Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Little Catching Up. Still Renovating.

1:07 p.m. Just catching up on the last couple days. I'm thanking God today for this room makeover. I get to wake up to such a bright and peaceful space now, and I'm even more motivated to create and accomplish my goals. Hope it lasts.

I spent the evening before last touching up my desk. 

Blinged out my candles, framed some marble (which I hope to embellish with a decal at some point), moved some of the wall decor around. 

Even changed the position of my monitor to something more 'normal.'

I even blinged out my iPod case a bit with super-sparkly fake gems...which have been falling off since. XD

Been watching a serious amount of Youtube lately. Trying to finish off a seriously huge 'watch later' list.

The last thing I need to finish it off is a chic little vase with some fake white/pink flowers. That'll have to wait, but I think it'll really finish off the tranquil vibe I have going for my re-vamped workspace. 

I've been browsing way too much decor on Instagram. It's been very influencing. 

I WOULD change out my ratty old mouse pad, but it seems to be the only one I feel comfortable working with. Something in the way the mouse moves over it is too natural to me to change, if I can help it, lol.

I've also thrown out the idea on the crate vanity DIY, since I can't find a place that sells the ones I need (for a dollar a piece, anyway.) 

So it seems like I'm moving toward outright BUYING one and DIYing a vanity mirror to go with it. From my calculations, it'll run me a little over a hundred bucks. I'm still on the fence. I'm not even sure I need a vanity, but I certainly feel like it'll complete my tiny little sanctuary I got going on here.

I'm also hoping to DIY the chair once the vanity thing is done with. :) No sense in spending a pretty penny on buying that. XD

I started my day yesterday taking the bulk of my leftover fur fabric, and an old black fleece blanket, and combining them to make a stylish throw for my bed. The cats adore it. Hope it doesn't get chocked with fleas or something. Anyway, between this and my new chair cushion, for a little over thirty bucks, which is a steal!

The curtain rods held up overnight. They are kind-of in a broke-ish state. Only fell once last night but not since. Just have to be careful not to really touch the curtains until my new rods get here. THEN, I have to figure out how I'm gonna DIY the rod hooks since I can't find the supplies I need at Dollar Tree.

This DIY stuff is giving me something to do, besides staying on the computer all day or cleaning. Although I have been cleaning more often since, maintaining my room and all.

I've found that my adorable horse DIY is actually a neat place for hiding my loose silver change. Six dollars worth. All that's left in my bank is $3.91 in PENNIES.

Yesterday, I also attempted to paint some lips as part of a decoration for my room. Unfortunately, the mod podge spray made it leak. It was off-centered anyway, so not something I might have worked with, anyway.

I've been talking to Jen and trying to get a visit from Harmony or Aaliyah again, but they have Easter plans already. So...we'll just have to see how that pans out.

Today I got right down to making a goal list (Computer and non-computer related) and thus my morning has been productive so far. I swept up my room, re-added my dumped pennies to my coin counting bank. Updated Dix Huit (and hope to, God Willing, update again after this entry.)

I still need to remove old nails from my wall, Spray paint my 'dull' colored closet so it matches the new room look) Do some dishes. Add to The Life They Deserved. Add a new SL item (a stretch, but throwing it out there.) So yeah. Praise/Thank God, right? Getting stuff done after all that moaning in my journal about not doing things. :) Nice to finally say I am, ya know?

I'm HOPING I can get a ride from April to the Dollar Tree for the flower vase stuff. BUT that'll have to wait until she's awake..or more awake if she is up.

I might have more to say tomorrow. I feel like I pretty much covered everything. I usually do, but then I remember something or other. We'll see.

God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! Check out the sidebar for more info on that, hmm?

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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