Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This Does Not Bode Well...

Yesterday...well, read the email:

P.S. I DID do the questionnaire right then and there. -_- Annoyed as I was, and still am.

At the time of the email, I'd been waiting on about thirty dollars from linden labs. Secondlife. At the end of the day, just now, when the funds should've arrived. I got this:

And this was after twenty more dollars went into their limbo. So there is fifty-dollars in there that I may never touch if I can not get out of this funk.

So I did it...again. And I'll be waiting...again. I have very little faith that this is gonna work, right now. I'm fully expecting a limbo of answering again, and again, and again these questionnaires until they finally cancel my account and erase everything ever made on it.

My computer crashed again this week. I did a full reset. At least my photos and usb got organized as a result.

Managed to back up and restore everything..except iTunes. Which was a pain to install correctly and even when it did, I could not get my original library back that I forgot to save to a usb. Not even off my iPod.

So after many software downloads ending in failure in that attempt, I had to restart from scratch. Thanks be to God, that actually got done.

I've been successfully adding my draft to book form again, so I got that going for me.

Between my mouse failing me and fear of more sudden shut downs, I have not been creating on Secondlife. And this payment fiasco has not been much more encouraging about that.

Oi. I'm so frustrated this week.

Tried and failed at OkCupid again this week. One guy followed me back to Instagram, which was kinda weird, and I basically endured that until we could mutually agree that I'm not interested in talking. Tried the letting down easy thing. I'm just not relationship material. Shrug.

Neopets has gone great. Even got the FQC sale going on and had my funds come in, I'd be enjoying that a little more. Alas, I got what I could though.

I went thrift shopping a few days ago. Got some clay mold to make little stakes for my Buffy figures and a little dome case for the Buff. :) Painting was fun.

I got April a cute black hoodie shawl she adores and Dawn a nice mug with tigers on it.

And a vintage Garfield mug for Mom for Mother's Day (which I thought was Sunday, but isn't until May.) She had a few when I was growing up so I thought that was cute.

Excuse me while I try to keep my head up. This Secondlife issue really has me bothered. I mean cause this could really be the end, after three long years.

And I'm probably not ready for it, but maybe God is. I don't know. If that's the case, I'm sure I'll come to accept it. I mean, I knew it was gonna end at some point, I just didn't think I might go like this. Like nearly-driven out.

I just don't know.

What if this is a one door closing so another opens kind of weird thing?

Another part of me hopes that this'll all come out fine and I'll look back at this and smile, knowing that and telling me I shouldn't have worried at all.

Things could happen either way.

If it is gonna end, I'm gonna have to tell my customers. It'll be sad, but I'm okay with that. All things must come to an end if they must, ya know? I'll deal. I won't have any kind of income, but I'll deal.


So that's been my week. It's been a rough one, and still is. I just need some closure, good or bad. Give it up to the Lord in Jesus name, Amen! It's the not-knowing that's the hardest.

P.S. I miss Harmony and Aaliyah. I feel like I haven't seen those girls in months. :( Either Jen doesn't have gas or they've already got plans these days. Sigh.

P.S.S. I also hoped to buy iTunes this week but I'm not positive about that happening either. >.>

P.S.S.S. It's that time of the month. -_- I'm not altogether winning this week.

One plus, though? Drinking more water. Off the soda so far. And finally looking and feeling a little less fat. I haven't completely transformed my diet. Mainly on fruit and processed chicken products, but I've run out of candy so that's less sugar for a little bit. :) God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves! Able to do above all we ask or think. Pray for me, mmkay?

EDIT: To top this bad week off, today I realized I accidentally deleted the folder containing both this journal and my novel. While, thank God, the journal was safe and up to date on my USB. I lost two days, 15 pages, and hours worth of work (that is revising and editing) on my novel. Now I'm back to being less than motivated to continue it in the near future.

Considering the off chance the Recuva program get get her back. >.>

AND someone purchased an item on secondlife, an old and not popular item whose dae I deleted. She needed it. I didn't have it. Having cleared up my dropbox of it weeks ago. -_- She got a refund. I really, really, really am not winning this week, Lord.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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