Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mostly Uneventful Week...Or Is It?

7:02 p.m. It's hard to think of anything to huge of note. I'm still on a mostly whole foods plant based diet. I'm into day 10. I still eat lean meat, very very little cheese, and (tonight) a small portion of refined carbs (which had the first bit of beef since starting), but again, portioned. I'm already appearing slimmer. :D The scale was at 188 last I looked less than a week ago, so I'm hoping for better results.

It's been cold and I haven't gone through with exercising, yet.

Lots of Whole Food Plant Based diet docs on bother Netflix and Youtube. Learning all the things! :3 That is so motivational for me, too. I rarely felt inclined to bother on my 'Western diet.' lol.

As for those refined carbs...I had pasta for the first time since starting this diet and that turned out..kinda scary. A 'breathed' down a cup size portion, barely giving myself time to chew. I finished it off with a small apple and banana, and water, so I would feel sated, which I did.

I don't think it would appear as flavorful as it did before, considering Rob barely seasons his food as I've experienced in the past, and I could taste the minimum salt levels going on. Also mixed with beef, which has grease. So yeah, not looking to make it a regular thing as its not very beneficial.

I withdrew fifty dollars from Secondlife to add to my personal grocery list. I'm gonna stock up on more health stuffs which should really motivate me to stick with this. That's with the twenty April usually gives me. I asked Mom to throw some cash in but she was unable to, which is okay. :)

I've slowed down on the fact that I was recently eating hot boiled peanuts several times a WEEK. so that's a thing.

I've finally started editing my novel, the Life They Deserved, a page a day for the past couple days. The draft is completed, the first one, so now to peel over it with a fine-toothed comb, yah know? Again and again and again for years. XD

Been playing too much Neopets, mostly browsing the forums. The other day I got my first UC (Veterans who play know what that means, I think) and have restarted my neopets training goals.

Secondlife has been okay. Not too much creating but still workable. Joined a medieval event for selling stuff and sold something the first day. :) So that was promising.

Aaliyah and I have been emailing back and forth nowadays, whether about Neopets or her wanting a way to see Once Upon a Time. :P Speaking of which, I'm on season seven and should probably get through that soon on Hulu before my interest completely fizzles out.

Banzo has been as cuddly as ever. :)

I finally got to give Dawn her late-Christmas gift, a tiger pillow cover. She loved it. ^_^

I also spent some part of the week getting used to sleeping with Delta Wave music on until...

I moved my computer to the living room, again, since I noticed I'm less inclined to create on Secondlife from my dark cramped bedroom. Not only that, I'm a little more motivated to get out and walk around the yard a bit, just my light casual exercise.

I was just thinking recently that if it were like the days in Mulberry, when I used to bike like nine miles a day just FOR SOMETHING TO DO. I'd be in ship-shape. Alas, we are a little town with nothing of interest for about thirty miles and only Interstate out of town in any direction. :( Pray we move someday to somewhere better, eh?

Okay, I feel good now. I think that about covers it. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! P.S. My Dad recently got out of the hospital with some gastric issues, pray for his wellness. i can only hope that their diet is going to improve as well as my own now.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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