Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Day With A Friend.

9:26 a.m. I dreamt of being in a neighborhood. One that was a mashup between my late Grandma’s and my Dad’s from my childhood. As if they were a street over, instead of mikes apart like real life.

As I came upon my Dad’s big white trailer, perplexed in my head that it may not look anything like from real life, (including a strange rotting black spot on the outside) I saw some clothes hanging in a neighbors backyard.

I approached with glee, finding many vintage inspired couture dresses. Kinda reminds me of Ellie Saab fashion. I was over the moon. 

I even saw some small purse having. I can’t recall the color but it was beaded and had a sheer overlay I touched. The beading said, in writing, something about the body being more than clothes. 

I came across the store lady. She was dressed in a And jeans. She was thin, mid-40s, with her brown hair in a bun. Her face was pretty tan and aged. (this was also an inside building now.) 

I asked for her most flamboyant (I don’t recall the actual word but this was the intention) dress.

She said she had something like that, but it wasn’t the ‘most’ and I interrupted, insisting on the...most. 

So she readied a crinoline and got it on me. I woke up before she could get the dress on me. :(

I woke up and fed the cats.

When I checked the mirror, I noticed a strange red dot on my face. When I looked closer, I saw a pair of tiny bite marks in the spot. Spider bite. 🙄 Sigh.

April lent me some peroxide, and there’s a bandaid on my upper cheek under my eye now. I’m just praying this innocent and currently ‘not’ painful bite doesn’t get infected or worse..a lot worse.

I updated my blog. The font size fought me so hard with refusing to be anything other than super tiny. But I eventually got it. And that entry has since been added to my blurb journal.

I dreamt of getting another 16 GB flash drive. I think I need one. Thankfully, on these modern days, it’s not too expensive. So..yeah.

I chatted April up as she put dishes up. Ate two hot pockets. Ham and cheese and a four meat. And I’ve been chilling out in her room ever since.

This Week’s Goals: 
  • Fold laundry. Put away. DONE!
  • Make my bed. DONE!
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Cook Meal Plan Food.
  • Write. DONE!
  • Backup/Organize Computer.
  • Edit my novel.
  • Exercise.

We’ll see, God Willing, just how much of that gets done. Instead of calling it a daily goal, I’ll see how things go calling it a weekly goal. 

Also, Mom warned me to check my head for lice. I babysat Scarlet a couple weeks ago and my head hasn’t itched...much more than usual. I got dandruff for sure. I won’t mind giving it a vinegar run, though.

I hope I don’t have them. I’m easily grossed out my the thought of living squiggly crawling things living in, and off of, my scalp. 

On a random note, I so wanted to sleep in today, but unfortunately, I have a urinary tract that makes that nearly impossible.

It’s entirely unfortunate that a lying position and a state of ‘too deep’ relaxation triggers my urinary tract to continue a nonstop state of never being fully satisfied and finished...until I just give up such a bodily state of rest. 😡🙄 Sorry for the wordiness. It’s just the facts.

It comes and it goes for varying lengths of time, on a healthy or unhealthy diet, and I have yet to pin down how to prevent it. 

I can pray and leave it I have for years upon years of suffering this now. I’m still gonna trust his timing. Yes, even after this long. Cause I’m poor, and He’s all I got to rely on for this problem. Literally. SIGHHHHHHH. That was a sigh at the problem, by the way, not God. 😂❤️🙏😓

3:17 p.m. Chores not done. Did some writing though, today, now that I think about it. :) 

So that’s something. 

I played on Skyrim and Secondlife on Rob’s computer. Played some ‘gachas’ and won cool prizes like a rug, a cute doggy, and some seriously wind blown hair. 

3:26 p.m. Got momentarily distracted by YouTube. A brother lost their Dad before his sister’s wedding. So he arranged for male members of the wedding party to dance with her for the father/daughter dance and it was so sweet and sad!

❤️ my family!!!!!

Also, Secondlife will not be reimbursing me for spending over 800L on a promo tool I didn’t wind up using...or they might if I deal with the run around...which I won’t. So I’m just gonna let that go. It’s only a few bucks anyway. :P

God is still blessing me richly with my financial goals, even when I kept getting in the way of it here and there along the way. Thanks God. I’ll keep trying. So that’s going for me, today.

Have not eaten healthy today. I’ll far. I do feel a little lethargic lately.

My face is still kinda tingly from pulling the bandaid off my face a few moments ago. Good news is the spider bite looks fully healed. Praise/Thank God/Jesus. ❤️✝️🙏

I was just thinking yesterday, or late last night, idk, of something I learned of existing: Designer Bandaids. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, leather ones, etc. and how people must be stunting them for Instagram. 😂 Irony I’d need one today (Not a designer brand, lol.)

3:38 p.m. I looked them up. While leather ones sell 3/$20, I can’t find the designer ones for sale.

4:29 p.m. After some more lazy dallying, I got my bed made and clothes folded and put away. ❤️

4:31 p.m. Tried calling Aaliyah on Skype but no answer. Curious to know when she’ll get back to me.

4:46 p.m. I found out my biological grandfather died. Howard Smith. R.I.P. I only met him a few times and we barely knew each other, if at all. 

The first time I met him, as a child, I remember wandering his house fascinated with the fact that he had MULTIPLE computers and I just wanted to sit and play with them. 😂

Funny thing was I was just thinking of him the other day. Can’t recall exactly why. But that’s okay.

I’m feeling for my Dad a lot right now and sent him love. He didn’t know him growing up and I don’t know what their relationship was like in adulthood.

It’s also why it was always important to my Dad that we did get to have a great childhood with him. Which we did. ❤️🤗 Even though we tended to go our own ways as adults, we still got a relationship on a positive level.

Speaking of Dad. I found this adorable picture of him and the girls. ❤️

Also, casually playing this YouTube livestream. Court hearing with the CEO of Twitter about media bias and Russia collusion with the 2016 presidential election. Ya know. Boring stuff. 😂

5:26 p.m. Looked up gumball machines, cause why not? I still want more of the ice cream keychains when I get more quarters. I’d like to collect them, even. 😂🤗🍦

Suddenly remembered while Insta-browsing having a couple at my Grandma’s house as a child. ❤️ Wonderful memories.

Almost time to let the cats in to eat and stay in. Wouldn’t mind eating dinner first though. iPods gotta charge anyway. God bless Jesus love.

7:34 p.m. About to go shopping and then get some McDonalds. (And overeat)

Have been hanging out with April, listening to music, and getting her room clean. 

8:50 p.m. We’ve been back a while and I just had some boiled peanuts. We watched a brief documentary on rights for NFL cheerleaders.

Aaliyah says she will message me tomorrow.

10:43 p.m. Hung out and now just ready for bed. 💤 ASAP. G’night. God bless. Jesus loves. Lives. Saves.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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