Monday, June 25, 2018

Why Does It Feel Like Longer Than Two Weeks?!

12:33 p.m. I've been writing, like a lot. A lot. A lot. Starting new books and leaving more behind, and having even more work in progress. I haven't even resumed editing 'The Life They Deserved' and I've spent half my savings.

I've been exercising a little and eating much better than I used to this month. Last week, I got a little off the  right food track but now I'm back on board. *thumbs up.*

The most exciting thing to happen in the past couple weeks is on the 18th I walked to April's step-dad's house with her.

I did fine, but she was really beat by the hot sun. :/ We even stopped for water at a nearby funeral home that we passed for years, but never went inside. The nice owner there invited us in. :)

We hung out at her house and got rained on during the way back. Not much more to tell there.

I renewed neopets premium for another month and I'm waiting on the 'annual' premium sale that's supposed to be in the next couple months, so I can buy that then and not have to think about it again for a year. :P

Secondlife sales are slow, then, so are the creations. At least the store got redone. I even bought lindens to do that, but I've more than made that back already, Praise Jesus. I've been tracking what's earned and what was bought on my discord server.

Speaking of which. I invited someone to mine, but now I'm not sure I should've. At first, I was okay with them posting things to a 'writing prompt' channel, but after seeing what they posted, now I'm not sure. It's nice to try and make online friends and all, and be polite, but those when who are into things way darker than you and its enough to make you very uncomfortable that they won't kinda wanna get distant.

I should say something, but I can't without feeling like I'm being rude, even in the nicest way possible. To be honest there is no nice way of saying, 'Look, I tried being friends with you, but I'm not feeling it. Kay, thanks bye.' No. I would not say that to someone in that attitude..but its all a conundrum. Especially when they actually try to be nice people, ya know?

I've talked to plenty of nice people over neo and discord lately. Even joining up for the Camp Nanowrimo challenge, and going through with it, so that's awesome.

Altador Cup is winding down to an end. I made All Star. I'm totally content. Going neo broke and neo rich on some days and not others.

I need a computer cleanout, on a random note.

Mom bought me a new fan, and I gave Rob my old one. He requested not to turn the living room AC off, stuck to a freezing 65 degrees, so my computer is back in my room so I can be comfortable with it again.

I meant to exercise plenty today....but so far I haven't.

I'm on a one week-challenge to wake up and drink water, an ACV cocktail, and some green tea. (No sugar.) I will check the results at the end of the week.

This ACV cocktail consists of:
Apple cider vinegar
Lemon juice (squeezed from an actual lemon)
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic powder (at least for the first night.) It was actually supposed to be ginger. *shrug*

Drinking it feels like a Youtube challenge or something, lol.

Anyway, here's a nice 'before' picture:

Mind you, this was taken two days ago, on my second day of the challenge (and on a fast), so my gut is very VERY full of liquid here (Over 1.5 liters of water alone) and there is quite some bloating going on. I'm still overweight, but doubtful I look this as much all the time. xD Anyway, this is what I'll have to compare it to a week later.

I plan to be:
  • Eating fruits, beans, lentils, seeds, boiled peanuts, and vegetables. Whole foods.
  • Drinking water, green tea, and the ACV cocktail. Staying hydrated.
  • Trail mix for a snack with whole grain oats, almonds, (I cracked myself) and walnuts.  Kind of a sweetened snack, BUT it beats straight up candy.
  • Peanut butter...occasionally. 1 to 2 tablespoons on any given day I can have this.
  • Exercise is iffy at the present moment.
  • Mint gum. Orbit. (Again, occasionally.)
  • Drinking water in the morning, and before I go to bed.
  • I go to bed around 7-8 p.m. to avoid late night eating.
  • I sleep until anywhere from 4-6 a.m. or a little more, and still wake up with energy to do some daily internet tasks and feed the cats.
I don't want to be eating:
  • Dairy products.
  • Bread (any processed bread)
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Juice
  • Definitely no soda.
  • Candy or chocolate.
The latter stuff I've been eating less of anyway as time goes on. I will try to avoid all of it, at least for this week. Eating healthier gets easier than it sounds the more you try, and I know how I can taste the fakery of most of these foods when I do eat them, so I don't feel like I'm missing much.

See this shirt?

I found it at the thrift shop a while back, and was reluctant to buy it on account that compared to my body. For a medium size, the thing looked tiny.

It 'kinda' fit, and I convinced myself to buy it anyway, on the notion that I could just lose the weight and fit into it better. 

You see, my Mom booked me a cruise to the tropical Cozumel, Mexico as a big 30th birthday present, as it happens. 

And...I want to be able to wear that shirt. That cheesy tank that screams about my tourism, comfortably. Very comfortably. Especially with my long-standing arm flab going on.  xD

In fact, I feel like getting up and taking another 'before shot' of me in this shirt, for visual's sake.

My birthday is at the end of November. The cruise is in December. This is June. This is MORE than enough time to get in better shape by then, IF I don't cheat, or give up on getting my healthy life in order.

You know what makes losing weight the hardest? Travel. Staying over with family, where the only option is pretty much unhealthy food and sugary stuff. By the time I come back, I've returned (of my own volition) to my old eating habits.

SO! The secondary goal here is to avoid travel and staying over if I can these coming months, however long I can, so I can get myself focused on getting to a healthy weight.

Getting past one month is hard, two months is even harder. I can't even remember if I've lasted three. I have dieted on and off for years and years, it seems. 

I really, really want to stick to this, God willing. Not just diet, but build up a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, too. :) I can live without the junk...really. I can. 

I know there is not a huge difference between this picture and the one above, then again, this all started a couple days ago, and yesterday it was during a 24 hour fast to get the body cleansed and detoxified. I've been eating healthy since then, so that's all good.

My new goal is to come back, both at the end of this week challenge, and hopefully six months, and being able to see even a decent kind of difference that would make sense for the time spent. And thereafter, continue a healthy way of life. :P

I haven't been posting a ton to social media, so this is about all of my two weeks I can cover so far. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! Have a safe and wonderful week, guys! Mwuah!

P.S. Reminder I need to update my blurb book...still. Still not over procrastinating on it yet. :/

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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