Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Day, Then Back Home!

1:13 p.m. Got my iTunes, though not without storage issues...grr Apple. And we got on the way to Aunt Steff’s house.

But first Zack called and we made a detour to pick him up.

We got to Steff’s. They got me one of those multi-restaurant cards. 20 bucks. ðŸĪ— It’s very rare I visit any of those places but no reason I can’t stick it in my wallet for such an occasion. Very grateful. 

Mostly watching the happy kids enjoy the gifts as we adults sit on our devices. Peaceful, certainly.

Uncle Pat raided Malania’s Halloween candy. He shared with Scarlett, though. ðŸĪŦ I had my own share that I pulled from the candy bowl at Dad’s house, and what Lani shared with me earlier. 

A crime show, whose theme is, awkwardly, ‘Homicide for the Holidays’ is playing in the background of the living room. No one seems to be watching it. 

That’s this moment. Right now. As I’m writing. ðŸĪ—😏 I love stuff like that.

I thought I’d started an entry today and was gonna have to do a late follow up, but I guess not.

Once again, like last year, I was ill prepared for Aunt Flo’s visit. A pant liner wasn’t enough like I thought. My suitcase was in the back and I discreetly changed my ruined pants in the back seat of Mom’s car, (into the only clean ones available, Minnie Mouse pajama bottoms) and thankfully no one took notice....yet. 😅😎 Egads. 

I kinda wish periods just came and went faster. Like only for a day. Like, “Look. This means you’re not pregnant. Now that you’re aware, I’m going away!” If only. Ugh. 

I haven’t been hit with cramps, shockingly. I started drinking soda again and overall taking in a LOT of sugar this month, which tends to antagonize it.

Less frequent bladder issues are also a pleasant surprise. And high sugar tends to be an antagonizing factor there, too.

Though I am suffering light headaches and even stronger toothaches instead. I’ll take it over a frequent bladder, I’ll be honest. My teeth are past saving despite all the brushing, and I don’t like the dentist office enough to try. Considering I can’t recall a pleasant dentist visit outside of childhood. Yeah.

2:46 p.m. Still here. Mom doesn’t want to leave until lasagna is finished. Lol. Meanwhile, watching that crime show.

Uncle J finished Malania’s LOL Surprise house and Marley enjoyed her child-sized trampoline.

Mom got to finish her Netflix show on my iPod, which I had to unplug a lamp and charge my iPod for her to watch at the same time. 

4:00 p.m. Still here, but in the words of Moriarty, “No rush.” 

Had delicious lasagna and everyone is just chill. Aunt Steff’s brother Jason just arrived and things got chatty once again.

Uncle J changed the crime stuff to another channel, lol.

4:19 p.m. Leaving.

4:30 p.m. Mom made a brief stop to visit a friend of hers, Joe. Zack was really excited to see him and leapt out to meet him. 

He’s okay. I’m okay with him. Just stayed in the car cause I don’t really have any close relationship with him, so...yeah. 😂ðŸĪŠ Merry Christmas, though!

6:12 p.m. SO! I’M home! AND after spending what felt like 15-20 minutes trying to get the new VCR to work (o my to find it doing the same things the others did) I found a STICKER floating around inside. I pulled it out.

Beauty and the Beast works..for now. I probably shouldn’t say it would work after this. But I’ll take it now.

EDIT: I watched Beauty and the Beast (loved it!) Toy Story, and some of Toy Story 2 before FINALLY going to bed!

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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