Monday, February 12, 2018

Three Weeks To Cover

8:32 p.m. One word. PHEW!!! THAT is what I need to go over the highlights of the past few weeks. Unfortunately, not all of it is on Facebook and Instagram in order to jog my memory, but I'll try.

First off, I tried OkCupid again for like a day, then I turned it off.

I had Harmony over shortly after for the weekend of January 28th, and I was then invited to watch Scarlet at Uncle Pat's house, with her. It went fine. It was a little boring, no cable or net. We wound up watching an old movie together, Jack and the Beanstalk (Starring Abbot and Costello) Then we watched Spy Kids 3D. I made 50 bucks at the end of the night.

Harmony and I also made a fun shopping trip to the Dollar store, where she picked out her own toys. She got gummy worms as well. :P A little baby and a mini tea set. :D We then went to McDonalds and she got a happy meal and a mini cone.

Afterwards, I took her across the street to the convenience store so I could get boiled peanuts. She tripped over potholes, twice, the poor baby. We got her a band-aid after we went inside and a bubblegum-flavored lollipop.

We came home and she played, even with my little Buffy figurines. :P

I got sick shortly after, catching a bug that was also shared with April and Rob.

I used the rest of the money to help get more healthy stuff to eat, and even wound up making (on the 31st) my own healthy apple-oatmeal-cinammon crumble. It was a delicious breakfast for that week. :D I also made my own whole wheat bread.

I think the week following was uneventful for the most part. Played neopets and Secondlife, even got a new arrangement with Ruby for a second place to open up a store. :D

As time wore on, it got harder to eat healthier, to be honest. Pretty boring even.

Nonetheless, I'm still trying and stocking up on healthy food. :D Just gotta get that motivation back, you know? Six days ago, I made (and froze) my own whole wheat cranberry bread.

I've been stocking up for Charity Corner on Neopets. :P Speaking of that, I did another digital painting of the grey faerie to boot. (pictures soon.)

There's not much to tell other than this past weekend, I went back to Uncle Pats and watched baby Scarlet.

I watched almost the entire series of my Tudors DVDs, and almost finished season four. The baby was easy the first night, but the second night I think she caught a painful rash and didn't sleep much, therefore I didn't sleep much. I caught a migraine to boot.

Also I got her Mom to get me a Little Caesars pizza, and because I had asked the night before and kinda didn't think about it, Mom got me two more pizzas, lol.

It was a tough weekend, but at least I was no longer sick. I made another 50 dollars, and Mom helped me out with fifty more for healthy groceries.:D

After I got home, I played a LOT of Neopets, especially their new and quite heavily frustrating game.

TODAY, I went shopping. I got a FIVE DOLLAR copy of Microsoft Office (which wound up working, so yay for the uber deal!) I got it on my netbook now AND my main computer.

Crayola Modeling clay (more on that soon.)

A little device that turns veggies into pasta. Yes, that, too. It was three dollars.

I got double sided mounting tape, which enabled me to FINALLY get a static place for the Buffy figures, and not so much for my tablet like I hoped.

OH! And I forgot my ONLY iPod charger in Mom's car this weekend, so I spent ten bucks on another one.

I crafted with my new clay and made a baby xweetok and a baby paint brush. All fun things. ^_^ Right now they are drying in the mod podge. I used Acrylics Mom gifted in an AWESOME art set Mom got me for Christmas.

Still not entirely eating healthy these days but I haven't fully given up.

I REALLY want to get a big pack of DVD-RWs so I can burn me a bunch of home movies. :D Pray God willing in Jesus name. Then possibly gift some to my sister, too, since they are mostly of Harmony and Liyah anyway.

Part of me wants to make a DVD of my favorite Youtube music videos, or fan videos more specifically, like I did long ago. I miss my old Tudors fan vids DVD, which I sent to a person who no longer wants contact with me. The DVD never worked on her computer in the first place so I don't think I'll ever see it again...nor can I remake it as the large majority of them seem taken down from Youtube. -shrug-

I also want Neopets premium but that will have to wait. Preferably the 70 bucks a year deal OR the 25 dollars for four months one.

Mom and Uncle Pat are working together to get us a new stove since, as mentioned before, Carlo our cat is in his old age and peed all over it. I wasn't thinking and used Comet, bleach, to clean it, not thinking of the ammonia that spreads every time I turned it on.

Been playing an iPod racing app I actually like, great for offline gaming called BB Racing. Kinda way too much like Mario art but I really really like it.

Bought new music recently for my iPod, so I am happy about that, too.

Okay, so bits and pieces of this are NOT in chronological order but I think I've covered it. :) It does need pictures though, which again, can be provided soon.

Last night, I had this awesome dream where I got chosen to be a plus-sized model. I basically thought to myself as the lady guided me through the back about how I should try to love whatever they give me, to be a professional and please the designer.

The ran me on this stair-master thing in order to properly observe my weight. I planned to lose some, after all.

The lady hands me this super long, brown, faux fur coat to put on. It had a little round metal tag she pinned to the inside labeled "Charlotte Russe." Kinda funny cause that's a real store. The dream went downhill from there, so I'd prefer to forget it as time goes on, God Willing in Jesus name, amen. :P

So unless I can find or think of more, that's all I got. I'm surprised I managed to remember this much from the past three weeks, ya know?

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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