Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Latest Newneww...Newness. Lol Typo.

4:41 p.m. To start with, I got my long-desired Instagram album and I am thrilled with it. I also recently (due to a headache and boredom) completely re-arranged my room, which means the album now has a place atop my bookshelf. Praise Jesus for all this stuff, by the way. God is able to do above all we ask or think.

Straightened my hair today...for funzies.

Still training my Neopet for battle. Ergo neo-lingo, excuse meh.

As for the netbook, after some extensive searching in the house, I fixed the 'K' key and more recently, one of the mouse buttons that was also loose with Krazy Glue. :) No problem.

I've been organizing/backing up files to my flash drive, all the while hooking Aaliyah up with my music and some videos to go with her new/old netbook she's getting. :) Sadly, the iPod I gave her broke, and Windows Media player stubbornly kept making duplicates, so she will get what she does from the laptop. :P

I reached the 365 page goal of my novel 17 days early, with a few chapters left before its actually finished. Praise Jesus. SO happy and can hardly wait to finish my first official draft.

I've been binge-watching Once Upon a Time and munching my fair share of peanuts, almonds, and chocolate.

I gave out Christmas stockings early to my roomies, cause why not. :)

Made pasta and danced to music last night, so that put me in a great mood.

I'm counting the days until I go to Dad's in one week, and in one week, he will actually be marrying Anna, in a private ceremony. 

They've decided that they wanted me to be there as a witness, so I shall in both the Christian spirit of mercy and love. :) I can't wait to spend time with the girls, too, thereafter. They light up my world, as I love to say.

Anna Facetimed on Facebook yesterday seeking advice at Wal-mart on some collage frames she wants to get for Jen's Christmas presents. That was a fun time to laugh and catch up..until her phone died. :P

I recently redeemed fifty dollars I earned from Secondlife, which is rather quickly gone. 

It started when I siezed my chance to get Magix Vegas Studio (normally worth hundreds of dollars) for only 20 bucks on Humble Bundle, bundled with some other awesome music/photo mixers. :D They've been extraordinarily slow to download, but what I've played with so far when it installed, I liked. A lot.

Some product keys I didn't use at all yet. One for the Vegas, like an add-on, but the popup to add the key won't show up.

Another is a second Music Mixer, hip-hop themed but I already have one I like (eighties-themed) and can't download/activate it without it un-downloading the other. -shrug- My main interest was Vegas and I finally got it. No more relying on the old-reliable Windows Movie Maker....hopefully.

And...I did a little shopping...for me. Anna and Dad are definitely getting me the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet for Christmas (whether or not it arrives by Christmas is NOT guaranteed) but I'm still planning ahead. While the tablet is (somewhat) affordable, the nubs notoriously, according to reviews, wear down easy. There are extras, but those will eventually wear down as well, I expect, and you only get a small pack for ten dollars...which adds replace them.

Thankfully, last year when I was interested in this, I tracked down a hack for that. :) I managed to find it again, by the grace of God, even after forgetting the username.

And...I invested in the supplies for it. Best of all, they are cheap and may just save on 'thousands' of dollars worth of nub-replacing. ;)

All else fails, I hear spaghetti straw works, too. Yet to test the myth, though. Obviously.

I bought 80 ft. of trimmer line for about four bucks, a few cheap sheets of sandpaper, and a two dollar nail clipper. Fingers crossed, yo. That better last. ^_^ I may not even need to test the theory if my nibs work out after all, hmm?

The rest of my money, in order to fulfill Amazon's $25 free shipping thingy, was spent on getting DVDs of some of my favorite childhood films. Firestarter (Most excited for that. I can't find it in retail stores.), Casper (On Netflix and watching now, but God only knows for how long.), Pagemaster (Gotta love the little Mr. Culkin. I also used to watch it with little Aaliyah when I lived at Mom's house.) annndd I got the Look Who's Talking/Look Who's Talking Two set. (I care more for the first film, but hey. It's a classic. That intro practically taught me firsthand about where babies come from.)

So that's how I spent nearly fifty dollars in just a couple days. I kinda worry sometimes that I actually 'prefer' being broke just so there's little need for a voice in my head going 'shop. shop. shop.' I'm a sinner, and I'm sorry for it. God forgive me in Jesus name, amen. :P

So yeah!! December's been the month to give, and now and then cash in on a few dream items. Praying I do better for the new year, eh? At least, so far, I opted out of renewing Neopets premium...heavily tempting though it was. >.> I know full well Secondlife won't always be there, making me money like it is now, and the only reason it is because God blessed it that way...and more. Always gotta give it up my Lord, ya know? :)

When am I gonna suck it up and get responsible, is the question. Giving does help me feel better about the spending, truly. Its when I decide to treat myself that I start to get a little worried I could make up excuses to let it get out of hand. This will pass. Life ought to be enjoyed, within reason of course.

I came across an old Facebook post from years ago where I thought spending only 80 dollars on DVDs was 'smart shopping.' I kinda had to scoff at the old me. So that kinda says something, I guess.

Back to the Wacom thoughts, though. If I had more money, I think I would have considered getting a protector screen for it, but alas, I did not have enough. If I ever decide to, it'll have to wait. :)

In a final note, I wish there was a working/free iOS app for Blogger. That'd be useful, wouldn't it? You'd think since it's owned by Google and all, it'd be a thing but..whatevs.

Oh! And we got Assassin's Creed: Black Flag for free the other day! I downloaded, but have yet to play it. I don't even know if I will...but who's gonna pass it up when it's free?

April tried it but she said she didn't like the controls, it wasn't how she liked it in the third game. -shrug- Oh well.

I couldn't even log in at first until I could get the beaten-up old Android to take a charge, since you need the Google Authenticator app to log in. -_- I eventually managed, Praise Jesus.

Anyway, until I think of more to say, that's my news. Praise God. Praise Jesus. It's all I can shout right now and all that jazz. :) I'm unabashedly Christian, I get it. -throws on her shades- It is who I am. It is what it is, yo.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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