Sunday, February 25, 2018

Still Sick. Moods A'Fluttered.

Five days later and almost through two bottles of NyQuil (The second courtesy of Mom's extra effort to drive it out to me) and I'm still very much....sick. This with a lot of bed rest, but not much improvement in the ways of a healthy diet.

I like Nyquil, and the fact that it puts me to sleep. It makes my stomach burn a little though every time I ingest it. wipes my energy so mostly my plans for the day kinda go kaput.

I think mentally my brain is finding eating healthy to be bland, repetitive, and boring, which makes it easier to want other options like 'normal' people are eating. That about sums it up.

Recently, I woke up to a surprise from April that Rick gave us each a hundred bucks as a late Christmas present. Then April took me up to MidFlorida bank where I could deposit it to my credit union through them. That was an interesting first time experience, I must say.

I have since spent it on a four-month trial of neopets premium, 15 dollars worth of iTunes, groceries, and a few necessities. ie. surgical masks to wear to slow down this infection,
NEW earplugs (thank the Lord Jesus!) and a GIANT bottle of hand sanitizer. 

Oh, and before that I also got a few bottles of mini sanitizers, three plastic bowls, plastic silverware, plastic plates, and a mini strainer...for my room. I've grown tired of my roommates dirtying the dishes and instead of returning them to the kitchen, simply letting them all rot in their bedrooms for weeks on end...meaning that even if I could clean dishes for me to eat with, I would have none without asking them. SO! Nipping that issue in the bud by having/washing my own. Will no longer need to want for that anymore. One can only nag so much, so I had to do something for myself about it. I am pleased.

I got a mini pack of shower rods to hang on my portable closet for future/additional storage.

All of this and I didn't think to get a new eye mask. I need to always keep a backup on hand because, Lord help me, I keep losing the things. Such si the case of me using my backup now since I lost the other one I had already. -facepalm.-

I spellchecked my blurb book up to page 100/440 so that needs to be finished. Have not added entries to a new book yet.

Been creating on Secondlife and am ever close to having my custom mesh finished, paid for, and sent to me! :D I've been included in the process so far, so I've got to see it along the way.

An online SL friend also paid my way into a shopping event to not only help out her friend who hosts it, but simply out of the goodness of her heart. Bless her in Jesus name, amen! This friend of my friend also offers a free gift of my choice of textures/graphics for free use...which she said she intends to email to me. :D If/when that happens, I plan on giving this blog a new makeover for the first time in a REALLY long while!

Um...around here the mood has been pretty lackluster as usual...downright dreary. April always has something that seems to be ruining her mood/day and I feel sorry for the poor girl. Rob does too. Not that I blame them...just can't relate, really. I'm really a happy-plucky-go-lucky type and appear even more so compared to them, you know?

Poor April though. Last night when we went shopping, I tried to help her cheer up by giving her some money to get something to drink while I went in checkout. When I found her at the self-checkout, she was in tears because all the machines were set to 'card-only' and she just, simply, wanted to buy the drink...but couldn't. So we had to go in the normal line and get it over with. :(

She and Rob don't do well with crowds. Crowds bother them in ways I can't exactly comprehend or again, relate, so that was an issue.

Rob wasn't there by the way. He stayed home with Dawn.

Anyway, this week has also continued with the usual Buffy/Angel/Supernatural marathons and eating lots of canned boiled peanuts half-mixed with hot sauce. :P Also today I watched my favorite Buffy episode, The Body.

Therefore, that seems to be the week so far. I've not continued writing my novel like I should, though I have plenty of scenes in mind. God bless. Jesus loves, lives, saves. Take care, as always. Mwuah!

P.S. Been having songs from 'Heathers' the musical in my head a lot lately, because April constantly plays them now. I'm told its not a play I would want to see and judging by the lyrics of some of those songs, and the stories behind them, I think they would be right. :/ Wish they weren't so catchy because they become real ear-worms, then. :(

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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