Thursday, March 1, 2018

Several New Points to Make.

3:45 p.m. Can you believe that I actually bought something (technically) without having the money first?

Last night I was just chilling out and my FB tells me one of my childhood friends is live. We don't talk all..rarely. But I get curious. I go over and look.

She's selling jewelry for her business over live, and she says 'Hi. Long time.' :)

I keep watching...and resisting..knowing full well I'm broke.

Finally, I ask if she has a tassel necklace (after checking a preview picture of what all she was offering) She did. And it was amazing. And I wanted it. So I had her mark me down for an order (but told her...a couple times, lol...I'll have to order when I get the money in the bank.)
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It was by no means expensive, five dollars for the necklace and four dollars for shipping, but I don't have even that.

I got five I can squeeze from Secondlife. Maybe more from the twenty April gives me for groceries every week.

We're going to drop that in the bank, by the way. So yeah..I bought it. no regrets..just can't wait now to have the money to officially 'own' it, lol.

Can I also add that tassel necklaces are my favorite style of necklace?!

Ever since I saw Natalie Dormer wearing that one in her Anne Boleyn execution scene (and some previous episode.) They are so pretty!!! Not to mention doubling as something to fidget with when bored, lol.

On the second note, out of the blue...well, I'll just share this way. (See the dark blue screenshot.) Read at will (Nothing NSFW, of course:)

On a THIRD NOTE, I couldn't sleep at first last night and made the random decision to take my old journals out of the storage boxes and put them on my metal bookshelf (which involved dragging said thing back to my room.)

Then I let myself get caught up in nostalgia-land until my head hurt too much to stay awake any longer....around 4 a.m. in the morning.

The early ones talk a lot about dreams, God, and constant wishing for the ways I wished things were...a lot less than mentioning what was going on in the present. So I found that a little bothersome coming from my past self, but it was what it was.

Here's some Instagram posts to sum up the end of last night:

Spontaneously decided to move these out of the storage boxes off my top closet shelf. On the top row, you have two books dedicated to my Instagram photos, a book chronicling every dream I could recall about a certain celebrity I shall not name, a book of my teenage angsty poems, my first attempt at a novel, my little old and (humorous) bucket list. The rest are JOURNALS chronicling my life from 2008 (a couple entries from 03’ and 05’ to get technical) to the middle of 2015. NOT shown is my unpublished (waiting to be published) journal chronicling 2015 to up until last week or so. That one got full and is waiting to be ordered. :) Already starting a new one soon, God willing. I’m always amazed I did this though...practically recording nearly every major event I could think of happening to me in my entire twenties. It’s awesome, Praise God. Even got the (long) period where I went just a wee bit insane, but past is past. :) Thank God. I was thinking the other day how I hope it goes on into my fourties someday. I mean, I even write about the pregnancy announcements of the kids in my family, and later them growing up in front of me...awesome stuff....which when I die old hopefully gets left behind for someone else. If you read all this, you’re probably as bored as I am. Ta ta loves and be safe.
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On a final note, I sometimes get the feeling that I'm glad I'm not famous when it comes to these journal entries...some of this stuff in my past could really be turned against the world tends to do. Thank and Praise God, right? That is all. Jesus loves, lives, saves. Bye loves! Mwuah!

P.S. My throat has been hurting again and I've been debating whether to SL create today or not. To be determined...

5:18 p.m. *excited flailing* Praise Jesus! So about that tassel necklace, my old friend said that she's gonna go ahead and send it to me FOR FREE, since shes allowed to send a free piece to someone who's never tried it before. excite! :D Of course, the favor will be returned when I actually buy another piece, God willing, to upport her business..with money I would actually have haha. So excite! :D Happiness.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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