Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Sick But Soldiering On.

1:11 p.m. The productivity train is still rolling. I woke up pretty sick, and while it derailed my healthy eating last night, it didn’t derail today’s productivity.

I’ve been taking cold medicine. Just quickly knocked tasks off today’s to do list..quickly because if I do them daily, there’s less work to do. 😂🤗❤️

Got some more Secondlife backup redeliveries done. Still have around 80something to finish.

This means I also haven’t been creating on Secondlife lately, but that’s okay.

I cashed in 50 bucks of my SL funds. The idea is to spring for a cheap and easy computer, preferably a used or refurbished Chromebook, for writing purposes on EBay. So, that’s a thing. 

I literally mainly intend on using it for Google Docs so..I don’t need too powerful of a machine for that. 😂

Replacing Aaliyah’s netbook with the damaged screen is also on the to-do list, somewhere down the line.

I’ve still been trying to avoid social media. Mindless scrolling and whatnot. Apps still deleted. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos, but it’s hard not to come across that in regular internet browsing. I’m still not scrolling those long feeds.

I like challenges. They’re very motivating. 

There’s one I was curious about..going a week without using a mirror. Sounds easier said than done, given every time I use the bathroom, there’s a giant mirror ‘right’ there. 

I’m not on that one just yet. 

Anyway, catching up by writing an entry was on my to-do list today, so just by writing this, I can mark off that task.

Twentyonepilots songs still in my head for yet another day and counting. 😂

I still need stuff for my meal plan food next week: Kidney beans, brown rice, lentils, and spinach. I love spinach with a side of eggs. 😍

5:35 p.m. I managed, praise and thank the Lord, to finish my major redeliveries backup project.

Still kinda sick. Sniffly. Wonder if it’s because of the intermittent fasting and not the kids. I mean, I’ve heard of that being a thing. Detoxing. I don’t know.

Feeling sleepy..ish. Watching Criminal Minds for no good reason. 

I got the house to myself since Rob and April left earlier. I didn’t ask to go. They didn’t invite me. I was busy at the time and honestly glad I didn’t, cause it meant I was able to finish my project today. 🤗

6:12 p.m. Taking a break from OkCupid. So I deleted it.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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