Sunday, May 6, 2018

About This Week.

Hey! Yesterday I randomly cleared out my old tweets and am starting fresh on Twitter. If you're one of my silent readers and have nothing better to do, please feel free to follow me @ProtagonistLex. :D Now, on with my week!

10:55 a.m. The highlight of my week was actually yesterday, when April and I took a long drive until evening out to New Symrna Beach. We were meeting an online friend of hers who was in town.

We stopped at a rest stop. I got a Mr. Goodbar and April finally got a 'Watchamackalit' to mail to, I think, an overseas a friend of hers.

We got lost a few times on the way, relying on the cache of her GPS since there was no wifi, until that messed up too, and we had to track down wifi to get back on track.

We eventually did and met up with her. She's nice. We got McDonalds on the way and made it home around 1:30 a.m. I went straight to bed and surprisingly woke well rested at 7 a.m. which is odd.

It's coming down to the wire, and things are going smoothly on my book, with the deadline of May 20th steadily approaching. I have more than enough cash to afford it on Secondlife. Not cashed yet. Though kind of a small amount, it is enough. I'm glad I've been keeping up on that.

My diet has been horrible lately. High fat. High sugar. :( Kinda goes that way when people are buying food out and ask what you want. XD But I have myself to blame, mostly. Hopefully, things will pick up. We haven't been grocery shopping as April has been kinda run really hard lately. She has to be exhausted.

I've been playing Neo and getting very frustrated at most of the game challenges, but I get over it.

I made a new online friend, that I wouldn't mind blossoming one day into a relationship. The best thing to come out of OkCupid for me in a very, very long while. Turns out he likes to blog too, and he also works with video production, which is neat.

Looking forward to Harmony's birthday coming up.

I plan on skipping out on a baby shower I planned to go to, since April's dipping out, and without her I'm just stuck all day surrounded by a bunch of people I don't know.

For some reason, watching Paranormal Survivor for some reason, being okay with it since it's both daylight out and I like to pray for the people. :D

Writing this entry from my netbook in bed because it's just a lazy comfortable morning. I did get a 'little' cleaning done in my room today, and more yesterday. So that's something to be happy about.

That and not spending all my money during the delayed period where we aren't grocery shopping. >.> I imagine I'm normally broke by now.

Oh! And I also cut and dyed my hair. Really short and blue black! I'm not quite used to it. Its like looking in the mirror and a small part of my brain sees me in a wig. Lol. April dyed her hair, and I wanted to join in. She had three boxes and one she wound up not using. We both started with brown hair with faded blonde tips and now we match even more, lol!

I cut my own hair, with a little help from Dawn, God Bless her, evening it out for me. :D

Still have not updated my blurb journal to date..yet.

Still no new Secondlife creations. Waiting for my computer to crash again, actually, and get it over with so I can. This is because it only seems to do it once every few days, so I gotta literally wait for it to get over with, lol. It gives me a little anxiety to try otherwise, especially since I need to come out with next month's group gift. :K

Anyway, that's all. Still richly blessed this week and may it be in the days to come. God bless you, Jesus loves, lives, saved! I'm out.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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