Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sudden Changes.

12:40 p.m. Today has been productive so far. ❤️ After my usual computer routine, I finally decided to backup and organize my files, even without a new flash drive. So at least if something goes wrong, I’ll be glad I did this recently.

I still want a new 16 GB flag drive, or larger. The less flash drives I have to use to backup my files, the better.

Talked to the girls last night on Skype, around midnight-ish. They were spending the night at Maranda’s house. 

Part of me wished I could be there, but then I heard babies screaming in the background. Yeah, no thanks. They couldn’t drive out here anyway because of gas issues. Always gas issues since I live so far from my family. 😂

I’m toying with the idea of going out on my bike today to do a little shopping. 

April and I planned on going to the fruit stand together, but God only knows what time she’ll wake up. 

I don’t have a whole lot of plans for today. Yet. I can think of them, certainly. Maybe a new chore list for the week could work out.

  • Wash, dry, and put up laundry. 
  • Trash.
  • Litter box.
  • Bike ride?
  • Put away dishes?
  • Make my bed.
  • Clean the kitchen. 😬
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Tidy up the living room.
  • Writing.
  • Edit my novel. 
  • Pack Secondlife Dress.
  • New Secondlife creation.

Just thinking of cleaning the kitchen makes my brain think I’m somewhat sleepy. That’s probably the most reluctant task...that and Secondlife.

12:54 p.m. Yeah. That list feels like it just about covers it. The next part involves actually getting off the couch to do it. 🤗

12:58 p.m. Called Aaliyah on Skype. She’s not online. 🤔 Wondering what an eleven year old niece is up to on a Saturday afternoon.

2:13 p.m. I ‘dumpster dove’ again. Not an actual dumpster, but ya know, picking up a discarded thing off the side of the road.

One of the neighbors threw out a pale pink foot-push car a couple days ago and I had been debating with myself whether or not to get it.

Well, after a couple days of rainstorms and no pickup, I decided to get it. ❤️

I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo, sorry. I was too excited over doing a new project.

It wasn’t until I got down to spray painting it from a sun-bleached pink to matte black that I noticed why it got thrown out. It’s missing a wheel. 😕

So the idea of passing it onto the kids to ride is kinda...out. BUT I’m sure I can make a decorative use of it..once it’s finished.

I went from having a surplus of cheap black spray paint to having no spray paint left at all. At least they’re like 1-2 bucks a can at Wal-Mart.

The downside is I’ll have to wait until the next trip to get some.

The black is just a base to cover both damage and sun bleaching. Once every bit is covered and dried (the bottom is not completely covered, this is hidden in the picture) I can make use of my acrylics and detail paint...then find a functional use for it. ❤️ I’m sure if I use my imagination, I’ll think of something right?

I still have to figure out how to take the wheels off. The missing wheel was ‘not’ with it when I got it off the side of the road. So it’s either finding something to do about the missing part or lose the wheels altogether. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Still...SUPER excited! 😂 One girl’s trash really is another girl’s treasure. Pray God’s blessing it in Jesus Name, Amen!

2:22 p.m. feeling a little impatient. What if I went ahead and just started detailing now? Who really looks at the bottom anyway? 😂🤗😋🤫

5:32 p.m. Three hours later and it’s finished! Mostly.

A portion of time was spent painting and waiting for the mod podge spray to dry.

Another was figuring out what to do about that missing wheel! Despite all attempts, the one on the other side couldn’t be removed, to at least even up the back.

So. I took hot glue, and a wheel from that stroller I also ‘dumpster dived’ months back (but was unhappy with) and ‘FRANKENSTEINED’ the wheel on.

It’s not totally even, but stands a lot less wobbly than without a wheel altogether. Praise Jesus.

The inside doesn’t look like much, but I plan on adding a cushion in there so this can become a custom, awesome, cat bed. ❤️ The missing door section is perfect for hopping in. Just hope they’ll use it. We’ll see.

I may still need black spray paint for the wheels but I’m fine with that. :)

Hooray for recycling though, right?!

All the while I chatted up Aaliyah and Harmony on Skype until they had to go. So now it’s my break time and I get to sit with the menstrual cramps that just kicked in. 😕 Also, typing on my phone hurts a little. Sore finger. Can’t explain it.

8:19 p.m. Ate pizza earlier and been hanging out with April pretty much all this time. So much for that chore list, huh? Today’s big craft really tuckered me out, lol. And it’s not even done! (Needs a cushion for the bed part and black-spray paint the wheels.)

9:17 p.m. I had ice cream a bit ago. I don’t expect too much action to be going on, tonight. Still just chilling on April’s bed while she YouTube’s and roleplays.

I’m also basking in the thought that I actually got to write a story I wanted to exist (The Life They Deserved.) My ultimate fairy tale.

Now if only I could write my ideal love story. The subtle yet awesomely rated G-PG kind that the world needs more of.

Aaliyah sent me this right before they were
going to head out. :)
12:54 a.m. Going to Dad’s tomorrow! April is driving me. 

The idea started when Aaliyah said she was going to ‘Grandpa’s’ house, she meant my Grandpa, not my Dad (who is her Grandpa.) 

Aaliyah got momentarily excited, thinking I was joining her over there, but then felt sad to realize I was actually going somewhere else. God has a plan. Everything happens for a reason. 🙏✝️

Either way, it’ll be nice to spend time with Dad and Anna. He really needs it right now since he’s grieving the loss of his parents (Mema, and now my biological grandfather, whom I didn’t share a relationship with.) 

I love my Dad. I plan on spending the week there. I’m really glad I got...a mosquito literally just bit the corner of my pinky. Like, really? 🙄 

Anyway, glad I got my computer backed up today. :) That’ll be handy when I bring my netbook this week. 

I need to pack black clothes, as the funeral is on Thursday. That’s also why they’ll be home most of the week. 

April and I took the Meyers-Briggs test. It really opened up a discussion about how we see ourselves and each other. 🤗

We also watched Netflix, some show called ‘Explained’ or something. It was okay. 

Now watching, or more or less listening, to The Goldbergs on Hulu. I wonder if Dad and Anna would like this show. 🤔

Time to say goodnight. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus Name, Amen! God is able to do above all we ask or think.

R.I.P. Howard Lavon Smith. 

P.S. This happened later in the night. Jelly in all her curled-up cuteness:

EDIT: I learned the next morning that the car I found was actually...ahem..rare. Wondering if I should've painted it or not, after all? 🤔😂

This is not my youtube video, but gives an idea of the real 'before' look. Picture it more 'bare bones' though. Pink, but no headlights, coloring, (except a paler sun-bleached pink exterior) bumpers, stickers, or horn, etc. Literally as bare-boned as the first photo, just spray painted black.

End of Updates.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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