Monday, April 2, 2018

Rough Day. Ah, Well.

12:19 p.m. First I want to say, God forgive me for what I'm writing here. I'm gonna go over a..thing..that happened today, but hopefully keeping it in the spirit of forgiveness.

C* Unplugged Sweatpants DEMO - ALL COLORS!I think every business gets its share of troubled/troublesome customers from time to time. It's never going to be pleasant. I get it now and then on Secondlife, and it does put a damper on my day...for a brief time.

Okay, so here's the thing to start with. When I pack demos on Secondlife, I put all of them into a box, which is simply a 3D text of the word, 'demo.' It requires that the person withdraw it from their inventory and drop it to the ground, right click to open it. That's the only way it can be opened.

Now some people, even myself on seldom occasion, use a script that simply allows a person to 'wear' the said item or click it once to open.

I did not use that for this product.

So anyway. This woman was confused. She bought the demo to these sweatpants I made.

Of course, there was only the mesh text and some advertisements of the product.

Instead of dropping it to ground, as was meant to, she simply assumed that there was nothing there but that seemingly random text.

P.S. The screenshot she shared is VERY NSFW. I will not share it here. It's simply her avatar wearing the box...just the box. Not sharing.

She didn't even bother to drop it to the ground just to check for contents inside.

Instead, she wore it. I guess expected it to be clickable or auto-give (as scripts do) which this couldn't, because there are no scripts.

So she gave it a one-star review out of five.

I tend to take my reviews seriously. Bad reviews reflect not only poorly on the product, but in my opinion, the store as a whole. So it's my priority to resolve the situation so they'll feel inclined to come back with a positive one.

Not only that but the one star review was not even because of the product itself, in either size or quality.

Only about the box.

So yeah, and I didn't say this, I would say its a bit unfair...then I remember that because of this confusion, she thought there was no product in the demo she bought. Just some random object. So yeah, I get it.

She was online, but took hours to get back to me. Hours I spent a bit anxious and worrying.

I changed the mesh text to a standard box, and added an opener script. Also, passed her the item. Thought that would please her, or possibly future customers.

When she finally noticed, she changed it to a positive review.

She IMed me back, and kinda snuffed at my automated 'away' message which included the words 'God bless.' It's useless to argue religion, so I didn't. I put the greeting/well wishing out there to everyone, and its their choice on how they receive it.

Anyway, it seemed like things were resolved, then she inquired about why I didn't just do something different. She scoffed at the answer, then left. I'll include the IM and opinions can be drawn from there.

P.S. God bless all of you, too, and I will never be ashamed of saying it. God is my judge, after all. I don't have to please unbelievers by hiding any mention of Him.

In regards to the store thing, I just have to tell myself that not every customer is going to agree with the way I do things.

This is my autoresponse. It doesn't show up in the past chat transcript but it would have appeared
somewhere after her message 'okay, tis is confusing..'

I've never ever gotten this complaint before, and while the way my store is handled does not suit her, it doesn't necessarily mean it bothers all of my customers. If it's what works for me and makes my life easier, then hey. Why not?

In any case, I did my best also to avoid confrontation (which can only make the situation worse) by keeping on that 'the customer's always right' face, even despite my other feelings.

I will say this, dealing with negativity by way of kindness has always worked out for me. Whether or not it got reciprocated, it makes coming back from any tribulation much easier to bear. That's less guilt I have to feel coming off a problem.

She actually even bought the full version of the product, with no complaint about 'it' so that, at least, was nice. :) I'm not out to shame her or anything. I have no right to shame anyone.

This stuff happens from time to time, and I've simply made the choice to record it. Even online because its safe storage for when I move it to a proper journal. :)

Anyway, this aside, last night I went hard at work, and the day before, creating on Secondlife again. Me and the gorgeous gowns are back! For now, at least.

Sales have been moving pretty decent, and even more now that I'm back to putting new stuff out.

I was up and ready to create again today, too, a cute sequin skirt, but the little snafu kinda got in my way emotionally. This'll pass. :P Gotta keep my head up. It's over. It happened. We move on.

Trying to think about what else needs mentioning....

I've spent the past few days munching too much and watching a lot of Netflix. Still finishing up Angel.

Even put 'The Tudors' on at one point.

The cats have been sleeping in my room a lot, lately. Taking up my tiny twin bed. XD It's an adjustment. I go some nights without kitties in there, but with other roomies closing their doors to them, sometimes I feel pity for them going all night without being around any of their humans.

DIYing has slowed down now that the desk is pretty much finished off....aside from a future plan to upgrade to white computer accessories.

The flowers on my desk look really peaceful, now.

I bought chocolate recently. :) Not unhappy with that choice. But eating donuts Rob and Dawn bought for everyone...that's debatable. they just taste so good dipped in milk!! Yeah, there's not much healthiness, aside from some water drinking lately. Although for breakfast I did have granola with pb&j.

I also am quite tired of spending everything I make every week until I have only a couple dollars or less to my name.

I'm saving up my lindens a bit. :)

I got my curtain accessories coming in the mail from Ebay. Rods are still on their way from CHINA. I think.

Meanwhile, one of my temporary rods fell off the window, leaving one of them bare until everything is properly assembled, God willing.

The biggest ticket items will be getting a vanity, and possibly new makeup. God willing. Maybe.  I don't know. Not a ton. I don't wear makeup a lot.

I cleaned the front porch out of boredom. Nature was starting the take over, out there. No joke. Rob helped me out with the trash. :)

Oh! I recently rented 'The Odd Couple' (1968) for a couple days. 99 cents on Google Play with a coupon. Better believe I watched it over and over. Buying it, on DVD anyway, is more expensive than I'd like it to the rental was nice. Enjoyed it for a brief time on the cheap.

I enjoyed a great dance video posted by Wayward Winchester on Youtube of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki. <3 Their channel is full of awesome stuff.

I've been writing/editing this entry for nearly a complete hour. Time to finish it up. :)

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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