Tuesday, March 6, 2018

So Far This Week.

4:18 p.m. Been very busy creating new stuff for Secondlife this week, and spending too many of my hard-earned lindens to do it, no less. It seems as if, though false, I could never have enough dresses to create in Secondlife. Especially ball gowns. Ball gowns carry a special place in my heart, probably since prom.

I've told the story time and time again. Mom and I shopped all night that night for my prom dress and were ready to hit one last store.

I saw it on the mannequin and fell immediately in love. I tried it on and begged and begged so hard, as the gown was close to three hundred dollars I think. I truly felt like a princess in that thing.

My least favorite of the bunch. Its the roses on the skirt. :(
I'm shocked I actually sold one, lol.
I kept it for a few years after and played in it in secret. Eventually got passed onto my cousin for a beauty pageant, then wound up in the back of a monster truck in a trailer park (bagged). Don't know how and I had not really seen it since then. So yeah. That's the story of my 'Cinderella' dress.

I've been making dresses like crazy.

One of my favorite turnouts this week. :D
Below: My latest creation, inspired by a
lovely outfit I took a picture of  in a mall...
right before it was taken down.
On another note, early on in my Titanic gown creation, I had requested that the front of the skirt be level with the floor. Such was the case until the further updates to fix it came and she edited on the model with the raised skirt. I textured, I uploaded, it sold, a couple times.

Was thinking today that I've come a very long way in Secondlife creating after almost three years. I mean, have you SEEN the beginning stages in my last book? No, you haven't. I have. It's in my blog archive somewhere but still, wow.

One person, who was enthralled with it, don't get me wrong...complained about the raised front. Since it exposed shoes and she couldn't find anything worthy of matching it. Thus this past weekend, I had to go back and beg heartily for the kind mesh creator to fix it, which she agreed to do the following Monday (yesterday.) It got fixed, uploaded, the customer was pleased.

I changed my Part Dix book cover to the titanic gown, though it was something finished AFTER the book was made, and was overall pleased with it. :)
My 'Boleyn inspired' Tassel necklace.

Speaking of, today was the day I started adding to the NEW journal...Bookwright. the program doesn't play well with me all the time, so this should be interesting. As long as it doesn't lose ALL my hard work so far, we should be fine.

I'm HOPING Mom will have 200 bucks for me soon and thus, then I can get it ordered, get stressed out over it's shipping like I always seem to do, and then finally
shelf it with the rest of my lot. :)

Also hoping I'm getting a stove, but if I don't get 200, I'll at least ask for the book money, eh? :P I have been writing in it for almost three years after all.

Speaking of writing, I've still neither yet to continue my novel or spellchecking Part Dix since last I wrote. :(

Been kinda lazy and eating too much, especially popcorn and spicy food. At least its not eating boiled peanuts three-four times a week though, right?

Oh! And I found a FREE place to read the Buffy comics online, which means I won't have to shell out a bunch of cash for them after all. Also means I can delve into my Buffyverse stuff without just relying on reruns...although I must admit I don't altogether agree with the direction they took some of the characters...just saying.

Well, that's been my week, less than a week really. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves as always. take care and good night folks. Hope you have a wonderful evening!

P.S. Been on the fence but considering purchasing Avastar, worth 10,000 lindens (around $40.00 US) in the hopes of one day learning to create/market my own mesh in Secondlife and create a really profitable business. One can dream right? Hmm...God willing in Jesus name, amen. That's all I'll say.

Avastar basically works with the Blender program to ease the process of making mesh clothing for secondlife. Also applied to Maitreya (forgive my Secondlfie lingo) in order to be allowed to dev their meshes.  I'm really gonna have to learn mesh rigging and I doubt its a fun process. O.O So yeah.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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