Wednesday, December 20, 2017

She Who Hesitates, Disintegrates.

Scanning Neopets usual. My new hangout. :P
Anyone who really goes a lot on Neopets knows its surprisingly
MAINLY comprised of adults. Not many kids to be heard of.
It's a nostalgic center.
10:42 a.m. So, my 'Enter' key on my keyboard (on my main computer) officially died on me. I am using the onscreen keyboard to supplement until I get a new one, or by a miracle and grace of God, can get an old one from Rick. It's obvious I should have bought a new one when I had the chance, the money, but when the keyboard is running fine when I'm shopping for more fun's hard to do. I put myself in a little hole.

Good thing is after tomorrow I won't have to worry about it until next week, as I'll be well out of town and on my netbooks, praise Jesus. Getting on Secondlife, however, to catch Advents may become an odyssey in itself though, not the good kind.

Earlier than expected i.e. tomorrow, I am going to Mom's to spend the night, then to Dad's to stand witness at his private nuptials with Anna. I'm all done with Christmas shopping officially, thank God, and my final orders of DVDs and tablet accessories have shipped.

There isn't such an official word, as I thought, on whether or now I'm getting a Wacom for Christmas. Nonetheless, now I know when/if I do, I'll have the supplies to freely replace easily wearing nubs. Note to self: When/if I get it, INCREASE sensitivity so there is less pushing on the nub.

Bonus is Mom said she got me the Chrisley DVD for Christmas so I can't wait to be entertained by that! :3

I really need sugar. The stress this 'Enter' key has caused me today has been ridiculous, which is one way to put it.

Hard to know how much you absent-mindedly use the enter key until you have to stop  and 'click' to use it.

So! Today I got a couple new chapters in for the book, with a couple more to go before the chapter is completed. It's really not exciting to write the dark parts of my characters, even of the supposed 'good guys.' Anti-heroes just kinda seem easy/more deep to write. The ones who go about doing the wrong things with the best of intentions, getting what they want, often at the expense of others.

I've drafted my to-do list as well. Subject to change. As for the packing, well, I'm a woman. Women don't just pack what they need, but what they need 'just in case.' XD Hence why this list has the potential to grow.

Anyway, lately hasn't been much new. I did give April and Rob their presents early and they loved them. :D I worked out the schedule with Dad where I go to his house on Friday and have to be there by 3 p.m. Been steadily pushing through Once Upon A Time.

Got a new Secondlife head, on sale for 2800L ($10.43 value), from Genesis Lab, which I j'adore! Called the Jade head. I do find it pretty to look at. :D

Most other heads from other places run as much as 5000L or more ($18.61 value) so this was actually a deal. No, I didn't spend real cash. It's just 'uncashed-in' currency I make from selling stuff on Secondlife.

Speaking of Secondlife news:

  • I'm saving up lindens again. In fact, going for a sort of one-year challenge.
  • At the same time, I have two 5KL heads I want. XD
  • I have been on a creating hiatus from Secondlife and don't know how long its gonna last.
  • I made my now-defunct group, CZ1, paid, (100L join) with the notice that it'll be no longer updated. If they all leave it, I can delete it...because in Secondlife, you can only delete empty groups. :(
  • I'm far more passionate about this stuff than I ought to be, in my own opinion.
Yesterday, I spent time adding more videos for Aaliyah's enjoyment to my old, and her new, netbook. :) I plan to add new music as well. Ideally, I want to make it as entertaining for offline use as possible given Chrome is slow on XP at times.

Image from
I tried to install an .iso of a very old game for her, but it wouldn't work without a CD. Rob said he knows the program that has the solution but I don't recall the name. Will have to find out later as he is sleeping right now....I think. EDIT: He's awake. Gotta handle this. See ya!

12:31 p.m. So the .iso worked. Now the game runs. If you want to know, I installed (MECC) Opening Night game for Aaliyah on the XP netbook. It's really a fun Windows 95 game (One April and I enjoyed immensely playing together in our teens) and makes me wish there was a more modern version like it.

 Basically it's like setting up a 256 color bit 2D play and you type and the robot voices speak your lines. Can't wait to teach her to use it, praise Jesus! I'd use it myself if it could work on Windows 10.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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