Monday, March 25, 2019


5:40 p.m. Apparently, waking up in the morning isn't really cutting it these days. I slept until around 8 a.m. ish and was still too tired to deal. So I went back to bed until around 1 p.m.

My bed fell apart, that is, the wood parts, multiple times. Since I could find no wood glue, at last I put my trust in double sided tape and at least for the moment, it seems to have worked out fine.

My camcorder is working, THANK GOD! Cause up until an hour or so ago, I was convinced I had little shot of getting it to work by the time the concert rolls around. I'm keeping it charged and hoping it will work then, as well. :)

I know, I know. In this modern age, who uses a camcorder, anymore, right?

Well, tbh my iPod is not ideal for lots of video. I could clear up Gigs and Gigs off and still have to walk on eggshells with it to get thirty minutes of footage. *.* I mean, I plan on still recording with it, but I need a backup recording device as well. lol. It'll just involve having to unload as much as I can spare off of it to get a decent amount of concert footage/pictures. Unfortunately.

Also, my camcorder has low light capabilities. :)

Anyway, I did eat healthy today and minimized the sugar. I say that now, of course, before everyone has a chance to get at that extra chocolately Hershey's birthday cake of April's. Still, a little progress is better than none.

Worked on my Secondlife store, which had been left 'Under Construction' the whole weekend. :)))

Switched from my cute purple Betsey Johnson purse to Mom's hand-me-down Michael Kors purse. I like it. It's bigger. Although I do look at the Michael Kors bags as the 'middle class mothers' answer to high end designer handbags. Still, it's pretty spacious and that's what works for me. <3 Not unthankful. I may have to get used to living without that hand cross-strap. Lol.

I meant to fold clothes today. But who knows if I'll bother. The day feels kinda, over, even though it's rather short for me.

At least I got yesterday's, and today's entry in, which was important to me. I love recording my life. :)

I've got the trap remix to 'Little Einstiens' in my head, as well as 'Taxi Cab' by twentyonepilots, even though I've yet to learn all the lyrics. Lol.

6:57 p.m. Watching Buddy VS Duff with April, same episodes I watched with my Mom. <3

8:24 p.m. Well, pretty shortly after April migrated to Rob's room, and eventually so did I. We just had some dinner and birthday cake..and we were...but may still continue to at some point..continue watching Galavant.

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