Saturday, December 8, 2018

Mom's House: Day Four plus SHOPPING!!!

11:53 a.m. Watched The ‘Devil’s Advocate’ with Mom this morning. That’s a movie I’m not planning on seeing twice. 👺

Out with her and Grandpa right now. We just visited a little flea market. Didn’t buy anything though. On our way to Jen’s house. She has clothes I might like for the cruise. 

Hopefully, also going thrift shopping, but if we don’t end up doing it. That’s okay.

Just realized how strange it is I don’t type this on my iPod with two hands. Until now. Feels weird, yet wildly convenient and odd that more people do this and maybe don’t even think about it.

P.S. Wish I had a bottle of water right about now. Feeling thirsty.

12:54 p.m. Dropped Grandpa  off. 

Jen wasn’t home and took her key.

Went to a shop called ‘Rainbow’ to try and find a sun dress with little luck. Did get a white open midriff cover up though.

The necklace comes attached, but that’s an easy fix, right?

Gonna try and see if there’s some at Walmart. And if not...not sure how much more shopping Mom can handle. She doesn’t like shopping a much as I do.

Also Mom just asked if I wanted to go to ‘360 Degrees.’ It’s a vintage clothing store I haven’t visited since I lived in Mulberry. Um...YEAH I WANNA GO!

I got my favorite green army-style jacket from there, which I wore until it fell apart. 😂🤗😘🥰

1:28 p.m. Leaving 360 Degrees. I found a dress I liked, but Mom didn’t. It was me..Mom said it looked yellowed. But I thought it was cute. I’m very down with those white woven summer linen looking dresses. 

So no go. And the one she liked is the one I didn’t like. 😂 Either of these is to complain or say I’m ungrateful. God’s got the plan, after all. I know better than to argue. Usually. 😂😬

I also tried on a peach dress, dug into my biceps. 

On to Wal-Mart, I guess.

We also visited a consignment shop where I got a cocktail dress for dinner on the ship. 

Oh, and we got this army green vest at the consignment that I just ADORED! And it was three bucks to boot. That’s more casual than for cruise, but yasss!

2:41 p.m. Wal Mart got us basic black heels and tights. I felt better having them to go with my new cocktail dress.

I honestly tried to rotate this image and it won't so....what can I do?

I tried on over a dozen (feels like) dresses at Goodwill and picked up like six or so (I didn’t count) Blessed and I think we’re both happy this is done. 

EDIT: 7 dresses and a bikini. Longer than they appear. Costed around fifty bucks, including a black and white striped dress (not shown) Mom got for herself. 

All we have to do (tomorrow, hopefully) now is let me go home and pick up some final stuff and I’m set!!

3:06 p.m. Got quesadilla from a food truck. Grapes and tangerines as well. Home is a couple minutes away!

3:53 p.m. Home. Watching Supernatural. I ate my quesadilla and some grapes. I tried a bite of Mom’s burrito but I wasn’t fond of it. 

4:58 p.m. Took some clothing shots for illustrative purposes, hoping someone wouldn’t walk in the room with questions (they didn’t, thank God) and that’s done, edited, and chill.

Except for fleas that kept biting my foot and making it wildly itchy.

6:16 p.m. Heading to the Lakeland Lights show and hoping to blow some Insta up later with some memorable shots. Even if the camera doesn’t work well in dark.

God willing. What a day, huh? And what a week it’s gonna be, right? #blessed #savedbyJesusChrist #askmehow #vaca 

I felt like hashtags.  Also, I’m anticipating it’s gonna be a cold night. My jacket’s in the back.  And while I think Scarlet will enjoy herself, I do wish I could share this with my nieces and nephew as well. 😂

6:30 p.m. Mom put the wrong address, so we’re a little lost for the moment. Here’s to getting back on track, bruh. 👾

6:33 p.m. 20 minutes off course. But at least it’s getting on course in the first place, bruh. 👻🙏

7:05 p.m. We’re here!! Jami, Scarlet, and Uncle Pat will join us soon. They stopped at Home Depot first.

8:50 p.m. Just left. Ton of pics, vids, and my feet huurtttt. 

9:10 p.m. HOME!!

10:59 p.m. It wasn’t easy, but I got my photos and videos uploaded to Insta. Then I had to go through the process of cleaning up storage on my iPod. Backing pics up on my netbook.

Like, I need the space for all those future vacation pics I wanna take. 😅 Last time I had a nearly broken digital camera. This is my first time taking a mobile device overseas!!! Egads!!!

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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