Monday, March 26, 2018

The Payoff of An Exhausting Weekend

4:58 p.m. Today is Monday. On Thursday evening, I went to Mom's house, spent the night. The following day I went to Mom's friend's house, Cathy, and got help watching the baby for the weekend from this nice older lady. Not too much to tell the rest of the weekend.

We shared shifts, watched a lot of movies, drank a lot of mini Gatorade, and just did what you do when taking care of a baby. Good thing she loved Toy Story, made things a little easier now and then.

I even got to order pizza. A little one. Meatlovers with Alfredo sauce, yum!

I will say one thing. I changed my mind about wanting to live in a two-story home one day. Going up and down some narrow staircases gives me anxiety.

Fast forward to Sunday, the 25th. Sometime in the afternoon, we pack up and go back over to Samantha's house (who lives next to my Mom.) I get McDonalds on the way.

We watch the baby a few more hours until they get back from their trip. (Yeah, My Mom, the kid's Mom, and a bunch of other people went to some redneck party event this weekend. :P)

Anyway. After Mom got back, I got paid a hundred bucks. She showered up. We went to Joann's Fabrics and picked up some half-off fur fabric (the expensive one I had eyed the last trip but decided not to get. Now a little over 20 bucks a yard after coupon.)

They had only 1 1/3 yards left, so I jumped on that.

Also got some foam to make a seat for my desk chair. :D

The fur leftovers went on top of my portable closet, which is now positioned in a way that my brain still makes me double take thinking a cat is sleeping up there.

Then to Walmart. Two cans of gold spray paint, 3-pack of canvases, 2 packs of gemstone ribbon, pack of gem stickers, Mod-podge (Spray and mini-tub), E-6000 glue, hot glue sticks (later realizing its the wrong size) and painters tape.

Then the post office. Closed on Sundays and couldn't fit in the box, so I picked up my package slip.

Then Mom took me home.

She liked that the calendar gift she bought me is already proudly hanging on my wall, which in turn made me proud.

My rug came in earlier than expected. :) It was pretty much what I expected, which is special coming from Wish's standards, lol.

I immediately got down to trying to glue the fur for the seat. It was a no-go, both in terms of hot glue and E-6000.

Wound up sewing and finishing that up. Then after a long, exhausting evening, I went to bed. It felt unbelievably good to be back in my bed. Indescribable. I'd spent the weekend on a couch (by choice.)

This morning, I hopped on my bike. I got two sets of sheer white curtains at the thrift shop (Four dollars, half of what it would have cost me online), and two faux white candles with realistic wax.

Then I went to the Dollar Store (which should be more aptly named 'Normal priced, just rounded up to the nearest dollar' store.) Didn't find what I was looking for. Six dollars for some curtain rods that are three at Wal-Mart. -shrug.- Did not buy them, in case you're wondering.

I then went to the Dollar Tree. Found more pretty sparkly ribbon and even a horse (to paint gold, which I later did.) AND a golden box that will work adorably as its base. I got an 8x10 frame for the canvases, which I found was too small after coming home. It could still work for a future purpose though.

They didn't have any toy elephants I needed for my curtain DIY, so I'll have to improvise later on.

Good news is, they carry 8x10 mirrors which could be handy, and will be less cost effective on my vanity DIY in terms of how many mirrors I'd need.

Then I went to the post office to pick up my Marble Contact paper and Dix Sept.

I threw away the box to the marble paper as I was on a bike.

I biked home. Exhausted.

Unpacked all that stuff. Handled laundry.

I added the marble to my desk. Went great except for the fact that the sides couldn't stick well to a porous surface, so that took some E-6000 glue, tape, and more fussing with.
But it got done and its the more gorgeous for it.

Painted my horse gold.

Spray-painted my Louis Vuitton art after making a stencil of the logo. It was a windy day. Didn't come out as neatly as I hoped but oh well. One is for me, and another one is for Jen, who I think will like it whenever I see her again.

April then came in and informed me that Curtis (this guy that lives with Dawn) banned me, essentially, from the house since he doesn't want to watch his language in his own house. Its a thing. I forgive. No hard feelings. Rob isn't too happy about it, but we'll all deal.

After all the crafty stuff got done, April and I went to the gas station. She got cigs. I got hot boiled peanuts. We came home. I ate and watched Angel.

April helped me put up my curtains. It was a struggle. One of them did not fit the window and we had to nail it in, though its not very secure and makes me a little anxious to sleep under.

Still, it makes the room feel a lot better than the last curtains, whose purpose was once to be dark and block out all light when this was April's room. Still waiting on my real rods, which are shipping from China, so its gonna be a while. Wish I knew it was cheaper and faster to go through Wal-Mart before I ordered, lol.

 And I realized I needed to blog, so...

I also left a review on the marble paper. :) Even though it's under Rob's prime account. I just like doing that because like me, I know it helps people who are contemplating the same purchase.

Thinking of upgrading, much later on down the road, to
white computer accessories to better blend in with this light scheme. Wireless and white. Speakers, mouse, keyboards, wireless HDMI. And the ones I use now can be backup parts, ya know? It's a maybe. I shouldn't keep myself broke all the time, ya know?

I've also contemplated at some point getting a printer. Way down the road. Definitely not right now. My money has been going into crafts and revamping my room lately. I can't even make the shelf I wanted because Dollar Tree, and online, doesn't carry the ones I need for cheap enough. :( So that's an obstacle. Nonetheless, I'm thankful to God for the progress so far. This tiny room, little by little, (no pun intended) is getting more and more bright and open....welcoming. Which is the goal, of course.

Another thing to mention is I've been more reluctant lately than I should about hanging up my clothes. :/ Sometimes even rewashing/drying them unnecessarily.

I need a rack to hang my netbook on the wall for easier access. Another time, perhaps.

My fan hasn't run in quite a while because I need an extension cord, and that's currently occupied by what my computer needs.

Didn't sit down and read all of Dix Sept, as is normally my habit when getting my journals. I kinda flipped through it a little, and then it went straight to my bookshelf. It's just been an exhausting week so far, ya know?

Also, Mom gave me cheap sunglasses. :) Two pairs, actually. Cheap or not, I've been needing some.

So, all that's off my chest now, until I remember more. Time to go take some pictures and illustrate my entry, hmm?

EDIT: For some reason, my usual Instagram downloader refused to cooperate, so getting some of these photos were harder than usual. Having to save the 'web page' and get the image that way, etc.

I should've gotten a picture of that rug from wish. Didn't even show up in my review, but meh. I need to sweep up my carpet anyway, ha ha. It's not picture-perfect right now.

All glory to God in Jesus name, Amen! God is able! God be praised. Jesus loves, lives, saves. Jesus Christ is Lord. God raised Him from the Dead. Repent. Believe. Gospel said. Done. Yay. Got that off my chest. If you're wondering why I write these little religious paragraphs it's's like an urge I kinda have to give into or I get all frowny. So yeah. Read it. If you want. Is what it is, yo.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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