A Daily Diary: Hmm.


Saturday, April 21, 2018


8:11 a.m. Life has quieted down lately. Aside from a disagreement over money and shopping the other day, the week had pretty much stopped being terrible.

Some of my Secondlife money came in. I spent it on getting Harmony a birthday gift. Her party is in May, lol. I got some more gum.  And mostly the rest of it went towards food and some on Neo. I still got twenty more coming in, but not until after the weekend.

Should've been sooner. But the little questionnaire stalled all my payments.

I managed to get a page of Life You Deserve in this morning. After losing fifteen pages of revisions, I'd been working up the nerve to continue. Especially since a discount coupon arrived for me in the mail which ends May 20th.

So that's a month to get things in order.

So that's one down, fourteen page redos to go.

Two of those pages are actually preserved on Instagram, XD but adding what I wrote in there will come later.

I've not been creating on Secondlife, or been on there much at all, considering my mouse is less than favorable and I need a new one. It'll have to wait. >.> Good news is, new people are buying my old templates, so that's exciting.

P.S. Been drinking lots of water and playing Skyrim. :K

12:46 p.m. Praise the Lord. Mostly uneventful day. Made pasta, caught up on Supernatural. I've, so far, managed to turn fourteen pages of revisions needing to be redone to a mere six so far. -Fall over- No telling if today will be the day I get caught up, or if I have to push the motivation to get it there another day. x.x

1:45 p.m. *Buys a years worth of FQCs and 15 bucks in iTunes.* Thanks, Mom. :) made my day. I've arranged to go to her house this weekend. Auction tonight and tomorrow, I can hit up the mall. All day. Expect a lot of pictures, hmm?

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