Sunday, April 29, 2018

Six Days Hence

Okay, so I've got six days to catch up on. Here goes, in kind of a random order:

Recently, I rented the Odd Couple for a final time, and also bought the DVD for fourteen bucks, which is currently on the way.

I love my new bluetooth headphones, they work great. They have a new rack now that I spray painted the old styrofoam mannequin head gold. I didn't realize the head would decay under the paint, however, so now I just have to pass it off as 'art.'

I've been thinking a lot, maybe a little bit too much, about my 30th birthday cruise coming up.

A very small part of me finds it sad I'll be spending it alone, but a larger part of me is happy for it. I do well on my own.

It's especially gonna be different having my iPod this time, whereas I relied merely on an old digital camera for photos.

I had a nice Mcdonalds breakfast yesterday. Woke up at 8 a.m. and biked there, then got some fruit, and finally picked up a few things from the Dollar Tree for Harmony's birthday.

Knowing me, I may feel tempted to spend the whole month buying her gifts up to that point. XD

We also got grocery shopping out of the way yesterday.

Writing has been progressing, although today I am slow to acting on the motivation. I get a good feeling I'll run out of book space before the end of this draft, so the ending I planned will just have to be the start of a part two, which is fine since I have new plans for my characters.

Been playing Neopets and frustrating myself at game challenges. Not much else to tell there.

Playing too much Skyrim, not enough Secondlife.

Once again, I've been turned down a visit from the nieces on account of Jen always being too broke to handle the gas trip.
-shrug- Life is what it is.

Been hanging out with April and Rob as usual. Curtis and Christy are still here and we're all getting along just fine.

Lastly, last night I suffered a big headache that continued straight on until morning. I did my best to sleep through it, but it certainly wasn't easy.

Currently saving up my lindens to afford to buy my Life You Deserve book once its ready, God willing.

Been drinking plenty of water.

This post is kinda lackluster today but I'm pushing very hard through the urge not to write this journal. Making typos all over the place that I have to go back and fix. It's a thing.

Still have not updated my blurb journal since the last fiasco where it deleted all my work. Not feeling so motivated on it today yet either.

So yeah, that's the past six days. Today just started, so who knows what awaits. I wish Rob was awake so I could get the key and go check the post office for packages, but alas he's not. April's not either. >.>

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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