Monday, November 19, 2018

Recovering the Blues..

11:45 a.m. Christmas presents are wrapped. Been marathoning vintage Buffy episodes. 

I also managed to back up my computer files, though they aren’t altogether organized. Still I feel just a little better in case my hard drive kicks the bucket. 

My two main worries there are losing my Disney Magic Kingdoms progress, which has quite a bit of money put into it at this point.

And the ever-ensuring pain that is reinstalling and re-organizing an iTunes library. Soo yeah.

Rob said a fresh restore would only reset the 1s and 0s, so that saved me that trouble. Being friends with a computer buff is really helpful. 😂

1:06 a.m. Must...control....DMK spending. xD I'll try. I can hardly wait to start the new year challenge where I try not to spend my bank card (outside of emergencies.) How long...will I last?

Got my entries finally moved from my iPod to my blogger. The next step being to move them from blogger to my blurb book for the first time in many weeks. God bless in Jesus name, amen! P.S. Still got the vintage buffy marathon going for today. :P

2:06 p.m. Entries in blurb and all backed up. Praise and thank the Lord! :D

4:34 p.m. To both my delight and my relief, today seemed like a great day to knock things off my long-suffering to-do list.

I made my bed. I organized some photos and added them to my internet book. :) Backed things up. So I’ve been really meaning to do that today.

And of course, the other things I mentioned. 😂 

I still need to fold my laundry. 🙂 Small basket but, I’ve been procrastinating a long while on least it feels like.

It’s a good sign...that sign that depression is getting behind me and I’m starting to actually live my life again.

Although lately I’ve been a little too fond of sleeping in during the mornings. 

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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