Monday, September 17, 2018


12:24 p.m. Today is the kind of day for new starts. 

I’m intermittent fasting this morning, and planning on healthy eating for the rest of the day. And the next. I kinda really want to try to ‘little to no’ added sugar for 30 days (and hopefully more) challenge. Baby steps.

I rescued a big beautiful rocking chair the neighbors chucked into a fire pit. It was hosed down, dusted off with a broom, and I used my last bit of midge podge to give it a faint the front at least.

It’s a perfectly good chair. Just needs a cushion, which I took from a pillow on the porch couch we rarely use. It’s going in the wash while the chair dries (cause I washed it with a hose and now it’s got a thin layer of gloss glue.)

It’ll certainly match our current furnishings, and maybe, just maybe, that alone may be enough to get April’s approval.

I think they are tired of seeing me take furniture from the trash...but if it’s perfectly working and just needs a little dust, why waste it? 😂😬

P.S. A poor slug did die in the process of me mod-podging. (Spray can) It wasn’t there before I started, and it blended in so well to the chair that I didn’t notice I killed it until I finished. ✝️😬 R.I.P.

12:48 p.m. The goal list was so long that I moved it to separate notes. 🤗❤️

1:12 p.m. Hunting down a proper mood tracking app was tough. 😓

1:34 p.m. I got an extra large pickle jar and cut a slit into it with a knife. I then super-glued the lid down. Guess how much cash/change I get to start with? 
A single penny from my purse. 😂

April said I could have the spare truck change, but...the truck is being used by Rick right now since his is in the shop. 

It’s I’m hoping the thought of smashing all that glass for only a little cash will deter me from trying to break in early.

April thinks at best I’ll make it to halfway full. 

I don’t even have a savings goal yet, besides a tithe at the end. But I need some savings, and this method should make it a bit harder to quit. 😂

I should be more ‘gung ho’ on my goal list today, but it seems like all I really want is to be outside. It’s ‘such’ a beautiful day! But we’ll see. God’s got a plan.

P.S. Feeling the familiar itch to pass time by moving furniture the same time I’m really thinking I shouldn’t be messing with an arrangement I’m already really pleased with. 🤔

1:47 p.m. Well, so much for my cushion idea: 

Yeah, that’s not happening. 😂

Time for a plan B

1:57 p.m. I got the chair inside. (I had go around and bring it in through the wider front porch door.)

It’s got a cover and a spare pillow added. Looks a little rustic vintage. I adore it. ❤️

The cats have also been taking turns investing it. I must hoping I didn’t bring in too many, if any, new bugs with it.

2:58 p.m. Decorated my new savings/blessings jar (and found a quarter to add.) and got a few chores done. Very much ready to relax. ❤️

Also watching the Breakfast Club on Netflix...remembering I bought the DVD (which I almost forgot to ring up, by the way) and then forgot it in DJs car.

Mom borrowed it and watched it once. And one of DJs toddlers took the DVD and scraped it up and down a wall. 

Yup. That happened. I think fate really didn’t want me to own that DVD. 😂 Not then, anyway.

3:35 p.m. Okay. To be a little extra, I made a list of future restrictions on spending to improve my savings goals.

I guess I’m officially in that mode.

Getting healthy and super savings. And hopefully throwing a lot of productivity in there. Then again. New things are always exciting. 

4:28 p.m. Just broke my fast with an apple, banana, and grapes. And a little fruit juice. 
One of the apples was bad and had to be tossed, so I grabbed another.

Restarting the Sherlock series...again. Cause why not.

4:30 p.m. As for the goal lists, I’m putting them aside for now. After all, I did a nice bit of work, today. 

And I feel like taking a nap.

I kinda wanted to add to my blogger today, but I’m not really up for that it seems. 

7:00 p.m. I ate some eggs and tuna with a side of steamed veggies. Filling and guilt free. :) It’s only day one, of course. But that’s something. 

Washed the stove eyelet covered in baking soda...likely cause a cat peed on it again. So that’s taken care of.

EDIT: Rob said that it was cause the stove caught fire. 😬

7:28 p.m. Winding down for tonight.

11:52 p.m. Moved computer and desk to my room. While I found it difficult to sleep, coupled with my typical erratic bladder, there is a giant brown spider on the loose in the house...making said erratic bladder trips and sleep even more of a problem. 😓

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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