Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hello! My Hands Were On Fire... Again.

12:22 p.m. Well, I've been procrastinating on writing about this week until something of interest happened. Not a happy interest, mind you, but one nonetheless.

Okay, so I've been eating way too much boiled peanuts this week. Lately, they've run out of stock on my beloved spicy ones. Well, I happened to have some red pepper flakes from our last shopping trip (Mom dropped by for a visit with 20 bucks the other day, made my day.)

Anywho, I poured the whole packet on the salted ones and microwaved. HOT!!! But I got through all of them. Delicious. At one point, my nose and mouth burned, but mustard took care of that. I thought if I rinsed my hands in mustard after that would prevent them burning later on.

Well! Later on that night, the fingers on my right hand started burning...bad. Mustard was not an immediate cure, nor milk. Nor alcohol and dish soap. Still, I prayed my way heavily through it while my hand burned ferociously as I tried to sleep. Meanwhile, I soaked it in a little measuring cup of milk/mustard, praying and trusting God this will pass. I slept and slept and slept through the burning, which did not subside until the late morning hours. But the point is, thanks, praise, and Glory to God, it subsided. It didn't LAST TWO DAYS like the last time and wasn't even on both hands.

You'd think for sure I'd learn my lesson by now? Let's hope so. -facepalm.-

Another 'Praise God' testimony though. Recent shopping trip for more fruit on my bike had a couple kerfuffles along the way.

First of all, I use mini bungee cords to secure things to my bike basket, especially larger things. Before I could even leave my yard, one of these cords dropped in the space between the chain link and the wheel, which was spinning, and completely jammed it. It took prayer, scissors (I was desperate for, but wasn't supposed to use for anything other than sewing) and working while a neighborhood dog endlessly yapped at me to get it free.

I praised God, went on my way.

Halfway there, a large twig spun and got caught up in my bumper and the top of my wheel. Again, it jammed the wheel and I had to force it out. Still prayed through it, still got past it, and got my fruit quite happily.

Also this week, I made a shopping trip to the thrift store and got a Time 100 Years of Change book, a Hello Kitty backpack (for carrying the stuff back), and our own food processor!!! Wait. That last thing was an odyssey in itself.

Okay, so I brought the food processor home. I was sweaty and exhausted, and wanted to try it out before It old the others we got one. I was told all items were tested before selling, so I felt assured it would work.

The knob wouldn't turn.

I think I almost broke the thing trying to jam the knob off with a steak knife and break open the thing, anything to make it work again. I used my iPod flashlight to peer in a slit and study the mechanics of this knob, again prodding with the knife, when finally, it worked! To boot, it was a push knob (which I'm almost certain did not push down before,) and now it works. So praise Jesus for that this week, too.

I'm still mainly whole foods plant-based and I think I lost weight, but I haven't weighted myself this week. My shopping trip was larger than usual and kinda rushed so Rob and April didn't have to wait on me. I managed to get a slew of healthy stuff with the extra grocery money as planned, so praise and thank God there. more sustainable stuff liked bagged beans and rice, canned items, etc.

I made my own cauliflower fettuccine sauce and whole wheat bread. The excess of which is now in the freezer for later use. :) Very happy with this lifestyle choice, to be honest. Oh! And I bought organic peanut butter, which is very filling even on a small piece of that bread.

I am up to date on Once upon A Time, I think. Supernatural has come back, so praise God. :D Happy there. And I'm restarting Buffy for funzies. Been watching it the past couple days.

I've been creating a little hear and there on Secondlife, but haven't released anything new of late. Need to make a group gift, too. Trying to save up a hundred bucks as a reward, as part of a mall day reward for completing 90 days of the whole food plant based diet. Great incentive. ^_^

I've been trying to see my nieces again but it doesn't look like I'll have a chance until MAYBE next weekend. I know Aaliyah will want to get caught up on Once Upon a Time. Good news is, with eating healthier, this means by then I should have more energy to keep up with playing with them, which is always a blessing in Christ Jesus.

I've also joined Discord and tried it out. Christian server, Neopets server, dating server at one point but it had too many teenagers. So that's new too.

When Mom visited the other day she talked about replacing our stove for us, which is only usable on two burners cause our cat peed on it. I also showed her my Instagram album book thingie. It was a really nice surprise to see her. :)

Incoming Neopets lingo.

As for Neopets stuff, close to my goal of saving for a Royal Paint Brush. I don't plan on buying on right away as the Hidden Tower is closed and the prices on it are inflated.

In one week, I'm trading my UC for a Super-BD pet! :D SOOO excited and can't wait for that February trade.

Downside of neo is I've been trying to get my old frozen account back. I've provided everything except a birthday (my own doesn't work, which is odd) and original email (which is a mandatory requirement) Apparently NC info was NOT good enough to do it. -_- Every single email address I could ever think of having used at some point in my life, I was told it was not the right one. So now I'm completely stumped and it looks like I stand little to no chance of getting my old account back. :(

She gave me a couple hints. It appeared to be a full name and it was a yahoo address. None of my emails I offered which could have possibly been it were correct. So yeah, I'm a little bummed about that. Hopefully, God willing, SOMETHING will come to me, you know?

In the meantime, I'm still doing this Neo plot, which was particularly tough this morning, but I go it. Ghoul Catchers app is back, which are some easy neopoints to work with there. :D

I always think there isn't enough news going on in my life worthy of covering the week, but clearly it turns out I was wrong. Kinda glad there, actually.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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