Friday, February 15, 2019

Limiting Social Media

10:30 a.m. My life’s motivation seems to have kicked in, sparking a new wave of goals I hope to try..and some trying again. 

To start, I think the length of time I’ve been spending on YouTube lately is starting to get ridiculous.

Doesn’t look like much to some, but it feels like a whole lot longer to me. I mean the major chunk of my week’s time spent on YouTube was from yesterday ALONE.

(also ignore the 14 minutes as being part of today’s challenge. I stayed up until early morning hours again.)

I quite like the idea of a ‘One week. Social Media Break.’ challenge. And I’m quite pumped for it.’

I have some of my own rules though.

  • I can still use FB messenger. I don’t own a phone to call people. Though I only tend to use it for necessary talks anyway and not so much casual chatting. I have to be able to contact my family if I need something esp. since Sunday is a family breakfast.
  • No video watching. No scrolling or posting FB or Insta feeds (I imagine my photos that normally go on there will have to itchingly sit in my inventory. No dating site. 
  • I’m deleting most of my social apps.
  • Games allowed, to a certain time limit.  ❤️ðŸĪ—
  • Secondlife I also permit because it’s my work. It’s what I do to make any money. Again, limit my time, though.
  • I think..I will even be skipping out on Discord. I only use it lately to talk to my roommates, which is something I can do in person. 
  • No more Pinterest. Ugh. That’ll be hard. I’ve wasted so many hours on that thing.
  • I don’t spend a ton of time on Neopets. A few minutes a day and I’m good. So that’s easy.
  • Netflix allowed. Just not too much. Like a movie or episode at a time.

Apps are also getting deleted for the week, which should be interesting. 

This SHOULD cut my computer and mobile time significantly. And I can spend more time being productive, seeking God, etc. Beneficial stuff. Maybe even trying to get into shape.

Speaking of, I’m planning on limiting my sugar intake again. Which is exciting. Starting to today. And exercising. And giving up the sugary drinks, including the sweet tea I’ve come to love.

I just..with depression happening more and more often to me lately, I obligated to pick myself up and be more functional. 😂ðŸĪŠ 

Also, if I wanted twentyonepilots, I got a whole bunch of their songs on my iPod. I don’t have to watch a ton of videos of them a day, like I have been. 😂

Today is a day of change. And all I have to do is stick to it. 

Speaking of, the whole ‘cringey journal’ idea fell through..and I’m sure it was for the best. I’m just glad I didn’t go spend money on a journal for it before I realized how quick I’d lose interest.

I deleted my social media apps. ðŸĪ— That should definitely help temptation. And free up quite a bit of space. However, when it comes to my desktop..Google Chrome..that’s another story. My bookmarks bar has all my faves right there in my face to resist.

Oh, and as of yesterday, I got my new credit card in the mail and activated. PayPal linked. Secondlife set. I also have a goal to continue resisting needless spending. 

I feel like I’ll be going back to overthinking things. Especially regarding my growing weight and diet. You get used to a certain pattern of doing easy and mindless things and eating the easy unhealthy when it comes to takes some thought with me. Some notice. 

I also expect the sugar-free headaches. Maybe even boredom until I get in the right groove. 

Again, it’s re-adjusting.

But most of all. IF I can pull this off, for just a week...and maybe limit things after..we’ll see if I let my life change for the better. 

At least I’d be getting outside more. 😂

11:01 a.m. Jen just messaged me with an AMAZING surprise. The girls are coming OVER!!! Squeeeeeee!!! I love those kids. 

This doesn’t mean I can’t stick to the challenge, by the way.

11:42 a.m. I let Aaliyah know they’re coming over. She seems quieter than I expected.

I REALLY want to get biking while I can but I want music. I locked my headphones in April’s. April’s asleep. And she sleeps light. So if I go in her room snooping for keys, she’s GONNA wake up and not be happy about it. Ah, well. 


11:50 a.m. I’m really in a Netflix mood. So I’m gonna just kick back with Indian in the Cupboard and chill. Wait on April to wake up. I can’t wait to watch this with the kids. 😍

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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