Friday, March 29, 2019

New Ventures!

3:58 p.m. Besides designing a new living space in Secondlife, the latest and biggest new news of late is I've been learning German with this super easy, and fun app, called Duolingo. That sounds like an ad, I know. It's an endorsement, but by no means a paid one. I'm just saying I wish I'd found this sooner cause I feel like I'm already learning in the past two days of it at such a fast pace! :)

I made another dumpster dive for a desk/drawer set I'd been staring at on the curb all week. I kept telling myself no, but finally caved and decided it'd make a decent nightstand for my bedroom..once I can be sure the bugs/spiders are gone..and no one is here to embarassingly, and sheepishly on my part, watch me drag in yet another useful piece of furniture from the cold...especially one April already turned down. Because she thought it looked too much like cheap/banged up ikea junk.

I've got artistic vision.

I've since covered the marked-up top with some like 'over a decade' old fruit sticky paper and adjusted the poorly-standing drawers to look decent. So it's already more improved than the first time she saw it.

Watching Stranger Things over again because I'm excited for season four.

Still in a lingering writing mood, still haven't got a full plot idea to start with.

Also, yesterday got two new DMK characters. The wicked stepmother and the red queen. I know. I know. Not smart just dumping more money into that thing. >.> At least I'm stocked up on groceries for this week...God willing. We'll see.

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