Monday, June 11, 2018

Many Blessed Days.

4:55 p.m. Thank be to God and Christ Jesus is all things. SO! Of late, I started my own discord which kinda turned into a 'catch-all' for my notes...and there are a lot of days to cover.

I'd like to break it down, starting with going from May 23rd to June 7th, though not exactly in chronological order.

During this period I took a writing break, but I did continue editing my novel, The Life They Deserved, to great success. ^_^

I played a lot of neopets, lost a lot...a LOT...of Food Club bets.

I moved my favorite neopets to my main account and entered my main pet, a baby meerca, into a beauty contest with her own special artwork.

I'd also managed to make time to release new stuff for mesh bodies on secondlife, mostly just re-releasing old products in newer and more popular sizes.

DJ came by and her got me a couple new 'circle thingies' I forget what they're called, that go under the stove burners. We also worked together the clean the inside of the stove and give it a good scrubbing. DJ said if this fixed it, he'd take the hot plate back Mom bought us so she could get her money back, alas, while the smell 'mostly' left, one of the burners was still broken. :(

Hot plate it is. :)

Dad recently pranked me. Screenshotting would be so much easier than explaining how:

To be fair, this was the first time in my entire life Dad pranked me, and I'd never known him to fake a photo before. Even if I am this gullible, lol.

On a sweeter note, Jerami took a moment out of his day to send me a lovely video of the kids enjoying themselves at the Gymboree type of place.

I've been eating healthy again. *cough cough* Someone is tired of being fat, finally. The pounds are coming off just fine now. :)

It's been either raining a lot these days or just really hot.

I've been having trouble sleeping, just waking up every few hours or so with my mind setting on nonsense things.

I learned just one can of soda equally an entire night of bladder torment for me. So no more of that. At least drinking more water and eating healthier have been making things better in that department.

I have another exciting event best shared only through screenshots.I got a certain writing program I like for free. For privacy reasons, this will be censored. But I'll leave the excitement in. ^_^

I still need to update my blurb book, let alone write.

I started Criminal Minds on June 3rd with the intention of finishing the series.

So that concludes my major events from May 23rd to June 7th. :)

On June 8th, I got silver in the neopets beauty contest. I played a LOT of Altador cup, despite feeling burned out and fatigued also by menstruation.

On June 9th, I reached the max level, All Star, on the Altador Cup, one day before rest day.

I left the neopets server. I had been blocking people for nsfw content, then unblocking. Then I started getting blocked, and it made me feel a bit depressed.

Our land lady came by and helped with our air conditioner problems. Just in time too, since my fan had been on the fritz. I turned it off one day and it wouldn't turn back on until later. Apparently a coil got struck by lightning recently, but that's since been fixed. =]

She was unhappy with the state of our kitchen though. A lot of dust, especially on the walls, ceiling fan, and fridge. So I got to cleaning, and April finished that up the next day.

I've since moved my computer back to the living room...and my 'K' key just broke off my netbook and simultaneously disappeared. xD Still works though....anyway, the living room has more air, so the timing was right.

As for today, I've since gotten over the blocking and depression, and I'm back on the neo discord.

I slightly rearranged my room and now my portable closet is very tightly fitted into my wall, giving me more space, lol.

I finally sold my lindens for 57 bucks and am on a personal mission to jumpstart my savings again. :)

I really need to be writing. I've added new stuff to my personal discord lately and yesterday cleaned out my pinterest.

There was ALL this to catch up on, which may be part of the reason I was reluctant to write this. Among the fact that lately with doing things I normally enjoy, I have a bad habit of putting it off until I don't get around to it at all. Like editing my novel for instance.

I recently read a little through my old book, the Dream Doctor, and cringed at the writing a bit. Still, I'm glad its a story I, at least after many years, finished.

God Bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homie! :D That's all I want to write for now, it seems.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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