Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cozumel Cruise: Day One

7:06 a.m. Today’s the day! Just woke up and watching Netflix with Mom. And in five hours or so, we’ll be meeting out ship! 😱 Hope it’s not too cold this afternoon. 

Had a weird dream that Justin Bieber chose to Skype call me and I all I wanted was to show him a mashup of a song someone did. 

Mom got up to shower. I’m preparing to doll myself up a bit with straightened hair and makeup. While we got time. Wanna look nice for my boarding, lol.

8:15 a.m. Hair and makeup done. Mom and I are watching some weird foreign Netflix show called the 3%

8:50 a.m. Going to Wal-Mart and then Jens house. I toyed with the idea of getting new iTunes for the trip, but I’m kinda on the fence. 

I also gotta get a charging brick to take around with me.

9:20 p.m. Got my charging brick. On our way to Jen’s house. I decided against, at least for now, on buying iTunes. Lol.

EDIT: Got copy of our luggage tags first, lol.

9:59 p.m. Picked up Jen. Moms stoping by the bank. God only knows what steps are next. 😂

10:13 p.m. Left bank. Was gonna out my cash in my account BUT my card is likely to decline if a lot is spent in a foreign that day a while back at the auction. That was a bit embarrassing and on vacation, would just be a big let-down.

And lowkey if by some long shot the ship sells iTunes gift cards...I have to be able to pay in cash. 😬😂

We’re a little more than two hours from the start of this fabulous cruise vaca!! God willing. ❤️😍

10:46 a.m. We’re here!! At the port anyway. I don’t think we can board the ship for another couple of hours. Waiting on Mom’s friends to arrive around that time, too. 😂

11:06 a.m. Mom said her friends are coming in like, an hour. No free WiFi. Her phone is too low on battery for a hotspot (cord is in the car) and she’s painted her nails black to pass the time. 🙃 We’ve got a lot of sitting ahead of us before we can board, in other words. 

Although I am thrilled to be documenting this in such detail. Memories are precious. 

Been staring at two hotels ahead of us, exhaling close at the outside details of penthouse suites. 

11:09 a.m. Snapped an illustrative picture. Hopefully, before anyone could look and either find it weird or offensive. 

I was worried as a woman hurried through the pano shot, it’d distort it, but thankfully it just blurred her.

It seems there’s not a whole ton to do while I wait than to play tourist and happily take/edit a bunch of photos.

I uploaded this one to Insta (though planning to delete it later) so I can use the blur function to accentuate focus..a feature not otherwise available on my phone.

12:13 p.m. One of Mom’s friends arrived,  Mary, but still waiting on the others. I can’t believe this whole time I didn’t think of listening to music. 😂

I’m definitely hoping to listen to ‘Groove Armada - At the River.’ On the beach..and the cruise..and while we wait. It’s just ‘such’ perfect vacation music! Lol 🎶 🎼 🎵 

P.S. Eyes slightly burny from makeup. One of many reasons I wear it so rarely.

12:37 p.m. BOARDING!!!! 🤗🤗😍🙏

1:22 p.m. Went to our room and the luggage wasn’t there yet. Put the wallet in the safe and loaded the card. Got a burger, fries, crumbled bacon, and ‘THIN’ slice of chocolate peanut butter smore cake.

Um....‘what’ diet?

At least I drank water. 😂

1:44 p.m. In my room. SOME luggage arrived..just not mine. :( So I’m waiting and taking pics meanwhile. 

SO happy there’s a window view. Something tells me I’ll get a lot of use out of that. 😂 There was no private ocean view last time so...

1:48 p.m. Stuff’s here!!! \o/

1:53 p.m. Correction. Not all of it. But at least I can ditch the grumpy clothes. 

My unmentionables and bathing suit are in the second suitcase..which hasn’t arrived well as my waterproof case and necklace thing to wear around.

2:29 p.m. Strolled the decks from bow to stern. Gave my legs a really good workout on the stairs. 😂

3:21 p.m. Well. My device can’t seem to connect to WiFi. Ah well. I’ll deal with that later. Right now, I just want an early spot for departure. Which I have. :)

Departure is in a half hour. :)

3:33 p.m. Safety briefing.

3:37 p.m. Got internet 

4:05 p.m. False alarm and a long wait with my account balance. Arrived JUST in time for a spot in the back for liftoff. 

5:09 p.m. Lift off was great! Got a bunch of pics and vids. Now sitting in the promenade with hot chocolate. I’d hoped for chocolate milk, or even whipped cream, but It’ll certainly do.

Listening to twentyonepilots meanwhile.

And where will I even begin with Instagram!

6:25 p.m. Missed the sunset BUT got my pics on Insta and backed up on my netbook! SWEET!

6:45 p.m. At the bar with Mom and her friends. Waiting to go to dinner, lol. P.S. Played a cash claw machine.

7:03 p.m. At a piano bar, waiting to be seated. 

7:23 p.m. Steak, Mac and bacon, and quesadilla.

8:35 p.m. Followed by ice cream and melting chocolate cake.

I just got out of a long and VERY hot shower. It wasn’t easy to get out. That water pressure was like something I haven’t enjoyed in far too long. 

Makeup’s off. Clothes changed for the third time today (hope that won’t be a habit) and thus is my trip so far. 😱

P.S. I imagine sleep is gonna be like sleeping on one of those beds with a low vibrate setting, lol. Mentioning that for memory’s sake...since I’m laying down on the bed by the window, and that’s what I’m feeling.

8:58 p.m. Living a little and gonna watch a PG comedy show. 😂

9:30 p.m. Show finished. It was nice. Now out on deck. It’s cool. Windy. I can see the waves this time. AND I have got chocolate!! Living life and praising/thanking the Lord!!

Much better than slogging it in front of the computer, lol.

10:22 p.m. Just saw a show. Starring people called Playlist Performers. 4 guys and 4 girls singing and dancing to covers. Dressed like back alley people.

I’m not doing great balance wise. 😂

10:38 p.m. More entertainment, then caught up with Mom and her friend Mary at the craps table.

10:49 p.m. Back in my room. I’ve lost a lot of equilibrium and it’s enough excitement for one night. #olderandboring

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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