Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Interesting Week.

7:57 a.m. It's almost hard to describe where to start. I just woke up, so my memory might take a minute or two to get caught up.

To start, I got a few more flowers for my vase to pretty up the room just a subtle bit more. And I hope to keep adding and adding as time goes on until it's a very full bouquet.

I was unable to arrange to babysit Scarlet for the weekend, for money at least. But Mom was willing to take me for the weekend to clean, and in return she'd take me to IKEA. This was on Friday. Today is the Wednesday following this.

She picked me up on Friday evening. We got some Sonic for dinner and then headed to her house. Not much of note happened there, I think. Dinner. TV. Bed.

Saturday morning we went out to a nice breakfast, and even invited Zackary along. Then eventually, Uncle Pat and Jami (sans kids.) They chatted and I offered to pick up a couple things at the dollar store nearby.

I got some cleaning gloves, which I would be needing for my task ahead, and a 'full sized' glue that it can go with those inappropriately sized sticks I already have at home.

From there, Mom, Zack, and I went to a motorcycle place where they tried out motorcycle jackets, as well as gloves and helmets for him. :)

On the way, I had Mom listening to Jensen Ackles' rendition of 'Simple Man.' She almost couldn't believe it was the guy from Supernatural singing.

After this, Zack parted ways with us and we decided to stop off at the Hard Rock Casino. Mom had some free-play and was getting a free bottle of Crown Royal (I wanted the bag.) She gave me money to gamble with, God forgive me, and I ran through all but five dollars. She played poker.

She even bought me, with mostly comp money, a nice souvenir mini guitar with a stand. <3

We decided to go ahead and go visit DJ a while after this. He got the bottle, and he wanted the bag, which I caved in and gave. It was canvas and he told me Mom actually had a classic purple velvet one stowed away somewhere.

Picture taken by my sis <3
There was a bit of a scare going on where Harmony was in the ICU. She'd eaten something she shouldn't have, (I won't say what it is here) and one night she woke from a dead sleep screaming in pain, convulsing. Unable to walk much. Then hallucinating. Thanks be to Christ though, she recovered.

We all knew she'd be okay, and we're glad it turned out to be true. Apparently, she has an old lesion on her brain, maybe it was affected by what she ate. Which is sad, but I hope this is not something that will harm her in the future. She's just a sweet little girl. :(

At DJs, we went out to Checkers and hung around the house a bit. We even made a stop to say hi to Grandpa, thank God, who I hadn't seen or talked to in months.

On the way home, Mom spotted an auction going on. She asked if we should check it out, as she'd seen it before and never jumped on it. In short, they sold a LOT of food and general goods, some memorabilia like blankets.

Mom bought a nice pack of rice crispies, some microfiber towels, this exercise bar thing (for only four bucks.) She lent that to me. As well as a Vivitar helmet cam for Zackary. All super cheap.

We invited DJ along and he bought knives of various sorts, sport and a filet. The exercise thingie. Some of those tall tiki mosquito candles. He stayed a good while, before eventually deciding to go home, since they weren't giving out a lot of stuff worht bringing back to his kids. He did big on a small case of Nutella snack packs while in line though.

Funny thing about the bids were they mostly went down if there weren't enough bids, instead of up. Although with more expensive items the case was the opposite. All in all, it was good fun. Kinda hot, then rainy, before dark finally hit.

I thought they would close around 11, but this wasn't the case. It was more like 8-9ish, I would guess?

Mom and I went home, watched Grumpy Old Men, and then went to bed. Exhausted.

I woke up around 7 a.m. ish and checked her alarm, which was for 9 a.m. then went back to sleep until around that time.

We left the house around 9:30 a.m. to IKEA and made it there at close to 10 a.m. before everything was open. We walked around a little as stuff was opening, then had a nice breakfast.

I kept pushing the idea that we may need DJ and his van, since what I need would not likely fit in her car. It took a lot of insisting, but she eventually gave in and invited him.

We scoured the big store for nearly a couple hours before he arrived, took a seperated break (where I joined IKEA's email service and got a '20 dollars off 150 or more coupon.' then we all re-scoured after DJ arrived.

The original plan was for me to get the Linnmon tabletop and two separate shelves, which came out to around a hundred dollars. I mentioned this more than a few times to Mom before, but still it was sticker shock after we were already there.

She had only budgeted around 70, so there was a need to find an alternative. (Don't mistake me here, I was just as happy, and would wind up being more so at the end.)

We found the Micke Desk and settled 'happily' on that. It was a desk AND had hidden storage. For 80 bucks. Sold.

I got some white curtains to make a new canopy. DJ got a high chair, browsed children's bunk beds, and got a few candles for their house. Mom got Drake a toy tool set which he immediately fell in love with. You could hardly part him with it.

The coupon was a godsend. 170 dollars spent between them, and they saved twenty. We finished off our trip with ice cream and pizza, which I could not eat having chewed minty gum all day and it made the food taste weird.

Now the issue was how was I going home with my stuff? DJ would have to take me. It was already Sunday. Sadly, this meant that I never got around to cleaning the house for her like I said I would. BUT I could owe it to her. So that's something.

Anyway, it was a bit after noon. Mom needed to catch a BINGO game, so DJ took me.

We didn't go straight home though. DJ took me back to Mom's to get my stuff. He then drove us around his old Bartow school and the adjoining neighborhood he used to frequent. He showed me the home where they filmed the movie, My Girl. And this pretty little mansion made of coral. I got Instagram videos of it. <3

On the way back home, we stopped at a Church event, where they got some food. Then Drakey got to meet one of his heroes from Paw Patrol.

It rained for a bit on the way back, then everything was good by the time we got in my driveway. DJ helped me unload things and left.

I carried my large Micke Deske, un-assembled in its tall thin box, and got down to putting it together. I started with some help from a Youtube video, and was ultimately pleased when I got my first drawer done without much trouble.

Time passed. The rest of it came together. At one point, the tabletop frustrated me not going in and it took some extra pushing and hammering. Now I kinda wish I didn't do that, because it turned out I put it on backwards. XD Still functional.

I finished up the desk, most of it. Getting the drawers in was a nightmare. I kept thinking I somehow installed them wrong, until it took a few hard shoves to finally get them in their slots and running smoothly.

Lastly was the bottom cabinet, which also took some force to get right.

In the end, Praise God/Lord/Jesus, it got DONE! She was beautiful and I was so proud of the hard work put into it. I finally had my vanity desk and took a break.

A short time after, I unpacked things then got down to DIYing the canopy, while the film Lincoln played in the background. That went off without too much of a hitch.

I also cashed out my lindens in preparation for DIYing the Dollar store mirror.

Bedtime followed the end of all this.

The next day was just a normal day. We got grocery shopping done, but not without a lot of fuss. I was actually allowed to visit Dawn's this time. We stayed there until quite a bit late.

Forgive me, but in my head some of the events of Monday and Tuesday seem to be kind of melding together.

Okay, Monday, we went shopping.

Tuesday, I tried to get back in the swing of things with Secondlife. My computer crashed, again, right in the middle of my work and mostly unsaved PSD.

I got fed up. It was already behaving slowly and having trouble restarting after this. Last straw. I reset the whole thing back to the original Windows 10 OS, and then spent the day re-installing some things and arranging files.

I watched some stuff on Youtube, hung out with the cats. Ate a little bit healthier than normal, and at the end of the night, I'd completely re-adjusted my curtain to something far more pleasing.

I had my share of nightmares last night, and would find them best forgotten.

I woke up this Wednesday morning. Well, Minxy woke me up at four a.m. His method seems to be making subtle noises too to and fro in the room until I get up and feed the cats. So I did, then watered them, then went to sleep a few more hours.

Then my day started with getting my week exhaustively caught up on this blog entry. Pictures coming soon. I'm in bed, on my netbook, and glad for it. It's taken close to an hour to recall all of this so far.

I'm waiting on my cash to come into my bank so, if April is awake, she might take me up to the Dollar Tree and I can get what I need to finally make my gigantic vanity mirror I have planned. <3
I haven't even gotten around to my neopets/Flight Rising dailies yet today.

By the way, iTunes was a pain to get installed. I finally managed when running it as admin. That worked for SOME reason. Even then, I lost my library files. -_- Thus, not only is my library completely reset to song unorganized with unedited info, but there are so many they can't fit on my iPod and re-sync to my current library locked on it.

Oh well. I should enjoyed an organized iPod while it lasts, eh?

Well, praise the Lord, I'm actually caught up! :D I believe. ^_^ As much as I wanted to be, anyway. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves. I'm sooo oughta here. Hahah. Bye!

2:54 p.m. SL FINALLY sent my cash moments ago, just in time for April to be too tired and sleep deprived to drive me. -_- No mirror today, ah well. I've been kinda slogging through the day.

I'm gonna try and get some stuff done like Dix Huit, organizing files, and/or finally updating LYD for once. XD Also need to save some stuff to One Drive.

*.* OH!! And I ran a LONG CHKDSK repair on my computer today. Praying to God THAT stops the random restarts, but only time will tell. Especially when they are scarce, happening between 1-3+ days at a time. x.x I really don't want to pour more money into fixing this. Yeah...

EDIT: IT is NOT the house where they shot the movie My Girl. Ah, well. :P Though comparing the google results and the actual house, I can see how that mistake would be made.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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