Monday, March 18, 2019

Happy News Today. Also, Long Post.

Okay, but my mood:

Mood enough, for ya?


 TØP. In June. Orlando. Asgahsghasghagsha. YASSS~!!! 

Thanks, Mom! <3

Sheeeeee is giving me money on either Thursday or Friday!

I can't even. I can only odd. I finally get to see them, ant-sized, in person. :D Yes, I said ant-sized.

We're talking somewhere in this general vicinity of things:

I'll 'gladly' take 'ant-sized' over nothing. :) Cause my first concert. To my favorite band. And has so far involved me digging out a camcorder I haven't touched in maybe a year or longer to charge, cause my iPod is not great for recording things for a long period of time. x.x

And part of me feels a little silly, cause they're just...people. Humans. Doing what they love. Always good to remember that. At best it'll be a nice bonding time with my Mom, too. :D EXCIITTED!

But hey. Started from spamming the aux cord, now we're here. :P

By the way, as far as I know, tickets are really hard to get to their shows so I'm so thankful to God, blessed, to still have a chance to get in some this early, ya know, late March, before they all sell out. Hopefully I still can get them by the end of the week. o.o Whatever God makes happen, ya know.

Best news I've had in a while though. I'm internal squeal. 

Mama don't even know what this means to me. :3

I finished up my 24 skyboxes project for advent, so that also has me giddy. Thinking of just chilling out most of the day. My thoughts have been better than in previous weeks. But my sleep has been off. I keep waking up every few hours again a night.

Speaking of the concert though, I did dream of going like before the show started and meeting Tyler in person. He like, grabbed my phone and did something with it, I don't remember. It was days ago. 

I also meant to write this on my Chromebook, on the couch, where it's comfy, but got so into this post that I wound up writing it on my desktop, lol.

Anyway, if there's anymore honorable mentions...besides the fact that I changed up the look of this blog. I'll let ya, know. God willing. >.>

By the way, I wanted to post the skyboxes. For my own reference.

Took less than two weeks to do them all. Generally anywhere from 2-5 hours-ish each depending on the level of work needed. Longer hours if windows or doors were involved. 

These aren't posted in order. 

Starts from practically a blank canvas of white walls and floors (almost like a blank sheet of paper in digital form) and it turns into...what it turned into. I used a lot of references from google.

The last one, the runway, was from a short while back and took a LOT longer than the others, like an entire night, but I wanted to include it in the set, anyway. All of them [except the last one] are unfurnished, low prim (that's Secondlife lingo) and mostly digital painted. Sometimes, on a few occasions especially regarding floors, I relied on pre-made floor/wall textures and altered the lighting, shade, bump, color, etc. But it's mainly digital painted. It didn't take hours to slap a pre-made texture on there. It took work to make it look natural.

Windows and doors are PAINTED. Some painted glass, so it looks like you're panning over a view outside.

One of the best parts of this was practicing something I was not hugely familiar with before. I learned about lighting. I learned how to digitally paint windows and doors! But mainly the lighting thing.

Apologies if this all sounds boasty, by the way. It's a God-given blessing to be able to do any art and stuff and it's something I really enjoy spending time doing. ;) 

Okay, now it should be done. :P

4:42 p.m. Baking up some 'fried' chicken. I would've fried it the old fashion way, but we have no oil. Ah, well. We're maybe more than twenty minutes to go for some delicious chicken goodness anyway, so...God willing. Huzzah. Got the laundry going and watching a classic Supernatural Episode, Mystery Spot. :) 

The buddies have no idea I'm cooking, by the way, so hopefully they find it to be a pleasant surprise. P.S. I AM finally writing this entry on my Chromebook, although my eyes may need to adjust. Compared to my giant computer monitor, the text is super uber tiny on here. O.O

4:48 p.m. Okay, more like 40 minutes. x.x Hang in there. I....didn't know it quite right. All the coating melted off cause the chicken was frozen. I'm not a chef, okay. Egads.

5:09 p.m. Seems kinda like an obvious solution, but I adjusted my font size. MUCH better. :) Also, can we just appreciate the fact that for once I'm posting this directly to my blog and NOT leaving it waiting to publish on my iPod?

I also need to, at some point, gather up the willpower to update my blurb with this mass of entries I've slicked in, lately. >.> Just saying.

9:29 p.m. Chicken was great. Friends...was eh. They liked it. I just mean April was in kind of a mood tonight.

I tried to sleep hours ago, but my bladder staged a protest. Will have to try again shortly. At least I got to cuddle with cats.

P.S. The other day I got a notebook. With actual 'lines' in it. So when/if God willing my first one fills up, I got that one good and raring to go.

New Chromebook still running great. Very satisfactory.

Been drinking a lot of soda lately. Eek.

Lotta carbs, too. And chocolate. And sugar, just in general.

Moved my bed in my room the other day and it made my room look SO much bigger.

Still need to make that song that happened in my dreams last week. When I'm alone, preferably. Much voice altering will be required to get it just right.

SO glad I'm actually, legitimately, remembering what's been going on the past some days since I last wrote.

Oven mitt fell and got trapped behind the oven tonight. It's still there.

I've spent a lot of lindens. Over twenty bucks worth. Some for creating. Close to half. And some for other stuff. Back to being pretty broke.

Thank God Mom came through on the concert tickets, cause honestly I failed at saving for them, myself. :/ Still...happy news, right?! :D


Been listening to 'Be Concerned' by twentyonepilots on repeat a lot. Especially in the shower. It plays like four or five times in a row by the time I'm done.

Browsed my old journals. A lot of that stuff is still awkward.

Socializing with family has improved, but not by a whole lot.

Not eating healthy, or exercising.

My head is in an okay space most of the time, now.

I really should, hope to, update my blurb book. Cause it's way behind on entries, just like my blogger was.


I got an FFQ on Neopets today and practically took the whole day to decide what I wanted. The neopet reminds me of Spyro, and is aptly named 'Spyr0s' since, it wasn't taken.


This GIF and how it loops:


This is something that's made me smile a little, lately:

Long post is long. I had a lot to say. And share. And enjoy. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves.

Good night. :P :)))

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