Monday, April 23, 2018

The Long Weekend.

1:27 p.m. SO! About this weekend. My brother came and picked me up, then we met up with Mom and Grandpa at the Auction house.

When we got there, I struggled with DJs wifi and hurriedly bought what songs I could on iTunes from my 'Songs to Buy' wishlist.

I stayed until after DJ and Maranda left, then Grandpa, and finally Mom and I left around 10 p.m. To keep it simple, I wrote down what I bought.

April needed batteries for her computer mouse. I wound up using the rest for the car racer is a toy to play with the cats. 

The table wound up not being a vanity seat as it may not be able to hold the weight. 

I only bought the necklace rack (which had costume jewlery on it) for the tassel necklace which broke the next day. I've since fixed it. 

Water fans are a necessity in Florida. 

Um..Oxyclean is good stuff. Really good. 

Harmony gets a bike for her upcoming b-day and Brooklyn just..gets one. Mom helped buy it. That's $15 each, by the way, as I later learned.

 April loved the swords/rack.

 I got a good deal on the makeup, mainly brushes and sponges. I shared. 

I <3 my new cheap plastic juicy couture shopping bag. 

Excessive amounts strobe lights to give away and an electric stapler for crafting.

Including this, the taxes, and the 13% fee for using a credit card (more on that in a moment) this rang up to 111 bucks. Another ten I owed Mom for raffle tickets. *.*

Anyway, when it came to ring this up, it declined my card...multiple times. I had the money in there for sure, and held up the line. Mom wound up paying it for me and she'd later get the money from my account at the end of the weekend. :)

Anyway, after this we got Taco Bell on the way home, watched some tv, and went to bed.

We got up the next morning and went out to breakfast. Our food was actually quite a long wait. 

Then we came back and did some cleaning and watched Free Willy.

We met up with DJ and Maranda and the kids for a charity car wash. 

Then went shopping at Five Below. I got a waterproof case for my iPod I'd been needing (Upcoming cruise trip to Cozumel), A cat toy (which the LOVED), a backup canopy, a new squishy toy for my bed. Lol. It was just too soft.

Then we visited Michaels. I found plenty I liked, nothing I needed. 

Then we went out for Chinese food. Kids were kinda noisy and I needed to ask for the wifi password Other than that, was good family time.

Then we went to Wal-Mart. I got two packs of sparkle ribbon, more E6000 glue, two cans of gold spray paint, a small standing mirror, and a Breakfast Club DVD (which I later lost in DJ's car *.*) Not to mention I forgot to ring it up at first to begin with. Almost like I was meant to just not have that movie, lol.

Then we went to Publix. Mom finally convinced me to use an ATM for the first time in a few years, having anxiety my bank would lock me out of my card like last time, but it went smooth. I got ten cans of boiled peanuts and a bottled water.

Then DJ took me home. 

Oh! And Mom gave me some Bluetooth headphones she comped from the Hard Rock Hotel weeks back. Can't wait to try them. <3

I unpacked some stuff. I was way exhausted and my feet hurt. I played on my computer, ate some boiled peanuts, and later hung out. I made the cats confused by the toy car and they loved their new scratch toy. 

Dawn got us Taco Bell and we watched Dr. Who. 

Then I finally went to bed.

I woke up and finished bedazzling the missing side on my computer and my computer speakers. I spray painted the stool and let it dry. I also FINALLY got caught up on The Life They Deserved and revised all my former pages I needed done. So now that's backed up and behind me.

Secondlife still owes me twenty bucks. Not that I've been on there much, lately. 

I'm saving for my book to finally be punished. My DIYS are pretty much done in my eyes. So ready to put that behind me, aside from some makeup organizers I need. I need to get back on board with saving. *.*

Speaking of putting things behind me, words can't express how glad I am I wrote this entry and don't have to think about it and more of the coming days events by waiting a week to write such an eventful post. :O I SHOULD take more photos of the stuff I bought, but for now I'll pass. Who knows? Maybe I'll use it and it can show up in future entries, God willing. ^_^

God bless, Jesus loves, lives, and saves. It's time to update my journal and hopefully get back to working on my novel. I only got less than a month to use that special mail-in coupon and I can hardly wait. :)

2:18 p.m. Well, blurb just annoyed me. >.> Deleted all my work all of a sudden. Rude. There goes another book I'll need the new motivation to get up to date. -_- I can't even. 

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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