Monday, March 19, 2018

Why Am I Not Blogging?!

It's barely been a week and quite a bit has happened. Moreso in the past few days, really.

My tassel necklace came in. It was fake as all get out but no way am I looking a gift horse in the mouth. It's a keeper. :D And its cute.

LOTS of bedroom re-arranging, for aesthetic and fulfill the need to feel like I'm doing something with my life.

This ties into my latest fad, DIYs. I've been watching a ton of videos on them, namely ones involving Dollar Tree items. Let's see how much this costs me before I move on, hmm? :P Just teasing...kinda.

I'm looking at namely making a crate shelf and a furry seat cushion. If only Dollar tree carried the crates I specifically NEEDED, but I will have to make due. :P

Namely, one in particular was for a DIY fur rug. The one I lost sleep for a few days over in my excitement to make it. More on that in a moment. P.S. I did not cut the rug, I prefer it square.

I babysat baby Scarlet again. Poor girl is a light sleeper and is tough to get to sleep to begin with, which leads to over-tiredness. But it got done and I love her anyway. I made fifty bucks. I go back again next weekend.

Mom took my to Joann Fabrics. I got two yards faux fur fabric for around 16 dollars with 60% off coupon. Essentially getting a free yard. I WAS planning on using a 20 percent off one until they lady showed us the better one. Then the cashier even let us use it twice! Once for me, and one for my Mom.

We looked at this REALLY plush brown and white fur, which was almost 40 dollars a yard but it turns out would have been affordable with a 60% off coupon to get two yards.

Mom offered at the time for me to get it instead but I guess I was a bit anxious over my mind-changing and opted for my white fur..which is the one I originally wanted anyway.

Shame they didn't carry an all-white fur one that was as plush as the more expensive choice. I'm thinking someday, though. ;)

Anyway, afterwards, Mom took me to Wal-Mart. I got rug underlay and spray paint. Three white, Two black (one for April. These were all 99 cents each), 2 metallic gold, and a silver. (Five bucks each.)

Then we went out to a big lunch and leftovers were brought home.

After that, I labored over getting the rug underlay to stick to the faux fur, finally resorting to the surprisingly 'black' E-6000 glue. Wound up working in the end.

I then spray painted my desk and chair white until those cans were gone, only to see white made it look kinda hideous. The desk, anyway. So I went over the desk in silver and the chair in gold. Was hard to dry but I got it all set up in my room now. Even painted my little bin and mouse pad gold to match the aesthetic. Too bad I can't paint my mouse and my keyboard.

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I watched 'Lincoln' on Netflix. I find myself often reluctant to try new movies. It was very slow-paced, and though I can see how some may find it boring, I did enjoy that it was deemed historically accurate. :D Acting was superb, of course.

I woke up SORE this morning, so sore. So today has kinda been a lazy day. More recently, I sprayed my new rug with fabric softener and added baby powder to plush it up a bit. Also gives it a pleasant fragrance. :)

It really feels nice on my feet, not to mention covers hideous carpet stains from my roommate's previous occupation of the room.

We got McDonalds today and I got my boiled peanuts, although I feel like my gas station has given up altogether on putting out spicy ones. Haven't seem them around there for a white now. :(

Playing a lot of Neopets today and even hung out on Secondlife at a club. We talked a lot about past things.

No new creations, No dietary changes, yet. No adding more of my draft to 'The Life They Deserved.'

However, Dix Sept is close to arriving. So that's awesome news. Pray it gets here without difficulty, hmm? God bless, Jesus loves, died, now lives, and saves!

One last thing. I took this photo yesterday.

I couldn’t resist how cute this looked. We were by the bank and this woman and the baby were getting professional photos done in the alley. That guy is the photographer. So cute. ❤️

Part of me wishes I used actual pictures instead of Instagram embeds, but I guess I just wasn't that up for it. Anyway, bye folks. God love ya, take care!

P.S. I have hopes in the future I will buy more spray paint, especially the gold metallic one because, wow, does it make something ordinary look fab!!!

Also, Mom got me the Addams Family I&II and Dennis the Menace. :) Love my 90's flicks.

I need to update Dix Huit at some point, huh?

Oh! and I cashed out of Secondlife again, mainly to fund these future DIY stuffs. Maybe. I get second thoughts now and then, you know?

Guess I'm not as done as I thought. Am I? Cause this is a lot of info for six days of updates. Like really, what a week so far!

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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