Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Having An Awesome Month!

Well, I'm back to being broke. Not unhappily so. :) For some reason, when I save, then start to spend, I get this inkling to kinda spend until I'm back to the beginning, just for a clean start. I have eight dollars right now plus thirty something saved up, uncashed in, for Secondlife.

 I got a new netbook coming in soon, Dell Latitude 2120 Laptop (85 bucks on Amazon.)  which means I can pass my old one to Aaliyah next time I see her (unless I like my old one better, she can have the new one.) Either way, she's getting a netbook and she don't know it yet. :P That was kinda one of my goals this year and happy to see it fulfilled. She's ten now and I think she may be old enough to handle having her own computer. :)

The new one has It's got 250GB, Windows 7, 10.1 inch screen, and 2GB of RAM, plus a higher-powered processor than it's earlier version. I mainly intend on using it for writing and light web browsing, so I don't need a whole lot of power, just a tolerable amount. Portability is my main reasons for netbooks, too. I needed a new OS for sure, though, and it was cheaper just to get a new netbook. Refurbished, technically.

My current one has lasted me several years now (who knows how much longer it will last in a ten-year old's hands.) It's also a netbook. Asus 1005HA, which I bought for a hundred bucks off a customer while I was in my final days of working at McDonalds.

It's also Windows XP, 1GB of RAM, and less GB than the new one. Like 160 GB. Also 10.1 inch like my new netbook. It's starting to run Chrome slower, despite only having like three programs (two being browsers, and the other my adored Zenwriter.) Age is just getting to it, I guess. :P It was MUCH cheaper to just get another netbook, again I say, than to upgrade this one like I originally planned.

All that tech talk. Rob's taught me a lot about what to look for to get the most bang for my buck, within my budget, what I can settle for in a 'cheap upgrade' (an older OS like Windows 7) and what I can't (1GB of RAM, lol.) It was for my own memory's sake, now I'm moving on...

My Instagram album will be here tomorrow.

8x10 dimensions. 370 pages. Well over 3000 photos (Mostly nine insta-photos a page and a small few are full sized.) Full Color. Twenty-two bucks (including shipping) after a 30% off coupon.  I cannot beat that.

Insert Neopets-lingo here. 'Stocking Stufftacular' starts November 7-8th, and that means I get 25 days of virtual stuffs, and possibly a bonus item for eighteen bucks. I get 225 NC at the end too since I've spent more than I should've sanely done for virtual items. Gulp. Thirty-five dollars. This month. 

-walks away and hopes to laugh at this later.- I won't divulge too much more, but at least it wasn't all for selfish purposes. :P

Blurb book, my book version of this blog, still has fourty more pages to go before I'll call it complete. The entries in it date back to May 22, 2015.

Mom got me an AWESOME belated birthday gift! A Betsey Johnson purse. She accidentally left the 50something dollar price tag on. :o (In case you didn't know, it's kind of a rule not to leave a price tag on the gifts in my family.) I can laugh with her about it, tis okie. :) I'm already putting it to good use. :D 

 Not to mention it also came with a fun birthday bag and snazzy mylar balloon. The balloon is hanging out in my room and after it deflates, I plan on shoving it in a box with all my other mementos. :)

I recently went shopping and got a cute new outfit. I do need to get myself back in a little better shape for the pants though. They are kind of a thin material and thus, you can see my lumpy self. Ugh. I hate to say it but I don't know a truly clean way to describe it. 

Still, the pants are super cute as is the 'super soft' sweater, which reminded me of Tara's iconic blue one from Buffy the Vampire slayer..ya know, her death scene.

Five bucks for the whole outfit. :)

Mom just told me we'll be going to 'Liki Tiki' in Orlando for New Years Eve, so I'm over the moon about that, too.

I'll have to look more into that as I have no idea what that place is. :P EDIT: It's a Hotel Resort. SA-WEETTT!! :D

I'm going to Dad's for Christmas and the thing I'm looking forward to most is spending time with my family, especially Harmony and Aaliyah. It's like they are my two favorite little people in the world and they're a joy to be around. :D I've no doubt they think the same of their cool aunt. It's been a while since I've seen them anyway. 

We are all going to be staying at Dad's house and I arranged for Mom to take me over there on the 23rd. So we got a few weeks between now and then. :) It'll be worth the wait for sure, though.

Well, as they say though, you have to take the good with the bad. I've had a couple pitfalls this week as well. 

For one, Carlo, our cat, has made a new habit of expressing his displeasure by going to the bathroom in the kitchen. He PEED ON THE STOVE and now anytime you cook with it, the kitchen reeks of the strongest cat urine odor you ever smelled. I doused it with some bleach and perfumed spray, hope it helps. Unfortunately, I wound up regrettably taking my frustrations out on my roommates, for one reason or another, but that passed.

My keyboard is breaking and now and then needs the computer to reboot to use it again. I keep getting close to buying a new one, while my keyboard is still functioning for that moment, then I keep not buying it. It's strange.

I still have allergies. :/

Thanking to God there's not more bad news. 

Anyway, that's all I can think of. Praise, Thanks, Glory to God. P.S. Dreamed I cast demons out of my head last night. It involved some sort of nightmare with Abbadon, from Supernatural, I think. All sort of fuzzy. I literally walked in a room of fast swirling black smoke and said, repeating, 'I believe Jesus Christ is Lord and God Raised Him from the Dead.' Screaming ensued. I said to get out. Annnnd that was the end of that. Success. So yeah.

I get my share of demon dreams, sometimes they go for a lot worse, but it's always ALWAYS the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that gets me out and through those nightmares. Works every. Single. Time. God is real. :)

OH! By the way, the house has been put on a soda fast, Praise God! So that is another bonus about this month. ^^ I hope it lasts because even I was starting to get out of hand with it. *.*

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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