Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Catching Up On The Week.

Okay, so I'm home now. I've been home a couple days and have finally managed to get around to writing again. Before I get into much else, I want to cover what happened over the past week or so since I left off in the last entry.

On the 3rd, I did not sleep well, between the creaky pull out bed and Aaliyah's stuffy snoring, Mom's laptop light (she eventually moved to the bathroom with it, also because of Aaliyah's snoring) not that Aaliyah did it on purpose, lol. I eventually fell asleep to some Delta wave music on Youtube, which was very helpful.

For breakfast, I made bacon, sausage, and an omelette after Mom finished hers. She said she picked the round sausage because she knew I liked that kind. :) I also had a half-cut tea.

Then we watched King of Queens on the little tv, which was in an odd place across the room from the couch. It was supposed to 'histo
rically' snow in Central Florida. We decided to wait and see, anticipating if it happens, God Willing, I'd get pictures. :P

We cleaned up and chilled out, inside, as it was wet, rainy and boring. We tried to go play bingo at 12:20 p.m. but that got cancelled.

We didn't do much after that. The sun later came out, and though it was still cold, at least it stopped raining. The park was wet, the golf course was flooded.

Me and the girls interacted with animals and they made sand castles while we waited on Jerami. Zackary even got to pet a squirrel shortly after he arrived.

As for me, for the first time in a very long time, I got to watch a bird eat his catch, and this time (unlike the last time) I caught it on camera.

Anyway, later, we decided to rent the golf carts, but I couldn't go due to a 'no open toed shoe' policy and I only brought sandals, because that's my main choice of footwear, so I opted out.

I went to the pier and then saw them on the way back to the hotel room and played on Instagram. My notes on this day ended at 3 p.m. probably because there wasn't too much else of note after that.

On the 4th, I cooked bacon and sausage for breakfast, followed by a playground date with the kids. Nothing else huge other than that to note on this day either.

On the 5th, The girls and I swam in the heated pool from the afternoon until the evening.

We also managed to squeeze in some time for more sand castle building, mini golf, and a photo shoot. :P

DJ and Maranda brought the kids back, and thus the crying babies, frequent and necessary habitual swearing, and loud use of the television returned with them. :/ I love my family, even if they drive me nuts, don't get me wrong. This stuff is just not positive for me.

On the plus side, I got to sleep in a cot, which as it turns out, I loved and actually considered getting one for myself in the future.

Other than this stuff, not much else noteworthy to mention about this day.

On the 6th, The day started out just hanging around the room with all the kids. Then I took the girls and we went back to the heated pool and hot tub. Which tired me out.

I napped, and apparently, I snore, too. Dinner followed.

The family challenged Aaliyah to try a 'piece' of a Carolina Reaper, well actually she asked for it, and I can't believe they actually 'let' her do it. Needless to say, Aaliyah regretted them and Mom expressed her disappointment that they would do that.

Anyway, I caught up with April and Rob on Skype. I could hardly wait to go home and see them the next day. I missed the cats so much, particularly Banzo. I also had them set up my Remote Desktop, for funzies. XD

Aaliyah managed to make it four seasons and ten episodes in Once Upon A Time.

I decided by this time I really wanted to return to my attempt at a 'Whole Food Plant-Based' diet after I got home. I need it. :/ Harmony, four years old, exclaimed this week I had a big belly and giggled at me. Not a huge confidence boost, cute as she meant it. I have put some pounds back on, but mostly this is because I always felt in my heart this was the lifestyle I wanted for my future, anyway.

Anyway, I wound up staying up all night with the kids, mostly watching Youtube and Netflix. Harmony was going to sleep in a cot with me, but she optioned for two couch cushions on the floor instead.

On the 7th, we woke up sometime after 7 a.m. and started packing things up and straightening up the room. We managed to leave a couple hours later after the kids had some pizza.

While Harmony and I sat in the car, in the parking lot, we passed the time by singing her favorite songs along to my iPod. Then we dropped Jen, Jerami, and the kids off at their house, and then Mom at mine.

I started unpacking and sorting. I did my dailies and managed to set up both my tablet and my new computer gaming controller Rob got me for Christmas. Then I had some Cheetos and chicken bites, since there wasn't a whole lot of food. After all that, I took a long nap.

I also found my top row of DVD's sitting scattered on the living room floor, presumably by the cats at some point, and I had to briefly get that back in order..along with a few of my new DVDs which came in the mail. :)

Shortly after we left for Dawn's house. I got my boiled peanuts on the way, to my great satisfaction and we picked up some things at Wal-Mart, and fruit for myself. :)

After Dawn's house, we went to Publix and got our shopping over quickly. I picked out my new healthy food. :D Then we went home. I ate and got back to a normal routine of being on my computer too much. So nothing else noteworthy here.

On the 8th, I started out the day with a healthy breakfast and managed to squeeze out a new group gift for Secondlife. mouse is harder to work with than before with my new mouse pad. :( I'm trying to get used to it nonetheless.

I also took my tablet for a spin but as it turns out, I'm a bit rusty. :/

A post shared by Victoria Anne Marie (@chelsmith18) on

I tried out my new controller on Skyrim, only to learn one of the top buttons came dead, even brand new out of the box. Irregardless, all I needed to do was reassign whatever function the game had for it to another button. :) I also re-downloaded 'The Last Tinker: City of Colors' which is supposed to work best with a controller, but have yet to play it.

I got my laundry going and managed to get the kitchen cleaned up, and made my vegetable/brown rice medley to incorporate into future meals for the weak (makes it easier not to stray from eating healthy.) I've got new goals, more on that later.

I spent time re-watching the health documentaries on Netflix and Hulu to remind myself of why a 'Whole Foods Plant-Based diet' is a necessity in my life.

I do think I'm part hippy, to be honest. I dream of living in a small space someday, ideally one of those 'tiny houses' or having a small apartment to myself. Single, of course, plus being on this vegetarian-style diet. I'd do well with simple living. Small space, portable shower, running things off a generator and solar power. I think I could happily work with that. What I would do about wifi is another story.

I've drunk plenty of water this day, and ACV. I even managed some herbal tea flavored with lemon juice and ACV. I wound up with a few bathroom trips and fighting off a light headache in the front of my head, but all in all, I was overall drowsy. I took so many naps this week, my body was probably getting used to short bursts of sleep and while I could sleep deep and easily, and dream, it was for limited periods at a time, even at night.

Anyway, that's what I can say of note about this day.

On the 9th, TODAY, It's almost 6 a.m. and only that this morning. My bloating has clearly gone down. I started out my day feeding the cats, a little scripture, and getting my last bit of laundry out of the dryer around 4-5 a.m. I couldn't fall back asleep with a slight hunger growing in my belly and daily routines to start.

Speaking of which, I started new goal lists, both long term (in the form of 365 challenges) and short term, which will be today's 'to-do' list to fill up my day. :D A lot better than sitting in a chair, withering away, eh?

One of the tasks is now already completed with me making this entry, where I catch up on the past exciting vacation week to the point where I am now. When will I update again? God only knows.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks, and all things be to God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen! God is able to do above all we ask or think. :D

P.S. I restored iCloud photos on my iPod, which gave me back photos/videos I thought were otherwise lost! :D

8:33 a.m. I didn't originally time-stamp this post but I'll start doing it here. I got, so far, the first three items on my to-do list completed. :D FINALLY, by blurb journal is on the final pages so I'm probably just an entry or two away before calling it 'complete.' Minus a spell check. :P

I'm not planning on ordering right away ANYWAY because my lindens are currently being saved up this year, but that won't stop me from saving a backup to my flash drive (also on the to-do list) and starting up a whole new one.

I've not yet decided whether I would continue to make the new one in the Blurb program (easier and able to withstand more stuff) or Booksmart (difficult to work with but cheaper.) So, we'll see. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves. Kinda miss when I used to write that all the time on my journal entries. :P

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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