Tuesday, February 27, 2018

SL Is Not Being Fun. :(

Throwback to my Cozumel Cruise in 2011.
Ignore the date as I never bothered adjusting
it on that old camera, lol.
So Secondlife has been going down for maintenance the past couple days. They picked quite a time to do it. My custom mesh was going though some last minute touch-ups when it started happening, and is delaying things further than they need to be. :(

As for my health, its been better, but not fully improved. In fact last night I had trouble sleeping because despite even a sanitary mask, I was still coughing up my lungs. I suppose it doesn't help that I live with two heavy smokers who are ALSO sick, despite my efforts to limit infection, but sometimes I feel as though I were developing a smoker's cough myself.

I haven't been writing. I could be creating more. Blurb book still not receiving further edits.

Oh! How could I forget? Yesterday I was abound with some unusual amounts of energy and cleaned the house, except for the dishes. Yeah, I wasn't up for dishes. I listened to my Tudors fan music video mashup DVD, meanwhile.

Was feeling nostalgic yesterday too. Shared a lot of throwback photos on Facebook and blog excerpts on Instagram. :) Good times. Funny how times go by and moods change, eh? Yet also there are some things that remain the same, like my feelings about dating for example.

Still continuing my own personal Buffyfest, watching the Buffy/Angel episodes in the most proper order I can.

I suppose that's all I really want to update with. I really wanted to blog today rather then let a whole week slip by without an update....again. P.S. Been having the urge to digital paint fan art, or even portraits lately but haven't acted on it...even been thinking of 'actual' painting on mini canvas. Weird, huh?

UPDATE: So. Um...I did the thing.

Another UPDATE:

The day is almost over, and when SL finally started working...what an ODYSSEY that became.

So I was invited into SL a while after it started working.

The sleeves on the dress didn't fit (clipped into the arm) and after she took an hour or so to fix it (I wasn't watching the time.)

They still didn't.

Then I learned the issue was my avatar shape. Fixed it, sleeves went great. Thought it was all good.

Then I started texturing, only to realize for one thing, just how overly complex painting this dress will be. I'm trying to make a dress 'heavily' inspired by Rose Dewitt Bukater's staircase scene in Titanic. That's to start with, another thing was the mesh was horribly glitched, like turning the textured torso into shards that needed to be blended with shading.

So I first tried to conceal it, but it was not enough. I begged her to fix it. That took more time. Meanwhile I cooked pasta for the rommies.

She showed me, then sent the file via email.

After I received the file, it wouldn't upload into Secondlife. I tried for what felt like another hour, or longer. Then I asked kindly to send me the file full perm. My SL crashed, so it never even alerted me that she tried to send it. So I waited a while before I realized this, then asked for it. Then she sent it.

SO! All said and done and after probably investing 9,064 lindens total over this week ($33.74 USD.)

I FINALLY have the dress I wanted for so long. It's not perfect, but its the closest I've gotten, so I'm taking it. :) I've yet to actually finish texturing it, so we'll wait and see how that goes. God knows it hasn't been easy, just hope he blesses it, hmm?

I'm way too beat after all this to texture it fully tonight. It's almost midnight. Just REALLY hope I don't run into more issues because I feel awful bugging that woman about it. Granted, I'm a paying customer, but respectfully, I'm paying for this because it is WAY too hard to do myself, let alone correctly. So yeah.

P.S. April got my mini artwork as an early birthday prezzie. :D I mod-podged it, too, to protect the acrylic. On top of that, Rick got her a few Rick and Morty posters which are on her walls, along with it. ^_^ So praise Jesus, that's a bit more of an upside today.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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