Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dreams and Job Seeking.

10:32 a.m. Just woke up. I got dreams fresh in my head. God finally gave me some good ones. Writing some bits down while they’re fresh. 

The dream starts out where I'm tasked to babysit an infant and I have to change her diaper. I got that out of the way, and the baby fell asleep.

So a group, including my sister, comes home. A have the baby sleeping on my shoulder as I walk her down a very steep incline of stairs. All the while, in a balcony to the side, they are yelling 'rudely' at me about being careful.

I got fed up quick and started slewing profanities at them, and in my shame and fear of their retribution, I run away. [Not with the baby, mind you.]

Now I have a life on the run...and flying through cities, and I'm hiding by being invisible to everyone. I can't even be photographed while I'm standing on rooftops where people are forbidden to overlook. Oh, and this character is a guy by now. :/

Anyway, some of the buildings even reminded me of Harry Potter sets for some reason. I thought in the dream they were like in the movies and whatnot, but of course looking back realistically, they weren't.

Now what comes with my awesome invisibility perk is another fact. I can't die. 

And some time later, I've reconciled with this friend. 

I'm driving [speeding] in one car, and my friend in another, and there's a school bus wedged tight between us. We realized we were in a tight spot. I told him to speed up and cross over in front of the school bus, and he did.

The bus strikes the car and flips it, and his car strikes mine, and we all go flying into a lake.

By now this guy, the main character of the dream, is a young Matthew Broderick. He sits on an old car or something and he has a piece of rebar hanging (not bloody) out of his side. But he feels no pain. He casually pulled it out, and then the pain hit. Suddenly, they realized that 'dying' as they should of, accidentally turned off his immortality.

The next thing I know is they are pretending to be cops, after being chased down by them for being in the company of a fugitive blonde woman. This scene, by the way, is totally eighties themed by the way. Just like a scene from an eighties movie.

They show some fake ID..and the cop, an african-american man with a short afro...trusts them to look into her.

The friend this character was with earlier is now a blonde female also, and a love interest. And they're both dying right here on a bridge. At night. They hand the fugitive a notepad and ask her, as a dying wish, to write her confession and turn herself in. She abides.

The friend lays her head down on a heart (like some raised hollow shape of one) and dies. Then me, as the character, dies. There's a lot of joy and silent laughter. Light and peace. The dream ends.

OKAY! Dream number two: I'm sitting in the living room with my Mom and my late Aunt Heather. She's smiling, youthful, and peaceful. And she has her baby son, Zackary, (now 18 in real life) bouncing in her lap.

Towards the end of the dream, I walk over and ask if she's going to tell me everything's okay.

She smiles and replies that I already know that.

I lean my head on her shoulder and hug her. I say that I trust God [and that's how I know.]

Also, this dream is in reference to one my sister had recently.

In this next dream, I'm trying to go to the new grocery store in town to find a job. When I get there, I immediately realize the outside looks nothing like a typical grocery store. It's a lot of dark windows, blocky, and built of brick and mortar.

The bridal statues looked
much in this style, just
in a dancing pose and
standing 3-4 feet high.
I enter and immediately find the place to be 'very' eclectic. 3-4 foot statues, mostly of dancing brides, white satiny and pearly things. 

A line of fake bookshelves and fake books, joined with faded striped furniture for relaxing. I immediately started making plans in my mind t come back her often and just sit there. :)

I remember commenting as I gazed around, ‘I usually dream of stuff like this.’ And talked to myself about how pretty it was. 

I walked toward a jewelry counter, still looking for the grocery section. 

Beyond that, I see a professionally dressed female bartender smiling at a bar. As an older blonde woman, (in her 60s) in a feminine pastel suit passed by, I asked if the hiring manager is in. As she answers, with a smile, ‘no, she’s not in today.’ A distorted whisper speaks at the same time. A few syllables. And I wake up.


I embarrassingly streamed ‘from a laptop to a projector’ home movies of me and my real life friends swimming. 

We were having fun on the movie, but watching it this way, I really embarrassed them. 

The 35-40ish year old blonde lady in charge of this, wearing a blue feminine suit and silk scarf, who lets people screen share to this crowd, told me not to do it again or my privileges would be revoked. 

Then I played some fitness video starring a blonde woman, who did aerobics mixed with par core. I got embarrassed and turned it off, and then was requested to put it back, so I did. After it was over, the place was a mess. We gathered our things and left. I forget what happens after.

EDIT: What is it with the females in my dreams needing to be blonde? xD More ever, eighties themed. And yes in the last dream, she was more like from the late eighties, early nineties.

I just ‘brain dumped’ all those and I'll have to translate them later. Just wanted to get it out while it was still in my head.

To be honest, I did have some nightmares between there and more dreams and events I really couldn’t remember, even now.

Stayed up last night talking on OkCupid. Dude and I made a connection, kinda. So I’ll make a real effort to see where this goes. 

I also, for fun, through in this supposed ‘32 questions to make people fall in love’ It’s weird and different... and it only got so far before he needed to take a call (I thought he ghosted at first) and I needed to sleep, so. Yeah..

Praise and thank the Lord though. Nice start to the day. All glory, praise, thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus Name, Amen! God is able to do above all we ask or think.

12:28 p.m. OkCupid guy was a bust. Did the one thing that’s a deal-breaker and got...casually sexual. I cringe. I flee. 

In other news, I ate a healthy breakfast at 12. Then took a nice walk, noticing it’s a nice day. So I want a bike ride. Hopefully my experience at the park would be different than last time. 

I’m thinking I ‘might’ pick up a birthday gift for Liyah while I’m at it. Unfortunately, that means it’d be something that wasn’t on her list. So I’m torn.  

12:42 p.m. Opted for just the park visit instead of shopping today. Leaving now. ❤️

1:32 p.m. I’m at the park. Looks like it’s gonna rain and I got a nice gazebo to ride it out in. 👍 How long can it rain in Florida anyway, am I right? 🤷🏻‍♀️😬

Anyway, I stopped on the way tp the new grocery store. Two employees. Wasn’t sure which one was the manager.

I asked the older Latina woman who approached the cashier (one of two open) if she was hiring.

I apologized for my looks (sweaty in a gray tank and black sweats) to start.

She gave me a puzzled look and said it was fine.

I asked if she was hiring. 

She explained that it was too slow. 

I explained I saw her ad. To conversate.

I think she took it as insistence because she repeated that it’s been too slow.

I asked to leave my name and number.

She raised her brows and down-turned her lips, a sign that my asking may have been a little extra impression. 🤗

She asked if there was a position I wanted. I said I’d take any.

I asked her to give me a call if something opens up. Then left.

So praise and thank God, I left. I can quit worrying now, cause now I’m certain I made it known I’m looking and eager to be hired. 🤗❤️ Another bright spot of my day, in Jesus Name.

Also, there’s this:
Apparently, d + h = pizza. 😂

1:55 p.m. Leaving to browse the thrift shop. I didn’t bring cash. Just wanna look as I take in air conditioning.

Leave it to Florida to rain and feel like 90 degree weather at the same time. 😡 Smiley cause hot, not angry. 👍😋

2:05 p.m. Made it here safe and rain free!!

Forgot to lock up my bike at the park, so I’m so thankful to God it didn’t get stolen. 😂😳

2:19 p.m. Thinking of coming back and getting Aaliyah a printer, monitor, and keyboard for her birthday. 18 bucks. And all that’s left is to get a mouse and tower. Maybe I could even save it for Christmas? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ll need craigslist to find a tower to fit. Maybe or maybe not April would be willing to drive me to get one.

2:24 p.m. Heading home.

2:50 p.m. HOME!!! And exhausted. Almost 2 hours of exercise in and running on burned fat. 😳 Figuratively. 

4:03 p.m. After budgeting out how much I’ll need for an entire computer setup for Aaliyah and Harmony, among the lowest reasonable costs I could find, the total comes to $128.

After SL cash, I’ll have less than 80. 

Still, an entire setup at that price is awesome. But it also may mean me postponing her birthday gift until early Christmas..and making it a large joint gift with Harmony considering this is a bit much of a gift for just an eleven year old. 😂

That’ll buy me time to get everything together, tested, and running smoothly. Ready to give.

Yes, it’s kinda old and with proprietary parts, but this also isn’t for me. It’s for a child, which is more than good enough. 🤗 I’ve been wanting to give this for a long while anyway. So...I’m beyond thrilled.

P.S. April had kindly agreed to go to the thrift shop with me tomorrow (or the next day) depending on when said Secondlife funds arrive, and pick up the monitor, printer, and keyboard. All for 18-19 bucks total.

The best deal I could find on a Dell tower was 88 bucks. The mouse ($8.48) and printer ink (color and black $12.00) come to around $20 together on EBay.

I won’t even be able to test everything until I get the tower anyway..which I’m doing LAST as it’s the priciest of this venture.

Oi. I’m so excited about this though. Praise, thank, and glorify God on all His ways. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Feeling tired but not sore yet from today’s lengthy exercise. 😅 I dong know yet if I’ll be postponing adding these entries to blogger and blurb like I planned. 😳

5:01 p.m. I went to sit outside for a long while....with my friend the stray orange cat (I tell you, I need a picture one day.) and when I got back I was locked out.

Knocked a while, though not loud enough. And when I called for April, she thought she was hallucinating. So she wouldn’t answer. I thought she was in bed.

But I’m in and it’s all cleared up now. 😂 As explanations were made in the kitchen, Rob came in exasperated and thought another roommate argument was going on. Nope. Just being slightly bemused at each other for our ways. 😂😝

7:31 p.m. Chill time and ate the usual, minus avocado. Plus spinach. I added six Tyson boneless chicken wings. Still low sugar and is my best meal.

Only took up a quarter of the plate, the rest was purely healthy food. ❤️

8:09 p.m. Made my bed. Put up clothes. Sat and watched Minxy go crazy on the cat tower with a makeshift red yarn ball I attached. In Robs room w/ April and Dawn.

9:56 p.m. Back to my room. 😂🤗

11:03 p.m. Watched YouTube. It’s totally time for bed. 👋😳

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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