took the lighting out of Mom's ceiling fan so the fan can run without having to have lights going, so I can actually sleep with air circulation tonight.

  • I need to take some Benadryl.
  • I'm pretty close to wanting to ditch the unhealthy stuff and go healthy again. I'm sure of it. I'm kinda eager to ditch the facial bloat, I guess. I like being confident.
Looking forward to tomorrow. We're supposed to go run an errand in the morning with Jami at Sam's Club, and go to Victoria's Secret to get one of those iconic stuffed dogs. Possibly, hopefully, go to the Goodwill Outlet for a used clothing spree. :P Or gifting. Who knows? And maybe, either tomorrow or the next day, look at getting a vacuum cleaner. 

To Mom's surprise when she looked before, they were sold out. And it's kinda funny to me cause this seems awfully similar to what kept happening to me with the VCR. On multiple occasions, I was in the right place and time to learn I was not the only one who sought one. Something so seemingly simple.

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