Thursday, April 5, 2018

Rough Week?

So! The last couple days before today haven't been easy. Thankfully, so far, today has gone fine.

Let me start with the day before yesterday.

I think I mentioned in a previous journal entry about being banned from Dawn's house...not by Dawn herself. Curtis. I don't know the guy. He lives with her. I forget the relation.

But basically, the 'F' word is a triggering word for me. I can't stand it. Grates my ears. People around me have tried to be careful to avoid it around me, but apparently he was tired of it. He doesn't want to watch his language in his own house, around me, for several minutes, out of an entire week. His choice. -shrug- After all, he lives there.

Nobody else was happy about it, though. Rob was furious.

I took it well even, at first. Until the day came where April and Rob were going over there and there was nothing that could be done, but leave me behind and alone. That's when the weight of it all really hit me.

I cried for like a half hour I think and eventually got over it. For now, I think. I amused myself for the several hours while they were gone and after a bit, it just wasn't so bad. It also helped that I talked to April about it.

Part of me wanted to post the conversation here but, to be honest, it's really long and full of 'heat of the moment' melodrama. I was a bit overemotional about it, but glad to be past it.

I practiced meowing loudly to the cats and they talked back to me, including Hissy, who at one point climbed up on my knees and licked my forehead. lol.

As for yesterday, I made a particularly beautiful gown that wound being fraught with Secondlife-related problems. I wound up calling it the Soliloquy Gown because, strangely, that's the name I felt in my heart while making it for some reason. Anyway, these were the problems when getting it ready for selling after I finished texturing it:

  • Lag. Lag, lag, lag, lag, lag, and more laggggggggggg. Ugh! It was the worst on top of everything below.
  • Textures mixing and/or not fully applying.
  • When taking the items back in my inventory, most wouldn't take the whole thing, just a copy.
  • When they did take, they took into parts of the inventory I didn't want them to.
  • Sizes being missing.
  • Forgetting to texture a size and having to go back to do it, then add to all the folders.
  • All the sizes not fitting in the demo box at first.
  • After the brief relief of uploading, realizing some of my demo sizes had mismatched textures and that needed to be fixed. Then repacking it into the demo box.
  • A few incorrectly names sizes.
Finally, it got uploaded! I JUST wanted it to be done and over with, so I could sell it and move on. But just reading this above list residually irks me, haha.

I am thankful that I at least waited a while between the texturing (which went smoothly I think) and the nightmare fiasco that was packing this for sale. I really wore myself thin. 

Following all this, I packed this and a lot of past products into Caspervend (to sell inworld) 'in game,' and later spent hours redoing/updating the vendors at the store until I went to bed sometimes around 2-3 a.m. in the morning.

Today has mostly been uneventful. I did a pretty veil inspired by one from Elie Saab, which was totally 'tres fab' when it finished. I hope it sells. <3
Anyway, I've been making a daily habit of cleaning my room and even washed my duvet cover and pillow cases. :) 

I successfully got the yellow staining out that comes with living with two smokers (except I think Rob is quitting.) :D So that's the best part.

It was also very necessary since the past week, its been covered with cats. And it was last night, even after washing, lol. 

I just feel bad that they don't really get much human contact at night because Rob and April are both wary of their tendency to 'go' in their bathroom. (Granted one of them did it to me once recently.)

I've been doing better, kinda, at trying to sleep at regular hours. The trouble is sometimes I'll wake up several hours later and not actually be able to go back to sleep until early morning hours. So it's a little bit of both sleep schedules.

I've neglected to mention that I'm actually writing this entry on my netbook, which has been mostly neglected lately now that I'm mostly on my desktop. I just wanted to lay back and write instead of slump after my computer desk, after hours of work on that veil today, lol.

Yesterday, I used E6000 glue to repair the torn back wire cord of the large mirror I have outside. I plan to repaint it and bring it in...perhaps it'll make a nice new vanity mirror and I can save that much more from the budget.

Still saving up my Secondlife lindens for the IKEA set I want and right now, I'm about a quarter of the way there so far. Although if I get asked back to babysit Scarlet for a weekend, I could be seeing this goal sooner than that. XD God only knows.

Lately, I've been wishing I would get on with the book thing and start sketching again. Part of me wants to, but then it's just like 'Eggghhhhhhh.....' and I don't do it. Haha. Yeah, maybe not that funny.

So! That's the gist. Praying my week improves. It's off to a good start there today, after all. Oi vey. 

Been listening to a lot of Youtube songs I've not yet purchased on a playlist while my iTunes is being stubborn and not opening.

God bless, Jesus died, Risen, loves, lives, saves. Bye, homies!

UPDATE: Napped for several hours, ate, chilled out. Not much huge to tell. Watching a Yotube video of Jensen Ackles dancing. Sales have been kinda slow tonight. April left to drop Rob off at Dawn's. I'm doing cool this time. :) He was disappointed earlier that those plans were seemingly going to be thwarted, but glad everything worked out.

Talked with Dad and Anna over Facebook. All is well there. I got into a friendly discussion about how the older generation often looked down on the younger, and where the topic was steering worried April, but it was all good. :)

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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