Thursday, September 6, 2018

Making Changes?

11:37 a.m. So, I slept in until about 10-something a.m. That’s about as much as my body will let me sleep in.

I had interesting dreams. One about kind of like my own version of Jurassic Park and hiding from a T-Rex.

There was this Middle Aged Mexican guy and he was hiding in a locker (not in a school, just atop some rubble.) 

There were two adolescents outside and his wife, who seemed a lot like the actress Amy Acker.

She decided to go in and get him, or die trying. She said some last words to the kids before doing so.

An old-radio started playing music high up on some cliffs. This was like an indoor place with cliffs, grime, and dilapidated junk everywhere. 

The t-Rex followed after it and then promptly ate it.

Amy Acker-chick shows up and starts slowly talking to it as she descends some steps along the rock wall.

I turn away from that and start thinking of it like a movie, that it was nice to go just one movie without a single and unnecessary death in the plot, all the while dreading the imminent moment she’d meet hers.

Thankfully, that wasn’t to be.

Credits rolled..Guardians of the Galaxy style. To some music I can’t remember which doesn’t exist in real life. It was 80s style with a male rock-pop vocal.

And I woke up reciting the ‘now forgotten’ lyrics in my head. 🤗🙏 Hooray to God for sparing me a horrific dream scenario.

Anyway, normal morning computer routine. I haven’t eaten yet and my body and brain are finally in sync with the idea of having enough, and ready to go back to eating healthier.

I do this. It’s a thing. It switches on and off for periods, in case you didn’t notice. 😂 

My period cramps have arrived. All the more reason to forgo a sugary diet, considering it always makes the cramps so much worse.

I’m fasting today. Intermittent, at least. I’ve not eaten yet. Just drinking water. So far. Letting my body deal with the junk first I guess and it’ll make me feel better.

Next goal is getting back to the regular exercise. Especially now that I can write timestamps about my little trips instead of less-detailed summaries. 

I made a visit with my stray cat friend, Miss Pretty. Who is a male, by the way. It’s just the name I got him to answer to. 

One of these days I need to take a picture of this orange stray fluff. Cause now that I’m his buddy, and it looks like he needed one (human or animal) he’s so lovable and sweet.

Today’s Chores:
  • Make my bed. DONE!
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Cook Meal Plan Food. DONE!
  • Update Blogger/Blurb. DONE!
  • Edit my novel.
  • Bike ride.

It’s one less task than yesterday, or seems more that way since a couple of them are either new or bear repeating i.e. making my bed. 

With my pain going on, I don’t know how much cleaning I’ll get done, but it’s worth putting on the goal list nonetheless. It’s goals for the week, anyway, more than daily stuff. 

Right now I don’t even feel like getting off the couch. 🙁 Women get that cramps are just...ugh. So painful.

The only positive I get out of this thing is the sped-up metabolism, which will be handy after weeks (EDIT: months) of junk food. It might not undo ‘all’ of that, but even a little damage control helps.

12:00 p.m. Looked back at my journals. It appears I’ve been ‘letting myself go’ for around two months now (excluding the on/off exercise) Egads.

12:04 p.m. Went back even further. 

Started eating healthy at the start of June to July 14th . From there to today, September 6th, I’ve mainly eaten unhealthy. 

That’s around a month and a half of healthy. A month and a half UNHEALTHY, plus almost a week.🙁

I need to get this body back on track. Like, today. 😂  I’m probably getting too down on myself. Sorry.

At LEAST once I know I AM back on track, I can start feeling better, more energetic, and confident again. For sure. ❤️ I think about my body and diet too much, I know. Bad habit. I do want to be healthy though.

Junk food is fun for a while, but it gets really old. To be honest.

1:01 p.m. Ate back forest ham and shredded cheese egg 2-egg omelette with flax seed, chia seed, cayenne pepper, sea salt, and ginger. 

And finished off last night’s spicy boiled peanuts. 

The unfortunate thing is my brain is telling me to ‘keep eating’ *cough* pop tarts. *cough* So I’m being resistant. Ahem.

1:42 p.m. Played on the computer a bit. Deleted that dragon game earlier this morning and while it was okay, I’m rather relieved for it.

Training up another Neopet. Who knows how long my mood for that would last. A backup BDer or even something worth trading a nice UC for seems fun. 👍

Yesterday’s entry has been added to blogger, then blurb. ❤️ 

It’s about to storm and feeling close to time to make some health food for the week (or longer, God Willing.)

3:04 p.m. I played on the computer and rewatching Sherlock. For funzies.

Meal Plan food is cooked! And even bigger success will be if I eat it all in two weeks without wasting it. 😂❤️

April is sleeping on today. 

Mom is going to Key West with her friends for the weekend. Hope it’s a safe trip and she enjoys herself.

I let the dog in. Just hope she doesn’t make me regret it by causing a mess somewhere. 😒

3:08 p.m. Removing computer backup/organize plan until I get a new flash drive...which I need.

4:56 p.m. Just ate supper. Chicken bites, a bit helping of brown rice and veggies, and Mac.

And a piece of chocolate and caramel.

Not 100% healthy, I know. Just I have a small bit of macaroni leftovers and I didn’t want to waste them.

Same with the chocolate.

And as for the chicken...I just love chicken. 🤗😂 I could reduce portions in the future though. :)

The dog, JJ, is hanging out here a bit. I plan on sending her out and home shortly so I can feed the cats though, without her trying to eat it.

Still watching Sherlock. 

5:51 p.m. Cats are inside and fed. 

I sent JJ out, much to her disappointment. 🙁

Bed is FINALLY made. (Close to evening, amusingly.) Sherlock is on. Computer played and water drank. Just going to be a chill evening.

9:56 p.m. Tried for a while to sleep and found myself still hungry. Ate two pop blueberry tarts and finished off the chocolate. 

This’ll be harder than I thought.

Meanwhile. I’m watching Beauty and the Beast remake. Again. The ‘Be Our Guest’ scene is my favorite...almost actually being there, lol, weird as it sounds. That Disney Magic.

Earlier I put on mouse and bird videos for Banzo, but he seemed to sleepy to engage too much in them.

12:57 a.m. Gave into Nexus Mods (April helped) and two hot pockets. End of updates.

1:40 a.m. YouTube and Disney’s Magic Kingdoms. So very very sleepy. 💤😑🚽🗯

God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able!

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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